Last Updated: August, 2016






                                                              MTM  PROOF



                             A Listing of pieces containing the MTM -

                      Mozart's Musical Trade Mark




  Minimum number of trademark phrases found so far in Mozart's music:












           Percent of pieces/movements with the MTM so far: 


                     Over 34 percent.



                                     Pieces or movements checked so far:

                                                     About 155+.



                                  (Multiple MTM's in a piece are sometimes counted as 1)



This proves that Mozart used the MTM phrase frequently.

You can listen to these pieces yourself, and hear the phrase.


 It therefore LEGITIMIZES the concept that this was his "Trademark Phrase",

 since he used it so often.

 There is only one phrase that he used repeatedly, and this is it.



 High Water Mark checked sequentially for MP3's and MIDI's so far:  K.128   

 Other pieces in a higher range were added earlier.


 This is work in progress (to add further pieces to the list), but the point has

 been proven without checking ALL of Mozart's music.  





      TM  means "Trademark Phrase".

      Entries in the Left Column: 

      TM  =  1 occurrence of the trademark phrase found - or more.

      TM2 = 2 occurrences of the trademark phrase found.

      TM3 = 3 occurrences of the trademark phrase found.

      TM4 = 4 occurrences of the trademark phrase found.


 For most pieces listed as "TM", there may be many more occurrences since I wasn't

 counting occurrences years earlier.  In such pieces, the phrase appears at least once.

 In the case of an opera, for example, it might occur a dozen or more times, but is listed

 as "TM", not "TM12", etc.

 Thus, the phrase count is low. There are many more MTM's than are listed. 


 Some pieces have their movements listed separately.


 MIDI and MP3 versions of pieces are being checked first.

 This will be followed by checking recordings.


Timings came from somewhere else and may or may not be accurate.

 It was easier to leave them in, than to delete them.


 Pieces not by Mozart or "dubious/doubtful" have not been included.


 Media Type = Types of media owned of this piece or movement.

       R = Recording (record, CD, tape).

       P = MP3 or WAV file.

       M = MIDI file.

       V = Video.

       S = Sheet Music (hardcopy or CD).

       A = Copy of autograph score.






 TM    Type K3            K6            Time        Description

 ---   ---- --            --            -------     ------------------------------------- 


 TM4   RM   9a            5a            0:02:12     Piano Allegro in C major. **********

                                                    1763 - age 7.

                                                    FIRST occurrence of the MTM.

                                                    Used 4 times in this piece.

                                                    Determined from the score of the MIDI version.

                                                    (Some MIDI software can display the score).

                                                    Media owned: Recording and MIDI file.


                                                    K Numbers: K3-catalog: K9a.  K6-catalog: K5a.

                                                    Found in 4 locations (and annotated as TM4):

                                                    Measures 13/14, 34/35, 57/58, 79/80. 

                                                    Actual notes for 13/14 (not played simultaneously): 

                                                    Eb--G--A--G--Bb--Db,  D--A--D--F#.

                                                    These 2 chords contain the MTM.


                                                    Analysis of measures 13/14 in 3 stages:

                                                              M13                M14

                                                    1. Eb--G--A--G--Bb--Db,  D--A-----D--F#  Original.

                                                    2. Eb--G------------Db,  D--------D--F#  Compressed.

                                                    3. Eb--G------------Db,  D--[F#]--D      Interpolated


                                                    The last 2 chords above (the Interpolated version)

                                                    constitute the MTM - the Trademark Phrase -

                                                    Mozart's Musical Trademark which I call the "MTM"

                                                    for convenience.

                                                    (Technically, the acronym should be MMT or MMTM, but 

                                                    I elected to use "MTM").


                                                    4 notes were deleted from the original phrase,

                                                    reducing it from 10 notes (6 and 4) to

                                                    6 notes (3 and 3) to distill the MTM notes from the

                                                    entire phrase.  

                                                    No notes were added. No notes were changed.

                                                    One note (F#) was shifted down 1 octave (interpolated)

                                                    in the second measure (Measure 14), and is shown in

                                                    brackets since it was moved from its original location.


                                                    The 7-year-old Mozart might have copied the phrase from

                                                    another composer or he might have invented it himself.

                                                    Regardless of the source, Mozart used this phrase from

                                                    an early age, and continued to use it for the rest of

                                                    his life, even in his last work, the Requiem.



 TM2   M    15t           ...  A109b-4  0:09:04     Divertimento in F major [15t 15u 15v]

 TM2   M    15u           15u           0:0x:xx     Piano

 TM4   M    15v           15v           0:0x:xx     Piano


 TM3   RM   19d           19d           0:12:16     Piano Sonata in C major - 4 hands - London, May 1765.

                                                    Probably for 2 harpsichords - hands collide on 1 keyboard.

                                                    Date uncertain as the style doesn't match the date.

                                                    Trademark phrase information:

                                                    Early trademark phrase.                                               

                                                    The phrase appears 3 times in a row.

                                                    It was supposedly played in Hickford's Great Room, on

                                                    Brewer Street, in London, on May 13, 1765.                                                

                                                    First published in 1789, simultaneously in London and Paris.

                                                    Quite possibly composed by Mozart in 1765, as he composed

                                                    such a piece at that time for he and Nannerl to play on a 

                                                    dual manual harpsichord in London.                                                                  The piece requires Nannerl's left hand

                                                    (playing primo) to reach under Mozart's right hand,

                                                    when playing a single manual instrument, as portrayed

                                                    in the famous Mozart family portrait of 1780.   

                                                    Not on any list of inauthentic works, but Wolfgang Plath

                                                    has doubts (1993). I don't have any doubts.


 TM2   RM   22            ..            0:0x:xx     Symphony in B flat major (no. 5)

 TM2   M    37            37            0:16:05     Piano Concerto in F major (no. 1) 

 TM    .P   38-Duet       38            1:22:29     Opera - Apollo et Hyacinthus seu Hyacinthi Metamorphosis -


 TM    RM   43            43            0:13:20     Symphony in F major (no. 6). 1767. Age 11.

                                                    [TM phrase in 1st movement]

 TM    RM   45            45            0:09:22     Symphony in D major (no. 45)

                                                    [TM phrase in 1st movement]

 TM    MP   65            61a           0:14:46     Mass - Missa Brevis in D minor

 TM    RP   72            74f           0:07:24     Sacred Work - Inter natos mulierum (offertory) in G major

 TM    RP   77            73e           0:13:37     Aria - "Misero me ... Misero pargoletto"

 TM    RMP  85            73s           0:09:39     Sacred Work - "Miserere" in A minor

 TM6   P    99            63a           0:18:41     Cassation in B flat major

 TM    R    109           74e           0:12:29     Sacred Work - "Litaniae Lauretanae" BVM in B flat major

 TM2   RM   117           66a           0:08:37     Sacred Work - "Benedictus sit Deus" (offertory) in C major

 TM    RM   128           128           0:12:02     Symphony in C major (no. 16)


 TM    RM   220           196b          0:16:53     Mass - Missa Brevis in G major "Spatzenmesse" (Sparrow)

 TM    RM   310           300d          0:21:34     Piano Sonata in A minor

 TM    RMPV 331           300i          0:23:58     Piano Sonata in A major - Rondo alla Turca

 TM    RMPS 355           576b          0:03:08     Piano Minuet in D major

 TM    RV   366           366           4:01:55     Opera - Idomeneo, re di Creta

 TM    RMP  396           385f          0:03:42     Fantasia for Piano in C minor / Violin Sonata - Adagio in C


                                                    Originally intended as a work for piano and violin.


                                                    Only one section completed. Violin part barely sketched.

                                                    Piano version is the only version played today. 

 TM    RMP  397           385g          0:07:16     Piano Fantasia in D minor

 TM    RM   421           417b          0:27:06     String Quartet in D minor

 TM    RM   457           457           0:17:39     Piano Sonata Nbr 14 in C minor - 2nd movement

 TM    RM   475           475           0:13:06     Piano Fantasia in C minor

 TM    RM   476           476           0:02:34     Song - Ein Veilchen auf der Wiese stand (Das Veilchen) in

                                                    G major.

 TM    RMV  492           492           2:54:40     Opera - Le nozze di Figaro

                                                    (The Marriage of Figaro, or The Day of Madness)

                                                    MIDI: Overture  

                                                    TM in Barbarina's cavatina Nbr 23.

 TM    RM   505           505           0:09:59     Aria - Ch'io mi scordi di te ... Non temer, amato bene

 TM    RMP  511           511           0:10:49     Piano Rondo in A minor

 TM    RM   520           520           0:01:28     Song - Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers


 TM    .    526           526           0:20:29     Violin Sonata in A major

                                                    [MP3: 7, 8, 9.  MIDI: nbr 2.]

 TM    RMV  527           527           2:43:53     Opera - Don Giovanni (Il dissoluto punito, ossia Il Don


 TM    RMA  537           537           0:30:35     Piano Concerto in D major (no. 26) "Coronation"

 TM    RM   543           543           0:28:40     Symphony in E flat major (no. 39)

 TM3   RM   548-1         548           0:21:19     Piano Trio in C major

 TM    RM   550           550           0:26:40     Symphony in G minor (no. 40)

 TM    RM   551           551           0:30:28     Symphony in C major "Jupiter" (no. 41)

 TM   [RMP] ...           590d          0:03:28  F  Same as K312.

                                                    Piano Allegro in G minor (FRAG) - Good/Beetovenish/late


                                                    First 105 measures of 178 by Mozart.

                                                    Completed by an unknown hand.   

                                                    MP3: Allegro.

 TM    RMPS 594           594           0:11:45     Organ Adagio and Allegro in F minor for mechanical organ

 TM    RMPS 608           608           0:11:38     Organ Fantasia in F Minor (organ version and 4-hand piano


 TM    RMP  617           617           0:16:13     Glass Harmonica Adagio in C minor and Rondo in C major.

 TM    RM   619           619           0:07:00     Masonic Work - Die ihr des unermesslichen Weltalls Schopfer

                                                    ehrt (cantata)

 TM    RMS  620           620           2:42:25     Opera - Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute)

 TM    RMPS 626           626           0:51:00     Mass - Requiem in D Minor