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    Mozart's MTM and the Mystery of the Pyramids






      Mozart's Musical Trademark (the MTM), and Mozart's "Masonic" Key

    of E-Flat with its 3 Flats, might be related to the 3 large Pyramids at

    Giza in Egypt.

    This article examines that relationship, but is mostly concerned with

    the Giza Pyramids, exploring their meaning, purpose, and design, and

    the Layout of the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau.


     It also examines the bizarre and stupefying attempts to erase the

     accomplishments of the Ancient Egyptians, erase the meaning and

     purpose of the Pyramids, and to reduce the Ancient Egyptians from their

     rightful place as Master Builders, Brilliant Designers, and workers

     in Sophisticated Symbolism (also attractive to Mozart as a Brilliant creator

     of Musical Symbolism), replacing them with Moronic Drones, pleased

     to get a crust of bread from their ruthless Taskmasters, who are ruled by

     Egomaniac Kings, intent on being remembered forever after they die

     with huge "Pyramid Tombs", Tombs with no names on the outside or inside,

     Tombs with no Funeral Murals inside, and possibly having their Spirits fly out

     of the "Air Shafts" in several directions, with almost every detail being

     a "Coincidence" or a "Mistake" or an "Accident" or "Unimportant" or a

     "Myth" or a "Belief" or "Theft" or "Stupidity".  


     After all, the Ancient Egyptians were just a bunch of uneducated Dummies,

     and we wouldn't want to attribute anything intelligent to them, now

     would we??  Why portray them as Brilliant Designers and Builders when

     we can portray them as Half-Wits??  Morons??  Drones??  Worker Bees??

     And get paid for our efforts by Insane Corrupt Psychopaths??    


     Mainstream "Scholars" lead the charge in the SUPPRESSION of Egyptian

     Greatness, and the Mainstream Media follows suit, presumably acting

     on orders from their Mainstream Criminal Bosses.

     (Hard to believe, but TRUE.  Actually TRUE!!  And Provable!!)


     The similarity to the movie "The Planet of the Apes", where the Apes

     have evolved quite a bit, but where the Chief Ape, Dr. Zaius, suppresses

     all knowledge of the past greatness of Earth's Civilizations, is absolutely


     The movie "The Planet of the Apes" MIGHT have been based on the story

     of Ancient Egypt and Modern-Day suppressors of knowledge.

     Hollywood occasionally does "send a message" to the Unwashed Masses -

     done by the Writers, Producers, Directors, and sometimes Actors, for their

     own Obscure reasons.


     Question:  But WHY would they pick a movie like THAT to do it??

     A strange, Sci-Fi, somewhat Far Out, somewhat Comical, sometimes Rough

     and Harsh, Bizarre movie, where the attractive and smooth Humans are

     deemed to be "So damned Ugly!!", dependent on Accidental Time Travel??


     Answer:  Because the people behind it knew it would be POPULAR, that

     people would DISCUSS it, that it would be MEMORABLE, that some people

     would THINK about it, and that it would be a "POPCORN MOVIE" full of

     fun for the Whole Family - not some Deep, Theoretical movie based on

     Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Genetics, with charts of Dinosaurs, Horses,

     Cows, Dogs, Cave Men, Chromosomal Analysis, etc.

     And, of course, lots of good old CONTROVERSY in an upside-down World,

     where the Zoo and Jungle Animals had inexplicably developed to PhD

     Heights, while the stupid Humans, who had invented everything from Bach

     to Mozart to Computers to Jet Airliners had devolved into Mute Half-Wit Wild

     Animals, stealing Food from the Apes, and performing Menial Tasks.  


     (By the way:  In REAL Life, in the Jungle, the Adult Chimps are NASTY and

     MEAN, VIOLENT KILLERS of each other - for no apparent reason.

     They choose a Chimp, chase it, and kill it - stomping on it over and over,

     even after it's dead. 

     It's been Filmed and Documented by Researchers. 

     And Pet Chimps and Wild Chimps will also attack Humans, at times,

     Mangling Faces beyond repair!!

     They are EXTREMELY STRONG!!

     Fighting a Teenaged or Adult Chimp will probably just get you killed.       

     They are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS !!!!!!! 

     They gain enormous strength in their "Teenage" years.

     Once they discover their own strength, they become fearless of Humans,

     who they can easily overpower, and will sometimes attack them on a Whim,

     Mangling and completely RUINING the Human's Face beyond repair,

     possibly removing the Human's Hands (it's already happened), etc.

     (A Woman was attacked by a Pet Chimp, a few years ago, and the Chimp

     tore off BOTH of her Hands, as well as Destroying her Face!!

     The friend who owned the Chimp had to call 911 because the Victim had

     no hands. The Cops shot it as it was running around the neighborhood. )  

     The only certain defense is a High-Powered Gun.

     A "Sleeper Dart" might work, but only at a Safe Distance.

     100 feet away??  200 feet??

     And when he wakes up, he'll probably be mad at you and attack you!!

     Stay FAR away from Adult and Teenaged Chimps!!

     Other Simians might also be very dangerous!!

     For the movie "The Planet of the Apes" to be even PARTLY possible, the

     Extreme Violence of the Simians would somehow have to be bred out

     of these Stupid, Insane, Violent, and Brutal Animals!!

     The civilized behavior of Cornelius and Zirra was presumption on the part

     of the Writers.

     The Gorillas looked like Monsters who could ride Horses, )        


     And some questions remain unanswered:

     * Why suppress the Knowledge?? 

     * Why destroy it??        * Why twist it?? 

     * Why LIE about it??    * Why LIE about related subjects?? 

     * Why portray ALL Ancient People as Incompetent Morons?? 

     * Why portray some modern people as Morons, fascinated with the claim

     that Pyramids can sharpen Razor Blades - a subject that only a bored

     Half-Wit would be interested in, and if it turned out to be true (Doubtful!!)

     would be an effect so Tiny as to be irrelevant, and foolish to utilize, when

     the solution is to buy new Razor Blades or switch to an Electric Shaver??

     Meaning that the "Razor Blade" subject is yet another attempt to

     Trivialize the "Pyramid" subject, and ridicule those interested in it. 



     Who are the LIARS, SNAKES, and SCUMBAGS behind this attempt to

     rewrite History, and either Trivialize the subject of Ancient Egypt

     (and ALL Ancient Civilizations), or portray the Brilliant Designers and

     Builders of the Pyramids as Half-Wit, Uneducated, Nubian Drones,

     who couldn't tie their own Shoes without help?? 

     These Snakes should head for Egypt, and sharpen their Razor Blades

     in a Pyramid, standing there for Years, as they wait for their Blades to

     slowly sharpen - or RUST.


     Didn't anyone notice, for example, that the Statues of Ancient Egyptians

     don't look ANYTHING like the Drones sometimes portrayed on Television??





                           King Userkaf                                    Queen Nefertiti     

             A Real Egyptian.  Not a Drone.           A Real Egyptian.  Not a Drone.


     I call these Mainstream Lying Snakes Glopologists, for lack of a better term,

     and they're Everywhere in Academia and elsewhere. 

     Not here!!


     I've done my best to analyze the Pyramids and Egyptian ways, often

     leaning heavily on some Experts, such as Graham Hancock, John West,

     Scott Creighton, Gary Osborn, and others.

     I require EVIDENCE for Claims and Theories, something that the

     so-called "Alternative" Authors *DO* provide (Hancock, etc), but which

     the Mainstream Glopologists often *DO NOT* provide. 


     And quite often, the Mainstream "Egyptologists" act like LUNATICS,

     Mainstream TINFOIL HAT types,

     and sometimes NASTY types, 

     while the Non-Mainstream ("Alternative") folks act like Smart, Rational,

     Logical, Informed, Polite, Civil, Calm, Mature, Scientific, Documenting

     ADULTS, discussing topics FAR more interesting than the Mainstream

     does, and providing EVIDENCE for their opinions and assertions. 


     The situation is the OPPOSITE of what you would think exists, with the

     NON-Mainstream people being the SMART Ones, the CALM Ones, the

     RATIONAL Ones, the POLITE Ones, etc.

     A strange situation, but that's what we usually find.


     I put my faith - and UNDERSTANDING - in the Alternative Experts.

     They've done some amazing Research!!










                                                                     The Great Pyramid at Giza. 

                                                   Made of approximately 2.3 MILLION Stone Blocks.

                                                 Weight: Almost 6 MILLION TONS (5.9 Million Tons).

                                                         1,200,000,000,000 Pounds Approximately.

                                                         1.2 Trillion Pounds Approximately. 

                                                         Plus a covering of white stone, now removed.

                                                     With Hallways, Rooms, and "Air Shafts" Inside.




 Front                                             Back



                                                    The Great Pyramid at Giza.

                        Official Designation: G1.   Popular Designation: The Great Pyramid.

                        Nonsense Designation: Khufu's Pyramid. 

                                 One of the 3 large Pyramids located at Giza in Egypt.

                      23.5 Degrees using Points and Middles (not Random locations).

                      23.5 blocks to the Floor of the Queen's Chamber not shown.

                      "Air Shaft" Angles not shown. 

                      Faces True North Precisely (and presumably True South).

                      The North Side Entrance was at the Rear or Back End of the Pyramid. 

                      North was at the Bottom of Egyptian Maps.

                      Thus, entry was from the Bottom or Back End of the Pyramid.   

                      The South Side was the Front End of the Pyramid.   

                      Diagram by Gary Osborn (darkened).  Book: "The Giza Prophecy".

                      An Important Book!!  Very Revealing!!  Praised by Graham Hancock!!


                                  (For Best Viewing, please enlarge to Full Screen).

                                  (For Best Viewing, please enlarge to Full Screen).



            The Great Pyramid (G1) at Giza with the Great Disaster Described

            Geometrically, including the use of "Air Shaft" Angles

            (numeric Angles not shown) on the North and South Sides. 


            Built some years after "THE GREAT DISASTER" or

            "THE GREAT EARTHQUAKE", which devastated Egypt,

            but apparently prior to "THE GREAT FLOOD", which

            occurred around 10,000 BC, and devastated much of the World.

            Date of Construction:  Unknown.

            Duration of Construction:  Unknown.


            Watermarks near the bottom of the Pyramid indicate that an

            enormous Flood occurred at Giza, which is located next to the

            Nile River on an elevated Plateau, and probably represent

            a remnant of The Great Flood.


           Great Earthquake.

           Massive Destruction. 

           Great Disaster.     Great Pyramid - G1.   Great Flood.

                    *                                 *                              *   

                       ?? BC                                     ?? BC                             10,000 BC                         


            (The Great Pyramid was PROBABLY built before the Great Flood.)

            The Great Disaster could be called The Great Earthquake.

            Date UNKNOWN.

            The Great Disaster was a huge Earthquake that knocked the

            Earth's TILT up by 6.5 Degrees to an Angle of 30 Degrees,

            from 23.5 Degrees.

            (The normal Tilt of the Earth is 23.5 Degrees.) 

            23.5 + 6.5 = 30. 

            The Earth has been slowly Rebounding to 23.5 Degrees

            ever since. 

            And it's still Ringing Like a Bell from the enormous Quake.    





                                           US Dollar Bill with a Pyramid,

                                  and Sides Angled at 23.5 Degrees --

                                           and an EYE at the Top.

                                   It comes from the reverse side of the

                                   Great Seal of the United States, and

                                   from the reverse side of a Dollar Bill.

                        The Eye at the top may represent "The Eye of Horus". 

                        The Pyramid is Fictitious, but the Angles are Real.


             (Many of the founders of the United States were Freemasons,

             just as Mozart was. There is some linkage between Ancient

             Egypt, the 3 Giza Pyramids, the Eye of Horus, and




            The "3 Pyramids of Giza" are in the same shape as the 3 Stars of

            Orion's Belt, in the Constellation of "Orion", and represent 

            HELP, just as the god Osiris helped the Egyptians.


            The Pyramids form an Arrow pointing to Supplies stored Underground. 

            Probably "Emergency Supplies" - presumably for the next

            "Great Disaster" - the next "Great Earthquake" - the next event

            of "Massive Destruction".  

            The Arrow can be computed using Centroid Geometry - an advanced

            and complex form of Geometry, using the scooped sides and other

            items to form the Arrow.   


            The "Little Pyramids of Giza" (2 groups of 3 Pyramids) form a

            Timeline or Calendar based on the 3 Stars of Orion's Belt, and

            their Rotational position in  the Sky.

            The Stars slowly rotate from Vertical to Horizontal over

            13,000 Years, and back again, over 13,000 Years, at known Dates,

            due to the Precession of the Earth (the Wobble).

            The "Little Pyramids of Giza" are Vertical at one end of the Plateau

            (3 small Pyramids) and Horizontal at the other end of the Giza Plateau

            (3 small Pyramids), implying 2 Dates, 13,000 years apart (Round Numbers).  


           The Question is:  What Pair of Dates are represented??

           What do the Dates mean for us??  Or for the Ancient Egyptians??

           How did the Egyptians figure out the 13,000/26,000-year Cycle of the

           3 Stars of Orion's Belt??

           13,000 Years is a LONG time  (1  90-degree change of the stars)!! 

           26,000 Years is a LONG time  (2  90-degree changes of the stars)!! 




           That is: 

                Vertical to Horizontal = 13,000 Years.    The 3 Stars of Orion's Belt.    

                Horizontal to Vertical = 13,000 Years.    The 3 Stars of Orion's Belt.


                3 Little VERTICAL Pyramids.                 One end of the Giza Plateau.

                3 Little HORIZONTAL Pyramids.          One end of the Giza Plateau.



           Did they track those 3 Stars for 13,000 Years - from Vertical to Horizontal

           or Horizontal to Vertical??

           Or even for 26,000 Years??

           Did their Civilization last for over 13,000 Years??

           Or for over 26,000 Years?? 

           And they maintained Astronomical Records for over 13,000 Years or more??


           Did they use the 3 Little Pyramids to tell us WHEN the Earthquake occurred

           in a Timeframe of 13,000 Years??

           The Egyptians were very Intelligent, and were evidently trying to tell us

           SOMETHING involving the Angle of the Earth and DATES!!

           (There are MORE references to 23.5 on the Giza Plateau.)          




       This is partially an analysis of Mozart's MTM as it POSSIBLY relates

       to the pyramids at Giza - the 3 large ones, or the 2 sets of 3 small ones. 


       Mozart's MTM is "Mozart's Musical Trade Mark", per the author,

       Dave Morton. It consists of 2 chords of 3 notes each. Mozart used it in

       his music possibly hundreds of times over the years - even very early in

       his composing career, with some of the examples documented on this

       website at www.mozartsmtm.org  on the Home Page and related pages. 

       A more accurate acronym would be "MMT" (Mozart's Musical Trademark),

       but I chose to call it the "MTM" as in  the "Musical Trade Mark" --

       "Mozart's MTM".


       Mozart became a Freemason in December 1784 - about 7 years before

       he died.  There is some kind of linkage between Freemasonry and Ancient

       Egypt, although it is somewhat obscure - publicly shown by the Freemasons,

       but not Explained. 


       Note also that an accurate history of Ancient Egypt was not yet known to the

       Freemasons of Mozart's era since the Rosetta Stone had not yet been discovered,

       and hieroglyphics had not yet been translated - unless the Freemasons had some

       other ancient source, such as (possibly) the Knights Templar of Europe. 

       But History and Religion aside, they certainly knew that Giza contained 3 large

       Pyramids, and didn't need to be able to read Hieroglyphics to be aware of them.       


       It seems almost impossible that the MTM was originally related to the 3 Pyramids

       at Giza, but it's a possibility that it BECAME related to them in Mozart's mind,

       at a later date.


      Additionally, the key of E-flat, with its 3 Flats (a Key Mozart used for his

      "Masonic" music), might relate to those 3 Pyramids at Giza.

      The Ancient Egyptians were steeped in Symbolism, and Mozart, with his

      Masonic ties, undoubtedly noticed it and learned about it during his Masonic


      The only question is whether he symbolically portrayed them with his

      "Masonic" key of E-flat (with 3 Flats), and whether the MTM, with its

      3 notes in each chord (2 chords) also symbolized the 3 Giza Pyramids, or

      perhaps an ANGLE of 33 Degrees, which can be found in the Great Pyramid.


      "33" also relates to the Book in the Bible, "The Lamentations of Jeremiah",

      and its 3rd verse, where the lines/verses are grouped into sets of 3. 

      That Book is Masonically significant, although there doesn't seem to be any

      linkage to Ancient Egypt or the 3 Pyramids of Giza, other than the grouping

      of the lines into sets of 3.  Whatever linkage might be present to those Pyramids,

      if any,  (as utilized by the Freemasons), is apparently hidden and not openly

      discussed by them.      


      "3 Notes Twice" (the MTM) could represent "33" - a Masonically significant

      number.  For example, the structure of Freemasonry includes a title or

      position of  "33rd Degree Freemason", which probably DOES relate to the

      Great Pyramid of Egypt, since one of the Air Shafts on the North side of the

      Pyramid is angled at 33 Degrees. 

      I don't know if that's the source of the Freemason title, or not, but the Angle

      IS there, and it might have some special significance to them.     


      Or "3 Little Pyramids Twice" (33) on the Giza Plateau.


      While you and I might not bother to encode our musical compositions, our

      paintings, our poetry, our architecture, etc, with references to "33" or

      "23.5" (why bother??),  the Freemasons did that sort of thing all the time!! 


    The Freemasons encoded  3,  23.5,  33,  and other numbers

    into Paintings, Music, Architecture, etc. 

    It's a Masonic Trademark!!

    We might not bother, but the Freemasons did that sort of

     thing all the time!!           

      3,  23.5,  33,  and some other numbers are everywhere in Masonic works!!


      Since Mozart developed the MTM early in his composing career (while still

      a child), it would have been almost impossible for him to have developed it

      to represent the 3 Giza Pyramids or angles found in them.

      However, there's a chance that the MTM *MIGHT* have represented those

      Pyramids or a Pyramid Angle LATER in life, after he became a Freemason.      

      We may never know.


      But this web page is mostly just interesting information about the pyramids,

      and Egypt in general. 

      The MTM is interesting, but Egypt is far MORE interesting!!







      An endlessly fascinating, mysterious, and impressive country.

      And the pyramids are probably the most fascinating of all - especially the ones

      located on the Giza Plateau. 


      Egypt was known as "The Mirror of Heaven" ages ago, according to one ancient


      IE, Egypt was essentially "Heaven on Earth" - a Copy of Heaven, if the description

      by the scholar was accurate.

      That's QUITE a Tribute!!    "The Mirror of Heaven".    "Heaven on Earth".

      I wish I had been there to see it!! 

      Maybe it was more primitive than our current civilization, in some ways.

      Maybe it was MORE advanced.  I don't know. 

      But it would have been interesting to see and understand.



      Pyramid Tombs?? 

      Not a chance.  The Giza pyramids were not built as tombs.

      In fact, there's NOTHING that indicates they were built as tombs except the empty,

      undecorated coffins, which are not "Coffins for Bodies".


      Q:  Who is buried in the Pyramids??

      A:  No one.   

      Q:  Who WAS buried in the Pyramids??

      A:  No one.

      Q:  What happened to Khufu's body, and the other Giza Kings and Queens??

      A:  No one knows.

            Their bodies have never been found.

            Their graves have never been mapped or documented by the Ancient Egyptians

            or anyone else.

            Note:  There never WERE any Kings and Queens buried in Pyramids at Giza.

            We don't know where those people were buried.

            The underground "grave" of Khufu's Mother has been found and explored,

            located on the Giza Plateau.

            But there's a problem:  She wasn't in it!!         

     Q:  Were the top Royals trying to keep their Grave locations a Secret??

     A:   Evidently.



      Egyptian "Coffins for Bodies" were highly decorated (or were made in the image

      of the deceased Royal), and had the name of the deceased person on the outside (at

      least for Kings, and possibly Queens). 




                      Normal Coffins in Underground Tombs - Not in Pyramids.





                                        The Symbolic Coffin in the Great Pyramid.

                                  And a "Seed Bed" representing Growth.    

                                  Not a Coffin for a Body.

                                  One of MANY clues that the Pyramid is not a tomb.

                        (No one was buried in a Pyramid except for some later

                         Kings and wealthy men who appropriated them as tombs.)



      In the Great Pyramid, for example, there are:

          * No Mummies.

          * No writings.

          * No King's names (or Queen's names).

          * No Goods.

          * No food or drink.

          * No personal belongings.

          * No "funeral text" anywhere.

          * No Funeral wall murals. 


      No nothing except a Coffin with no decoration and no name on it

      (not a Coffin for a body), but Tarry Black Stuff (old dirt??). 

      (Some other Coffins contained Bull Bones - no Human Bones.)

      No NOTHING indicating a "Tomb".  


      "Pyramids as Tombs" is just a Lie by Glopologists to attempt to direct our

      attention away from the real purposes of the Pyramids, to make them more

      ordinary and mundane, and to make us think that the Egyptians were fairly

      ordinary people - or sometimes even STUPID, UGLY, and SCARY Drones,

      and that the Stories and "gods" of Egypt were completely Mythical, Fantasy,

      Imaginary, etc, with the people living in a Comic Book Culture.


      Glopology of Egypt:

      All Myths.  All Make-Believe.

      A country where everyone just sits around laughing at this week's installment

      of "Donald Duck Meets Osiris".

      A country where they outsourced the design and construction of the Pyramids

      to the Ugly Nubians of the Land of Dust-and-Dirt-and-Mud-and-Grass-Huts.    








                                                                  Queen Nefertiti     




                                                   Some Ancient Egyptian Girls or Women     



     Stupid, Ugly Drones??  Myths??  Tombs?? 

     What are the Mainstream Glopologists smoking??  


     I've got news for them: 

     The Egyptians were VERY smart, Good Looking, and VERY


     Some of the "Myths" are true, while some of the rest of them

     are based on Truth.

     Their Civilization was quite advanced.

     The Greeks apparently had a high opinion of the Egyptians,

     but the Egyptians did not have a high opinion of the Greeks

     (the "Ionian Dogs").


     Television programs depicting all the gods as MYTHS, and

     Egypt as a Comic Book Culture of stupid, ugly, scary, Drones,

     building Pyramids for the tombs of the Royals, are just

     Mainstream TRASH created by Liars or Half-Witted Imbeciles

     with Sick, Perverted, Mutant Minds, probably in the Hospital,

     delirious as they desperately try to recover from a Flu Shot.  


     Is that a "Fair" statement??  Yes. They spread Mainstream

     TRASH, and they're either LIARS or HALF-WITS.  

     Take your pick. 

     I Despise LIARS, and I'm not a fan of Mainstream HALF-WITS

     who are WAY out of their depth, tackling a complicated subject

     that's often difficult even for a highly educated person to deal with,

     when they should have recognized at an early stage that Ancient

     Egypt is mostly COMPLICATED.


     But some of these Mainstream Bozos can't handle even the

     SIMPLE stuff, such as what these ancient people looked like!!


     Note: Graham Hancock and some others are GOOD GUYS.

     He and some others tell the TRUTH, and they can prove it.      


     I prefer the Truth.

     Egypt was a Wonderful country filled with Smart, Good Looking,

     Capable, Wonderful people.   

     And I can prove it. 


      The "gods" were real people, for the most part, and travelled here from planets

       far away (although we don't know for certain where they came from).

      The Ancient Egyptians were a European/Mediterranean mix, and most of them came

      from Ireland as proven by Hair and DNA Analysis, and ancient migration patterns.


      The Giza Pyramids were built LONG before 2400-2600 BC (Khufu's Era) - possibly

      as early as 10,000 BC or thereabouts, but before the Great Flood.


      The Ancient Egyptian culture goes back to at least 12,500 BC, and possibly even

       to 36,000 BC.    


       The notion that King Khufu (2400 BC Era) built the Great Pyramid is Nonsense.

       According to some ancient text, he REPAIRED IT.  He didn't BUILD it.


       Additionally, many researchers have apparently not bothered to study the

       ancient Language, Beliefs, etc, to understand how Language Confusion has

       contributed to the Utter Nonsense surrounding the Great Pyramid, where, for

       example, the word "Khufu" also means "Protects/Protection" - not just the

       name of a minor King, causing King Khufu's name to become accidentally

       glued to the name of the Great Pyramid, and with the aid of a Hoaxer, caused

       later people to proclaim that King Khufu must have built the Great Pyramid,

       and built it as his tomb - a "tomb" because of the so-called "Coffin" found

       in the so-called "King's Chamber" in the so-called "Tomb", also containing

       a bleak and rough so-called "Queen's Chamber" even though there are no

       Coffins in that room (Khufu had 3 Queens), the doorway is too narrow for a

       Coffin to pass through it, and there are 3 so-called "Queen's Pyramids" next to

       the big Pyramid, giving the Queens 2 "graves", although there are no "Queen's

       Pyramids" for the King in the middle Pyramid, even tho he had 5 Queens,

       and there are no Kings or Queens (Mummies) in ANY of the Pyramids, except

       for a few later Kings and Wealthy Men who appropriated them as Tombs -

       MANY years later, as shown by the style of clothing and jewelry. 


       The phrase "Akhet Khufu" was used by the Locals as the name of the Great



       Opinion:  The Phrase "Akhet Khufu" means: 

       "The Point of Protection on the Horizon". 

              Akhet:  The point on the Horizon where the Sun sets.

              Khufu:  Protects/Protection.  


              Rationale for "Akhet Khufu" and its meaning: 

              1. Omit the implied setting Sun, but keep the Point on the Horizon. 

              2. Add Protection (Khufu). 



              1. Akhet Khufu:  The point on the Horizon where Protection exists.

              2. Akhet Khufu:  The point of Protection on the Horizon.


              Is this a valid meaning??  Probably.  


              What Protection??

              Supplies stored Underground, nearby, pointed to by a huge Arrow,

              determined by using Centroid Geometry and the Concave Sides

              of the Pyramids.

              Very complicated.

               After this theory and a Map were published on the Web, 

               Zahi Hawass walled off a huge section of the Giza Plateau, and started


              Possibly also Supplies located in the Pyramids.

              Supplies would help to protect a civilization from dying or faltering.


              There are also BOATS buried next to the Pyramids, presumably

              in case of a Flood from the Nile River - or the Mediterranean Sea.   

              The Boats would offer more Protection.   


              King Khufu's name in English:  "[The god] Khnum protects me". 

              Nickname:  Khufu.    

              Hieroglyphics:  4 Glyphs:



                             Read:  Top to Bottom in the Cartouche. 

                             Bottom:  Flat part of the Cartouche.   


       The phrase "Akhet Khufu" probably has nothing to do with King Khufu.

       But early and later Explorers may have misunderstood it to mean

       "Khufu's Pyramid" or "Khufu's Sunset" or "The Location of Khufu" or

       "The Point Where Khufu was Laid to Rest" or something similar.

       That, and other issues, evidently caused Scholars to conclude that the Great

       Pyramid was built by Khufu.

       But there's no evidence for it.

       They didn't do their Homework, although the Homework was VERY difficult

       and Arcane!!  

       There's no Evidence that it was built as a Tomb. 



      The Giza Pyramids are somewhat Bleak and Barren, compared, for example,

       with King Tut's Underground Tomb in the Valley of the Kings, still filled with

       many wonderful artifacts even AFTER it had been robbed!!  




                  Portion of a Wall Mural in King Tut's Tomb (Underground).

                 This is part of what an Ancient Egyptian REAL TOMB looks like. 

                 An Underground Tomb.  A Real Tomb.  

                 You won't find things like this in a Pyramid.

                 The only Tombs were Underground - not in Pyramids. 



       Even if Tomb Robbers had stolen Everything from the Giza Pyramids,

       why are there no Wall Murals depicting a Funeral?? 

       No Hieroglyphics??

       No "Tomb Decorations" painted on the walls??  

       No names of the Kings??

       No text praising the "Great King" who died??

       Why don't the Giza Pyramids look like Tombs on the inside?? 

       Why don't the Giza Pyramids look like Tombs on the outside??  






       All we have are some buried boats next to the Giza Pyramids, and the one boat

       that's been excavated next to the Great Pyramid had King Djedfre's name on

       many of the covering stones - not Khufu's name.




       In other words, it probably wasn't intended as a Solar Barque for Khufu's use

       to join the gods after death.


       And it was built as a REAL BOAT - River Ready, with sealed seams, etc - not as

       some kind of Symbolic Boat or Spacecraft to travel through Space to the Stars.

       It was built for use on the water. 




       A Solar Barque??  Maybe, but it would work quite well on a River.

       Or on the Ocean.  Or during a large Flood, if the Nile River overflowed and

       inundated the Giza Plateau, as may have occurred before.    

       (Perhaps the Mediterranean Sea overflowed, as well.  I don't know.)

       The boats might be stored there for very Practical reasons - not for "Religious"

       reasons involving joining the gods in the sky, after death.

       They might be intended for saving one's life in a Flood.


       And they would be part of a Disaster Recovery Center or "Help Center", involving

       the first step in being Helped, namely "Avoid drowning in the Flood" or

       "Protect Us From the Flood".

       The Giza Pyramid complex would be "A Point of Protection on the Horizon",

       with those boats, JUST AS IT WAS OFTEN CALLED ("Akhet Khufu").

       Was it known as that function before the boats were buried there??

       I don't know.  It's another question for someone to answer.     











       But with those boats, the Giza complex makes more sense as some kind of "Help

       Center" or "Disaster Recovery Center" than Tombs for the Royals.

       And with the boats, we have EVIDENCE of Help being available.

       This has been known at least since the 1950's when the first boat was excavated,

       and put on display on site, in a museum next to a Giza Pyramid.

       As Tombs for the Royals, we have NO EVIDENCE of a "Tomb" function.  


       So why do the Mainstream Egyptologists claim that the Pyramids were built

       as Tombs for the Royals, when we have NO EVIDENCE for that function, but

       we Do have EVIDENCE for some kind of Help Center in the form of buried

       boats, complete with Boat Fenders to protect the sides of the boats - at least

       for the excavated and rebuilt boat?? 

       To protect it when striking stray Asteroids??  It Boggeleth the Mind.

       Using multiple types of wood, as they did in their REAL boats??


               Escape from a Flood:    EVIDENCE (RIVER-READY BOATS). 

               Tombs for the Royals:  NO EVIDENCE.  NOTHING.


      Decorated coffins with the King's names on them, and Original, Royal Bodies in 

      them (mummies), would go a long way towards proving that the Pyramids were

      built as Tombs for the Royals. 

      Funereal Wall Murals would add even more evidence - probably even Proof.


      For a Pyramid to be a giant Resurrection Machine for any Royals buried there,

      the Coffins would have had to have the NAME of the occupant on it, if the King

      was to remain in the Pyramid most of the time, but leave his Coffin at times, in

      order to do good works for Egypt, and then return.


      And if the "Air Shafts" had been intended as "Soul Shafts", there probably

      wouldn't have been 4 Soul Shafts in the GP, all pointing in different directions,

      with 2 of them Blocked (from the Queen's Chamber).


      And if 4 "Soul Shafts" were built for redundancy to ensure an escape of the Soul

      to the Stars, why were 2 of them blocked during their construction??   


      Now we're down to 2 semi-usable Soul Shafts (pointing in opposite directions),

      and 2 Useless Soul Shafts (from the Queen's Chamber), firmly and solidly

      BLOCKED, so that no Soul needing a clear passage can ever escape from the

      prison of the Great Pyramid.


      Not that they should need a clear passage anyway, since the Soul could supposedly

      pass through Doors, and one would surmise, pass through stone blocks.    

      And from the King's Chamber, it would be quite difficult to reach the Queen's

      Chamber anyway, since the passage near the KC was blocked with heavy stone

      slabs if the Soul needed a clear pathway to the QC.

      Redundancy makes sense, but blocked pathways make no sense.

      A clear Soul Shaft makes sense, but a blocked Soul Shaft makes no sense.


      And where is the King supposed to spend Eternity??  In the Pyramid, or in the

      Star Home of the gods (Orion's Belt, or perhaps, some other location out there

      in Space, somewhere)??  


      And the boats???  What is their function??  Solar Barques??

      As Tombs for the Royals, I'm not the slightest bit convinced. 


      And of course, no later "Intrusive Burials" of later Kings and Wealthy Men would

      be found, since it would not be permitted to ADD a body to an occupied tomb.

      (Some Intrusive Burials WERE found, meaning that the Burial Chambers were

      empty when the Intrusive Burials took place.)


      If someone had ignored the religious edict that a body must not be ADDED to an

      occupied burial chamber, and Kings were involved, he would be facing the wrath

      of the EXISTING deceased King, the wrath of the ADDED King, and the wrath of

      the living Royalty and the Common People, when they collectively discovered

      this outrageous Blasphemy (dead or alive).  He would face almost certain death.

      ADDING a body to an existing, occupied Tomb would be High Treason.


      This "Tomb" Theory isn't making any sense, so far.    

      When you're reading Mainstream Pyramidology, you might want to keep that

      in mind. 

      Mainstream Pyramidology contains NO EVIDENCE that the Pyramids were

      built as Tombs. Nothing.

      Just buy the books for the Pretty Pictures.

      Don't bother reading most of the text.


      Mainstream Pyramidology is mostly THEORY and ASSUMPTION - not facts.

      And it's ILLOGICAL THEORY.


      If you want to study Mythology, "Pyramids as Tombs" would be a good


      "Pyramids as Tombs" is Mainstream Mythology.







      SUGGESTED FOR AGES  5-10. 





    The Famous Number "23.5":   

      Every Astronomer in the World recognizes the number "23.5" as being a

      well-known "constant" or near constant. 

      23.5 Degrees is the normal, approximate Angle of the Earth's inclination towards

      the Sun (or away from it). 

      The Ancient Egyptians knew it thousands of years ago - long before European

      civilization discovered it.


      A significant change to that angle would imply some kind of enormous disaster

      involving an Earthquake, or possibly an Asteroid striking the Earth, or possibly

      a rogue Star or Planet passing by our Solar System, or possibly the slippage of the

      Earth's "Under Mantle" due to liquefaction under the crust (presumably being

      Hot Molten Lava under the upper crust), etc. 


      Whatever the cause of a change from 23.5 Degrees, the results would be

      catastrophic, with buildings destroyed, oceans racing inland, rivers overflowing,

      probably Volcanic Faults exposed and Lava shooting into the air, Fires, poisonous     

      gases released into the Air,  the Earth trembling possibly for days - or longer.

      Years??   Rebounding for Thousands of Years?? (Yes). 


      Finding the number "23.5" encoded in anything - especially in Pyramids

      thousands of years old - probably doesn't represent an announcement of a basic

      discovery, but a hint that some kind of disaster occurred which involved the

      angle of the Earth, boosting the angle higher or pulling it down lower.

      It hints at a possible STORY - some kind of MESSAGE about the past. 

      It hints at a Constant that may have changed.

      A Constant like the Boiling Point of Water, or its Freezing Point.


      Part of the hint involved proving that they were very smart and knowledgeable,

      so that the number 23.5 would not be taken as a "Discovery by Ancient Peoples".

      They needed to somehow PROVE that they were far beyond recently discovering

      the angle of the Earth in  its Solar Ecliptic.  And prove it with RELATED

      information about the Earth, or other planets, or the Stars, or the 26,000 year

      Precession of the Earth.



      They needed to somehow say:

      "We're not Primitive. We're Advanced. 

       We know what we're doing. 

      As you can see, we know quite a bit about the Earth - much more than just its

      Angle of 23.5 Degrees. 

      "23.5 Degrees" is not something we recently discovered.

      "23.5 Degrees" is Old News to us. 

      But it's related to the Message.

      Look deeper for the message.

      If you look hard enough, you'll find it."       


      Astronomers and some other Scientists would instantly recognize that number.  

      It's one of the "Famous Numbers", like Pi, or Phi, or a series of Prime Numbers.



           ----- Some Famous Numbers -----

      Pi:     3.1416

      Phi:    1.618,  Reciprocal 0.618   Also, "3,4,5".

      Prime:  1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23....

      Angle:  23.5   (the Angle of the Earth in the

                     Solar Ecliptic)  



      (The Egyptians used a 360-degree Circle, just as we do today.

      Any "Angles as Numbers" that they created have the same values as we use today.

      Any Angles created by the architecture of a Pyramid would also have the same

      values as we use today.

      They also used 360 degrees in their measurements of the Earth.) 


      Someone with curiosity, some background in Math, some background in

     Astronomy, some basic Anatomy and Physiology, some basic Egyptian Mythology,

     and a solid grounding in Geometry - including ADVANCED Geometry (Centroid

     Geometry), might be able to determine if a "message" is contained in the object - in

     the building, the statue, the painting, etc. 

     Creighton and Osborn have done just that in their book "The Giza Prophecy".

     Other authors have also contributed to these subject areas in their "Egypt" books.



     The Freemasons and their predecessors have apparently been aware of a message

     contained in the Great Pyramid, and the Giza complex of Pyramids, for many years.

     To some extent, the Egyptians - or one of their gods, were making things as obvious

     as possible with these gigantic structures.  Namely: 


     These structures seem to be saying:

    "People of Egypt:  Pay Attention!!

      People of the World:  Pay Attention!!

      Why do you think these Pyramids are so big??

      Why do you think this site is so big??  

      These huge Pyramids at Giza contain a message!!

              That's why they're so big!!

      This entire site contains a message!! 

              That's why it's so big!!

               It's a HUGE site!!  

      Did you find examples of ADVANCED knowledge here --     

      knowledge about the Earth and the Stars?? 

      Such as the 13,000 year Half-Precession of the Earth??   

      Did you find 23.5 Degrees embedded here multiple times??

      Did you wonder why an advanced civilization would repeat

      that number - that basic and elementary number - over and

      over and over??    23.5,  23.5,  23.5,  23.5,  23.5 ...........

      That's a lot more basic than the Precession of the Earth!!

      Why would we encode it??    

      Did you wonder what it means??  

      We will tell you.  It means:

      "A Great Disaster occurred here!! The angle of the Earth

      was changed, and it ruined our civilization, temporarily!!

      (From 23.5 degrees to 30 degrees).

      And it will occur again.

      This is an important prediction - a prophecy - for the people

      of the Present and the Future!!"  

      Be prepared, people of the Present and people of the Future!! 

      We are trying to Help you!!

      We are trying to help keep you Safe!!

      We are trying to help you escape the terrible Destruction,




      (It was also a highly visible Disaster Recovery Site, made

      large so the People would know where to find Help.)



      If these Giza Pyramids were tombs for the Royals, one of

      the problems with that theory is that Khufu and the others

      were OBSESSED with the Angle "23.5 Degrees".

      That's kind of odd....  Did he ever write about it??

      Did any of them write about it??  

      Was Khufu known as "King 23.5"?? 

      Was Khufu known as "The King of Earthly Knowledge"??  

      Was Khufu known as "The King of Disaster Recovery"??

      Did Khufu ever say:  "Let my Pyramid Tomb reflect the angle

             of the Earth in the Solar Ecliptic."?? 

      Did Khufu even BUILD the Great Pyramid??  



      The Message: 

      *  It begins with the enormous SIZE of the Giza Pyramids to capture our attention,

      *  Continues with the SHAPE made by the 3 Pyramids of "Orion's Belt" - the

          3 Stars in the Constellation of Osiris (Orion),  

      *  Continues with the 3 little Queen's Pyramids set vertically and horizontally

          next to the 3 large Pyramids -  one set at each end,

      *  Continues further with angles of 23.5 degrees on the Giza Plateau and in the

          Great Pyramid,

      *  And continues further with items such as the Great Pyramid facing exactly

          TRUE NORTH - not magnetic North. An indicator of sophisticated knowledge

          about the Earth. 

          Magnetic North can be located with a Compass.

          TRUE NORTH can be located only by knowing the size of the Earth, and

           determining its rotational Axis point.

           It also requires knowing that the Earth rotates, and that the Sun doesn't

           revolve around the Earth - a concept violently and murderously opposed by

           the Catholic Church Criminals in the Middle Ages.


      All of these items required analysis, and some required measurements. 


      But there were a number of confusing elements in the Message.

      The message became confused due to the use of "Coffins" in the Pyramids, the

      number of Queens two of the Kings had (3 Queens apiece), the later repairing of the

      Pyramids, the words "Khufu" and "Akhet", with "Khufu" being the same word

      as the name of one of the Kings, the meaning of the word "Afterlife", the Egyptian

      focus on Life after Death ("Afterlife"???), the meaning of the "Air Shafts" in the

      Great Pyramid, etc.


      The Freemasons weren't confused, but most others were.

      And the Freemasons weren't divulging what they knew.

      They held that knowledge as a closely-guarded Secret!!  

      For most people, the message was lost - completely GARBLED.


      The Giza Pyramids were claimed to be Tombs for the Royals - Khufu, etc, and

       their Queens. 

       Nobody bothered to measure the Angles, or check the Stars, or consult the history

       of the Egyptian gods, or take the "Stories" seriously, calling all of them "Myths",

       as if they were all completely Fictional, giving the Ancient Egyptian Civilization

       the Grade of a "Comic Book Culture Lived by Silly People", but ignoring the

       massive amount of work and talent it must have taken to build the Giza Pyramids,

       rendering their culture as being Schizophrenic,  illustrated by:

               Brilliant Designers and Builders / Silly Comic Book Readers (Myths).   

       And the "Brilliant" part was ignored as much as possible.

       This is totally illogical.

       But the Mainstream "Experts" didn't seem to notice. 

       (Are they really Experts???).

       AND they paid little or no attention to the technical details.


       (Have you ever heard a "Mainstream Expert" talk about the angle "23.5 Degrees"

       which is found ALL OVER the Giza Plateau and in the Great Pyramid??

       Have you ever heard a "Mainstream Expert" discuss "The Precession of the Earth

       as it Orbits the Sun"???

       Very doubtful. 


       The "Mainstream Experts" are normally NON-TECHNICAL people, who don't

       understand how things work, and who highly value the "Received Wisdom" of 

       their predecessors, who might not know very much themselves, and who are

       probably ALSO Non-Technical.


       What good is "Received Wisdom" (received by us) from people who don't

        understand how things work??

        Is it really Wisdom???  Or Nonsense???


        One of the factors that has hobbled research on Ancient Egypt is that the

        Egyptologists don't UNDERSTAND some of the important points.

        And that's because they are mostly NON-TECHNICAL people.

      You have to be TECHNICAL to understand how things work,

      in many cases, because most things operate according to


        How could it be otherwise??


        Planets don't orbit the Sun according to statements in History Books.

        Jet Engines don't work according to statements in History Books.


        Even their Religion, Beliefs, Customs, and Festivals have their Reasons and

        Foundations, and represent the Cultural Gears that motivate and animate

        the people in portions of their lives.  


       And with the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, it's even MORE complicated.

       The Ancient Egyptians blended Geometry, Astronomy, Osiris and his Teaching,

       History, the Future, and a Clock or Calendar, into the Giza Plateau, with the

       Great Pyramid containing a large fraction of the information. 

       We know we've interpreted the Messages correctly because the information

       is REPEATED multiple times, because they tell a PLAUSIBLE story,

       because the SIZE of the Pyramids might indicate the importance of the Messages,

       and because of the incredible PRECISION of these Mountains of Stone.


       The brilliant design of all the components adds to the veracity of the story since

       Geniuses usually enjoy helping people and sharing their knowledge.

       Non-technical People don't notice these things, don't realize their importance,

       and have no idea what the various Details mean.

       Nor do they care.


        It's similar to WW2 history from Historians who didn't understand Hitler's

        mental and physical condition, and, through no fault of their own, were unaware

        that the Allies had broken the German Code, and were reading almost all of

        the military and non-military messages, finally revealed in the 1970's (most of it)

        and even as late as the 1990's. The decryption of German Naval Messages didn't

        occur, on a timely basis, until 1943, and it turned the tide of the war!!

        More of the Allied Supply ships could get across the Atlantic without being sunk

        by German Submarines because we were now ATTACKING and SINKING their

        Subs, because we now knew where they were located, because we had broken the

        German Naval Code, and built many Electronic Computers to do it  - a VERY

        tough Job!!!!  A HUGE project!!    


        But most of the world wasn't informed of that until around 1995!!

        And almost no one knew that the Americans finally got involved in decryption

        in 1943. Much of the history was kept secret for over 50 years, and some of it is

        STILL secret.


        The British decryption project was revealed in the 1970's - 30 years after the

        War had ended.

        But the Brits were unable to crack the German Naval Coded Messages at a

        useful speed, and many weren't decoded at all due to the high volume of


        The American decryption project of the German Naval Code, and how it helped

        tremendously in shortening the War, was finally revealed in 1995 - 50 years after

        the War had ended, and decades after most of the History Books had been written.


        Many years after the War ended (at least 30 years, if not longer) it was revealed

        that the Americans had built 120 computers to assist the Brits in decrypting

        Messages (the Brits were utterly Swamped with German Messages to decrypt),

        and in 1995 revealed that the Americans had also built MULTIPLE or DOZENS(??)

        or HUNDREDS(??) of computers to process German Naval Messages in order to

        Attack and Sink the German Subs. 

        (Probably "Dozens" of computers.  We don't know the exact number that

        NCR-Dayton built, but it was a Huge Project, and computers were so SLOW

        in those days, taking 18 hours to decrypt a typical Message,

        that it would probably have required Dozens or Hundreds of computers to

        decrypt all of the German Naval Messages.

        Even splitting the Message into 2 parts, and decrypting each half, took 9 HOURS

        to decrypt a typical Message, using 2 Computers running concurrently. 


        The American 3rd Generation computers used on German Naval Messages were

        Electronic, like the 2nd Generation of British decrypting computers, and faster,

        but still SLOW by today's standards, with speeds similar to the first IBM PC -

        a very slow desktop computer.

        Mainframe computers used in Industry were always fast, but they were developed

        several years after the first Decrypting Computers.





         British "Colossus" Electronic Code-breaking Computer - 1943.

         Location:  Bletchley Park, England.  A former Aristocratic Home,

         still appearing to be "An Aristocratic Home", with dozens of buildings

         added to the grounds, employing 10,000 workers!!

         Part of the "Ultra" Project.

         This was a successor to Alan Turing's Electromechanical computer

         (The Bombe)  that decrypted the German Enigma Coded Messages,

         thought to be unbreakable by the German High Command.

         An incredible achievement, kept secret for 30 years, with the American

         involvement by the Navy and NCR kept secret for 50 years.

         War Ended:  1945.  

         British Decryption Project:       Started/Useful: 1940.  Revealed in 1975.

         British Electronic Computers:   Started/Useful: 1943.  Revealed in 1975.

         American Decryption Project:  Started/Useful: 1943.   Revealed in 1995. 

         American Decryption of German Naval Messages:      Revealed in 1995. 

         Decryption of Japanese Messages:  Separate Projects.

         The British/American/Navy/NCR Decryption efforts made a HUGE impact

         on defeating the Enemy!!        

         The Historians knew nothing about these Projects and their Results,

         until the 1970's and 1990's.


        Understanding what happened was possible only to a LIMITED degree.

        As Eisenhower said after the War:  "Ultra was decisive." 

        No one knew what he meant.  What was "Ultra"?? 

        Code Breaking was still a Top Secret topic.

        Actually, it was an "Ultra Secret" topic, higher than Top Secret.  

        "Ultra" got its name from the phrase "Ultra Secret".

        The German encrypting machines were called "Enigmas".

        The decrypting project was called "Ultra".     

        And all the history books written prior to the 1970s, and even prior to 1995,

        were partially hobbled by a lack of this crucial information.


        And hardly anyone seemed to realize that Hitler had a severe form of Parkinson's

        Disease, and was falling apart, physically and mentally, shaking constantly, weak, 

        with blurry vision, and hardly able to walk more than 10 feet at a time at the End.

        As early as 1940 he was showing some mild symptoms of Parkinson's, always

        gripping something tightly in his hand, such as a Folder, a Walking Stick, a

        Briefcase, a Jacket, etc, to stop the shaking, which progressively became worse,

        year by year.   


        The full state of his medical condition wasn't revealed until Decades later by a

        British Pathologist who traveled to Germany, spoke with friends, colleagues,

        secretaries, Doctors and Dentists, etc, and traveled to the Soviet Union to interview

        the Soviet Pathologists. He knew the symptoms of many illnesses, and was able

        to diagnose Hitler's condition, AND was able to determine that everyone who was

        present at the very end was Lying, based on many factors.

        He was even able to figure out that the young Party Girl, Eva Braun, did not

        commit suicide, but escaped with some clever trickery. She had no intention of

        dying with a sick, old man. And with some help from the guards and the chauffer,

        (and a Double), faked her suicide, and escaped from the Bunker. 

        She used "The trick of the Blue Dress" and vanished - probably heading for a farm

        in Bavaria where she had relatives. 

        No one was looking for her because most people didn't know who she was - didn't

        even know that she existed until well after the War, and the people in the Bunker

        thought she was dead, or Lied about her status. Any Germans or foreign dignitaries

        who saw her in the 1930s and 1940s thought she was a maid or a cook.

        Only the inner circle knew who she was, and few people even caught sight of her

        outside of the inner circle.  

        Historians knew little or nothing about suicide, Poison, Parkinson's Disease, etc. 

        The world's Historians were easily tricked, and thought she had committed suicide.  


        (The Soviet Pathologists weren't fooled, but their comments to Stalin were so vague

        that only another Pathologist could understand what had probably transpired, as

        far as Eva Braun was concerned. And Stalin was not concerned with Eva Braun's

        fate, so the matter was dropped.  The Historians and most of the World were fooled

        into thinking that she had committed suicide with Hitler.

        And they were fooled into thinking that Hitler had committed suicide.  He was dead,

        but not by his own hand. With a great deal of digging, and a lengthy background in

        dealing with suicides, Poisons, debilitating diseases, human behavior, Hitler's behavior,

        etc, etc, he was able to determine that Hitler was actually murdered at the last minute,

        partly because he didn't have the courage or the strength to kill himself, the reports

        from the Soviet Pathologists didn't add up, the answers he received from people in

        the Bunker didn't add up, etc, etc.

        People who claim that Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide together don't know

        anything about Suicide, Poisons, Parkinson's Disease, Psychology, etc, and are easily

        fooled by a Photo or a claim, putting their trust in a gigantic Hoax, and not even

        accounting for the possibility that many people might be trying to protect an Image

        of Strength and Honorability (of Hitler) when he was actually a Weak, Sick, Coward

        at the end.

        Hitler was murdered, and Eva Braun escaped.

        The murder took place because people wanted to LEAVE the Bunker, but couldn't

        do so until he was dead. Heinz Linge got the job done on Hitler, and helped

        Eva Braun escape through trickery.  

        Who are the Easiest to fool??  The non-technical Historians.

        They'll believe almost anything.)  


        The symptoms of Hitler's Parkinson's Disease hadn't shown up earlier, when he was

        giving speeches and meeting important people.

        If he had survived the War, he would have been dead in a few years, anyway.

        Most Historians STILL aren't aware of these things - Hitler's condition, and the

        extent of Code-Breaking, or the lack of it, when it occurred, how rapidly messages

        could be decoded, and the results. 

        Nor are most aware of the crucial Importance of these factors.

        Have any of them heard of the brilliant Engineer named Joe Desch?? 

        Do they know about the Navy's involvement - especially beyond the San Francisco


        Do they know the story of the Hundreds of Navy WAVES in Dayton Ohio, and their

        contributions to the Code Breaking effort with the NCR Corporation?? 

        That secret was finally revealed in 1995. 

        The WAVES were finally able to talk about it openly in 1995, and held their first

        Reunion that year (and possibly their Last, since they were quite old by that time).


        NOBODY knew that the NCR Corporation in Dayton Ohio had built the first American

        electronic computers, built during WW2, and that they were used for Code Breaking.

        The credit had always gone to ENIAC and other computers and pioneers. 

        ENIAC, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, etc, got the credit.  But those were NOT the first.

        And NCR and the Navy couldn't say a word because it was all Ultra Secret.

        And although America was NOT the leader in code breaking (it was the Poles and the Brits

        who led the way and developed techniques and mechanical computers for breaking the

        German codes), it was the American effort by NCR and the Navy which offloaded much

        of the workload being done by the Brits, and also finally cracked the German Naval code,

        which greatly hastened the end of the war because the German U-Boats (submarines) were

        now very vulnerable, since we now knew where they were (based on their decrypted messages),

        and could attack them.

        It made a HUGE difference in the ability of the Allies to pursue the War, and keep Britain

        supplied with every imaginable kind of supply - food, medical supplies, gasoline, Diesel fuel,

        oil, etc.


        The Historians knew NONE of this until around 1995 - at least not the Reason for the supplies

        getting through, and more German subs being sunk.   

        It was so bad for the German Navy that Karl Doenitz finally gave up, and ordered his subs

        to surface and surrender.

        This dilemma and defeat for the German Navy was MOSTLY due to code breaking by NCR

        and the US Navy using electronic computers, and of course, the ability of Carrier Aircraft to

        locate and sink the U-Boats.

        (The Brits did the decrypting for all other messages.)

        The Historians (and everybody else) had NO IDEA how it all happened, except for the attacks

        on Subs by our Aircraft.

        But in the case of code breaking, it wasn't their fault.

        Part of the Ultra secret wasn't revealed until the 1970s, and the other part wasn't revealed

        until 1995. 


        The primary reason for this likely ignorance of many of them is probably that

        most are Non-Technical and have NO INTEREST in Technical Subjects.

        (In the case of code breaking, the information was classified for decades, and

        the Historians had no way of knowing about it.)

        If they had had an interest in Technical Subjects, and sufficient aptitude, they

        probably would have gone into a Technical Field, or spent more effort on the

        Technical aspects of Ancient Egypt, instead of ignoring things like "23.5".)    


       The truth is FAR different from what most of the "Mainstream Experts" have

       delivered to the average citizen, and even to their own Groups, primarily for

       2 reasons:

              1. They don't understand how things work, and

              2. They don't think it's important to understand how things work.   


       They place little or no value on Science and Engineering - Mathematics (including

       Geometry), Physics, Astronomy, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Measurements,

       Geology, Weather, Construction, Materials, Manufacturing, Tools, Logic, etc,

       ignoring amazing things or subverting and degrading many Stories as Fictional

       Myths ("That couldn't POSSIBLY be true....... It must be a MYTH..."  cough), etc.


       For example, how did the AE's manufacture the "Coffin" (Sarcophagus) in the

       King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid?? 

       With chisels??  On Marble??

       Perfectly smooth sides on the inside??  Have you ever done that??  Has Anyone

       else ever done it using chisels??  Who?? When?? How?? 

       What is the "Mainstream" explanation for that incredible piece of heavy Marble,

       weighing tons, empty, with thick walls, and polished smooth on the inside?? 

       Have they checked with any "Stone Workers" to see how they would make such

       an object as the Coffin in the Great Pyramid??

       People who work with Marble??   

       Was that the Pyramid Fairy at work, again??  


      Our current era is also filled with Debunkers, some with a Hidden Agenda.

      Ordinary Debunkers apparently can't conceive of the Reality of life in Ancient

      Egypt, diluting and degrading the information. Other Debunkers may well be

      aware of the high level of civilization in Egypt, but for unknown reasons, also dilute

      and degrade the information. Other Debunkers have destroyed artifacts for

      "religious" reasons with bizarre and freakish ideas resembling the notions of

      mentally ill people in Psychiatric Institutions. Similar to the "Son of Sam" who

      thought that a Dog was giving him telepathic messages.     

      It's a strange situation, sometimes led by Psychotic individuals and groups, and

      people with low self-esteem, and a general feeling of incompetence with an

      inability to rise to a higher level who demean, debunk, and destroy.


      Misdirected anger also seems to be part of the reaction of uncivilized people.

      After all, if they're feeling unworthy when analyzing the great achievements of

      the Ancient Egyptians, it must be the fault of those Egyptians!!  Right??  

      So they need to be beaten up!!  Right??

      They need to be brought down to our level!!  Right??  

      They think they're so smart!!

      They think they're BETTER than the rest of us!!

      Those Snobs!!  Those Pompous Elitists!!  Those Smug Jerks!!

      They caused all of our problems - right??

      It's all their fault!!  Right?? 

      Let's beat them up!!  (Cough). 

      (No, don't do that.)   


      If nothing else, it shows the danger of Greatness.  Destroyers and Nut Jobs seem

      to be attracted to Greatness in order to destroy it, possibly from feeling humiliated

      by the Greatness of a culture or a Genius, or possibly by feeling the potential loss

      of their followers, and a loss of power and control.  

      Perhaps the gods of Ancient Egypt didn't realize that that would happen - with

      some of the non-Egyptians of the world.


      The Freemasons, and some others, however, seem to be appreciators of the

      Greatness of this civilization.

      We can be grateful that they're not Nut Jobs or Destroyers.

      I greatly admire the Ancient Egyptians.

      And even though I'm not nearly as smart as they were, I don't feel threatened.


      The stupid and crazy Nut Jobs and Destroyers are threatening because they are

           "Glopologists Gone Wild!!"  and 

           "Religious Nuts Gone Wild!!".

      It's time to turn that around.  And it's long overdue.


      For example:  Fire Zahi Hawass!! 

      He's worse than a Glopologist!!  He's a Monster!!  He's a Destroyer!!    

      That's not an exaggeration.

      He's one of the Dangerous Nut Jobs who should be locked up, or sent to

      the Moon.




     Summary of some ideas in this paper:


     *  There's a slight chance that Mozart's MTM might represent the 3 large

         Pyramids at Giza, or the angle of 33 Degrees, or both.

         It did not represent these ideas originally, but might have come to represent

         them later, after Mozart became a Freemason. 


     *  From Michael Tsarion:

         The Ancient Egyptians had their roots in Ireland and the Mediterranean area.

         Most were born in Egypt, but some were buried in Ireland, such as Princess

         Scota (Princess Meritaten), whose underground grave can be seen to this day. 

         Some of the ancient migration took place from West to East - not just from

         East to West, possibly in search of warmer and sunnier weather.  


     *  One of the ancient names for Egypt was "Ta-meri" (The Beloved Land).

         Another name was "KMT" (Kemet) which means "The Land of Black Dirt",

         which refers to the black dirt deposited by the Nile River in its annual flooding,

         into the Nile Delta Region near the Mediterranean Sea - important for farming.

         One of the names of the Great Pyramid was "PR NTR" (Per Neter) which means

         "The House of Nature".

         They didn't call it "The House of Death"  or "The House of the Dead".

         Just the Opposite!! 


     *  From Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn: The Giza Pyramids were probably

         built as a Disaster Recovery Center, to assist in recovering from the next

         Great Disaster - with the previous one probably caused by an Earthquake.

         They were not built as tombs, even though some Royals and Wealthy men

         appropriated them as tombs, many years later.  


     *  From Creighton and Osborn: There are about 138 Pyramids in Egypt, most

         crumbled, but some still standing.

         No ORIGINAL, Royal bodies (Mummies) have ever been found in a Pyramid.

         Burials were normally done underground in a "Mastaba", or sometimes in a Cave.

         This practice was followed for thousands of years. 

         The only known exceptions are a few later Royals and Wealthy men who

         appropriated some Pyramids as tombs, many years later, and their bodies

         were found by explorers.  


     *  From Creighton and Osborn: The King's Chamber represents a healthy,

         pregnant woman. The Queen's Chamber represents the opposite.

         They describe Egypt before and after the Great Disaster.


     *  From Creighton and Osborn: The Giza Pyramids were also built as a  

         Timeline of the Past and Future to explain when a Great Disaster occurred,

         and to indicate when the next one will probably occur.


    *  From Creighton and Osborn:

        Earliest "Hard Evidence" of the Giza Pyramids:  3000-4400 BC. 

        (From a Painted Eggshell found in Nubia).  They might be much older.  

        The Painting on the Eggshell simply represents the earliest date that we

        know of. 

        If someone can prove that the Eggshell dates from 3000-4400 BC, the

        "Mainstream Date" of around 2500 BC for the building of the Giza Pyramids

        would be instantly demolished.  

        (Perhaps it's already been proven).


    *  Partly From Creighton and Osborn:

        The Mainstream Expert notion that the Great Pyramid at Giza was built by

        Khufu is based on a Forged, "Magic Cartouche" drawn by Col. Vyse in 1837,

        found in a small chamber, with incorrect hieroglyphics.

        He was evidently assisted by the Pyramid Fairy who tried to fix it, later, but alas,

        it was unfixable. 

        That's why it's "Magic" (cough): The Pyramid Fairy worked on it.  

        (SOMEBODY tried to fix it!!  We know that for certain.)  

        Someone has claimed that the Cartouche is partly hidden behind stone blocks.

        Not true, as far as I can see. Some glyphs were partly hidden behind blocks, but

        it appears that Vyse's "Khufu" glyph - his Claim to Fame - was NOT partly

        hidden behind stone blocks.

        Also, the Khufu glyph is all messed up.

        Meaning:  Some Bozo apparently tried to write "Khufu" on a wall in the GP, 

        messed it up (true), but the Pyramid Fairy tried to fix it, later.

        So the Mainstream Experts declared the Great Pyramid as "Built by Khufu".

        Incredibly, this Magic Cartouche is their BASIS for declaring that Khufu built

        the Great Pyramid!!!


        It's just more Mainstream Glopology.  


     *  The House of Egypt.

         The HEIGHT of Egyptian Civilization.

         The "Relieving Chambers" in the Great Pyramid (GP) over the King's Chamber

         might represent the HEIGHT of the Egyptian civilization prior to the Great Disaster,

         portrayed as a "House" in the Pyramid, with multiple "Roofs". 

        The Queen's Chamber has no Relieving Chambers above it, and represents a

         plain, primitive society as a "Little House" with nothing but a Roof.

         Its Low Height represents the low height of their civilization after the Disaster.

         The Rooms illustrate this as well, to some extent, but we need to include everything

         in our view of the KC and QC - not just the Rooms themselves, in order to get

         a more complete picture of the height of civilization before and after the Disaster.

        Thus, we have a "King's Little House" and a "Queen's Little House", although

         they weren't built for a King or a Queen.   


         They might represent "The High House of Egypt" (the Great Height of the Egyptian

          Civilization) BEFORE the Great Disaster, and "The Low House of Egypt"

          (the Low Height of the Egyptian Civilization) AFTER the Great Disaster.

         And they might double as Relieving Chambers, although it seems a bit doubtful since

         the height of the "Relieving Chambers" is inverted, with the lower QC having

         NO Relieving Chambers, and the upper KC having about 5 Relieving Chambers.

         Lower Rooms should have MORE Relieving Chambers to lighten the Weight above.

         Relieving Chambers??  Their locations are INVERTED.   


     *  Osiris was a REAL PERSON, and presumably, an Alien from some other planet.

         He was not a "Myth".


         Many "Myths" are somewhat "Religious" in nature.

         Those "Myths" would originate with the Priests, if they were Myths.

         You cannot get valuable help or instructions from a Myth or a Priest, and Osiris

         gave the Ancient Egyptians plenty of help. He taught them Agriculture.

         Priests didn't know anything about Agriculture. 

         Myths didn't know anything about Agriculture. 

         You don't go to the Local Temple to learn about planting Barley, Irrigation,

         Fertilizing, Harvesting, Storing, etc.  

         You don't go to the Local Myth Mongerer or Story Teller to learn about planting

         Barley, Irrigation, Fertilizing, Harvesting, Storing, etc.  

         You don't go to a reader of Comic Books (Donald Duck Meets Osiris) to learn about

         planting Barley, Irrigation, Fertilizing, Harvesting, Storing, etc.  

         You don't go to the Average Man on the Street to learn about planting Barley,

         Irrigation, Fertilizing, Harvesting, Storing, etc.  

         You go to the TEACHER - the Real, Live, Person.

         The Teacher of Agriculture was Osiris. 

         Osiris was a Real Person - not a Mythical Character. 


     *  Orion's Belt might be the SYMBOLIC home of Osiris, and not the Actual home.

         The 3 stars of the Belt might represent "Out there in Space, somewhere", and

         might have been selected by Osiris because the Stars are easy to find in the

         Night Sky, and because they are very useful as a Clock or Calendar to indicate

         dates, as they slowly change their orientation from Horizontal to Vertical, and

         back again over 26,000 years (with half a cycle being 13,000 years).  


     *  Some Myths are True, some are partially true, some are symbolically true, etc.

         Investigate Myths as needed, but don't spend a lot of time on them unless there

         seems to be a good reason for doing so.

         Myths can be a Bottomless Pit, unless you're just reading about them for


        (But if you do that, you'll miss the truthful or semi-truthful parts.) 


    *  Who were the GODS of Ancient Egypt??

        The gods were Non-Earthlings: Space Aliens. 

        Creatures from "Heaven". 

        That's what a "god" is:  A creature from "Heaven". 

        Not from the Earth. Not from "around here". 

        If they had been from the Earth, they wouldn't have been called "gods".

        Heaven is FAR AWAY - out there in Space, somewhere.

        The gods were from FAR AWAY - out there in Space, somewhere.

         They came from "Heaven".  

        Why do you think they were called "GODS"?? 

        The gods were superior to humans.

        They were not from Wisconsin or North Dakota or Norway or Latvia or

        Greece or Egypt.  They were from some other Planet.  

        And if they didn't exist, why were they painted and sculpted in serious

        works of art?? 

        Why were temples built in their names?? For imaginary beings?? 

        Very Doubtful.


        (The display of the Fakelore "Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox, Babe" is very

        limited, as "Statues Per Square Mile". Almost nil. And nobody cares about

        those two except for the Tourist industry in Northern States.

        The nearby Gas Stations, Gift Shops, and Drug Stores all support the concept

        of "Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox, Babe".

        The Tourists have fun, too.

        Nobody worships these two Fakelore Beings.

        Nobody takes them seriously.

        But they're important to the Northern Tourist Industry, and help to keep

        the Towns alive.) 


        In at least one Egyptian painting, Osiris is depicted as a "Green Man".

        Isis is depicted as a normal woman.

        See Below.

        The "Green Man" might represent an Alien, and might also represent his help

        with Agriculture - Green Products from the Earth.

        Either or both symbols are possible.

        Other than the green color, he looks human. 




                                          The Green Man with Others. 

                    Osiris (The Green Man), Isis, and Horus (with someone).

                    Green Color:  Probably Agriculture or Alien or Both.  

                    Glyphs:  Life, Stability, and something else (unknown).

                    Reality Check:  Osiris was a Real Person. 


    *  The Giza Pyramids were evidently designed by Space Aliens, but not

        built by them.

        Part of an inscription on the Famine Stele says "Ari Kat" - "Man Made",

        referring to the stone blocks. 

        Why did someone feel the need to clarify WHO built them??

        (Or was it HOW the blocks were made??

        Poured not Cut??).  

        "Man Made" as opposed to Who???   The gods??? 

        What is the alternative to "Man Made"??  

        When you type an Email, do you clarify that a Human Being typed it?? 

        Do you say "This Email was Man Made."?? 

        Or "This Email was typed by a Human Being."??


                   Hi Bill,

                   How's it going??  Let me know.


              Note: This Email was typed by a Human Being and was Man Made.

                         It was not typed by a god or some Space Alien.

                         Just wanted to CLARIFY the source so you didn't think

                         that a god or Space Alien created it.  


        (It might have referred to the Method - not the Makers.

        But even HOW they were made is amazing. "Poured" not "Cut".

        The Famine Stele describes the lengthy procedure for making the stone blocks.) 


    *  The Giza Pyramids and the entire Giza Plateau items were designed by Geniuses.

        The intelligence exhibited is absolutely staggering.


    *  Some of the Mainstream "Experts" act like Frightened Cowards, unable to

        analyze anything.   

        Have they been threatened??  By who??  Baffling. Bizarre.   

        Is their behavior part of a plot to conceal the true history of Ancient Egypt??

        When is the last time you saw a Mainstreamer analyze angles?? Or block counts??

        Or Pyramid Symbology??  Or the manufacturing of the stone blocks??   

        Or Centroid Geometry??  Or who the gods were??  Or where the gods came

        from??  Or the possible true age of the Egyptian Civilization?? 

        Are they technical enough to handle some of these issues?? 

        The study of Egypt is definitely not Easy!!

        I admit it.  It's complicated and difficult!! 

        But I try, and I'm not afraid.   

        The poor Babies....  It's so Scary!!  And so Complicated!!     


    *  Ancient Egypt is constantly Minimized by the Mainstream.  


    *  Ancient Egypt as a civilization goes back to 12,500 BC or possibly even

        earlier - possibly to 36,000 BC (the "Ancient Era"??).  

        There is SOME evidence that it might go back to 800,000 BC, based on

        water erosion at the base of the Sphinx, caused by ocean waves.  


    *  The god Osiris was symbolized in several ways:

        -- By Orion's Belt,

        -- by a Bull,

        -- by Bull Bones,

        -- by a Seed Bed (for seedlings) which has the form of a coffin with

            dirt and seeds inside (and water), related to an Osiris story,

            representing Resurrection.

        The Coffin NEVER has a Name on it or in it when used for representing

        Osiris and the Seed Bed.

        He has also been depicted as a Green Man.  See painting. 


    *  Coffins for bodies had the person's NAME on it, and were decorated.

        The Name was absolutely necessary for a King's Coffin, so he could find it

        when he returned, late at night(??), after doing good works for Egypt.  

        "No Name on the Coffin" means "Not a Coffin for a Body".

        The Mainstream theory that "Maybe the nice Coffin fell off the boat" for the

        Coffin in the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid is just silliness.  

        A plain Coffin for a King (a descendant of the gods) would have been replaced

        with a Nice Coffin, if the Nice Coffin fell off the boat, or a Wooden Coffin used,

        and decorated in or near the Pyramid.  

        The Coffin was the heart of the Pyramid!!

        I doubt that they would just say:

               "Oh well....  It's not OUR fault!! 

              The Nice Coffin fell off the Boat!!".  

        (How could a Coffin fall off a boat??????)

        That would be the excuse of the brainless US State Department, run by Filing

        Clerks, Losers, and Temps - not the brilliant Egyptians.  

        (You know - the people that regularly state: "No one could POSSIBLY have

        predicted that....."    No one, except people who used to work at the State

        Department, would say:  "Maybe the Nice Coffin fell off the boat.")


    *  Occam's Razor:  Basically ridiculous as used. Inapplicable.

        Misunderstood. Intended only for Mathematical Formulas and Logic.  

        Furthermore, Occam misunderstood Nature and the Universe. 

        Does not apply to Ancient Egypt.  It's the wrong tool for the job. 

        Occam was smart, but greatly lacking in knowledge since he lived

        in the 1300's. 

        He was a Good Man, but an IGNORANT MAN, just like everyone else

        in the 1300's.


    *  The Ancient Egyptians sent a message using languages understandable by

        everyone on this planet:  Geometry, Astronomy, Anatomy, and Physiology.

        Additionally, they used symbols associated with the god Osiris, which would

        require some knowledge of the history of Osiris. 

        To read the message (or messages), you have to measure angles, count blocks,

        do some advanced Geometry, know some Astronomy, know about the Earth's

        precession (wobble), and correlate some items with human Anatomy and


        It's complicated. But most of the items are repeated one or more times to

        ensure that the viewer realizes that these items (angles, etc) are Intentional -

        not Coincidences or random Flukes.  


    *  No one knows exactly how or when the Pyramids were built.

        There are clues, but no certain answers. 

        Dating wood, paper, filler material, and stone is difficult, and doesn't tell us

        when those materials were USED (usually).   

        Filler material between blocks might represent a Repair - not the original

        construction.  Other methods must be used.

        The Giza Pyramids might have received their names from the Kings who

        REPAIRED them - not the Kings who built them.

        They might all have been built by ONE King, or the project handed down

        from King to King. 


    *  The Great Pyramid was known as "Akhet Khufu" (as one of its names) thru

        the Ages.

        "Akhet Khufu" probably means "The Point of Protection on the Horizon" -

        NOT "Khufu's Pyramid" or "The Horizon of Khufu" (a meaningless phrase).

        The first meaning would fit perfectly with the concept of the Great Pyramid

        being a Disaster Recovery Center.

        "Khufu" and "Akhet" are constantly mistranslated.

        "The Point of Protection on the Horizon" is a VALID translation.





     Please note:  The amount of Lying and Deception present in the Mainstream

     Media regarding Ancient Egypt is enormous. Huge!!

     I don't know why.  But there is a massive effort to hide the level of civilization

     they achieved, and there has been massive destruction of artifacts over hundreds

     of years, which is still continuing today. 

     It's absolutely sickening and appalling.

     I did not realize it, years ago.


     Some of it was done in ages past for "religious" reasons by Church fanatics who

     were outraged that a "Pagan" Society thrived in Egypt.

     It had to be destroyed to illustrate that Paganism does not pay - even if that

     Theory didn't make any sense, and the high-level Egyptian civilization had mostly

     already disappeared, except for the remaining buildings and artifacts.  

     The Egyptians were a very good, kind, and caring people.  Even the Pyramids

     are examples of that, with their messages for the people of the Future.

     They built them for us out of kindness and generosity!! 

     The "religious" fanatics were thieves, destroyers, and monsters - destroying

     property that didn't belong to them, like violent criminals.

     How ironic that the Ten Commandments, supposedly revered by the Church, was

     not only massively disobeyed (THOU SHALT NOT STEAL), but had its roots in

     Egypt in the form of the Egyptian "Book of the Dead". 

     Therefore, who were the Good Guys: The destroyers from the Church, or the Ancient

     Egyptians??  The Destroyers or the Builders??  


     The current "religious" fanatics are the fanatical, beheading muslum Barbarians,

     who want to blow up the Pyramids, and who have already destroyed a number of

     statues and settlements around the world for their violent, primitive, criminal Gang,

     and want to do so everywhere in the world. Probably on other planets, too. 

     Probably in other Galaxies, as well.  If they could travel to Mars, these violent

     idiots would blow up the Face on Mars - probably as the first order of business.

     Then the muslum Trash would probably blow up the Rings of Saturn. Seriously.  


     I didn't realize the extent of the suppression when I created this website.

     The point was "Egypt" and "Mozart" - not the criminal activities of Egyptologists

     and others.  Live and Learn. 


     Even Zahi Hawass (an Arab) is HEAVILY involved in destroying the "special"

     and important things. It's disgusting. 

     Hawass is one of the most despicable criminals the world has ever seen. 

     He's an International Criminal of the Lowest rank, destroying vital history on a

     daily basis.  He should be Executed. 

     Why has Hawass not been Arrested and EXECUTED???


     The popular television personality, guiding camera crews through the ancient

     structures, is secretly destroying little-known items and areas, digging for

     treasure pointed to by others while saying NOTHING, blocking off areas,

     prohibiting photography in certain places, denying Permits, pulling Permits at

     the last minute, limiting travel, flooding important sites, etc. 

     Hawass is a Monster and a World Class Disaster.    

     Hard to believe, isn't it??  Ask any researcher!!

     Ask any researcher what Hawass is like!!

     Check with some of the Researchers who have had to deal with Hawass.

     You'll get an ENTIRELY different picture of this piece of Garbage.

     He has 2 Faces:  His Public Face, and his REAL GARBAGE Face.


     He repairs the Sphinx, then destroys a dozen important sites.

     He talks about the "tombs of Egypt" on television, then pulls your Permit. 

     He supports fraudulent scrawling, then refuses to show it on TV.

     He calls the tourists "the Guests of Egypt", then makes sure that you pay

     through the nose for the privilege of being a so-called "Guest of Egypt",

     pumping BILLIONS of dollars into their economy - not counting the

     BILLIONS of dollars given to Egypt in Foreign Aid.   

     They get paid TWICE - or MORE!! 

    Then they charge you to see the monuments someone else built. 

     Monuments with Walkways and Lighting installed by American and

     European companies. 


      And Zahi Hawass acts like it was his ancestors who built the Pyramids.

      What a Laugh!!!

      It's him and his ancestors who have DESTROYED much of Egypt, over the

      Centuries -  not built it, and he's still doing it!!

      He's an ARAB!!  An INVADER!!  The descendant of INVADERS!!


      "Wrecking-Ball Hawass" would be a fit description of that Imposter.   


      "Wrecking-Ball Barbarian Hawass"

      would be perfect.    

      Barbarians always Destroy.  Civilization just makes them angry because they

      are not civilized or intelligent and never will be.  


      During the phony "Arab Spring", Hawass lost his job.  

      But later, he managed to get it back - somehow.

      (Probably with threats.)


      And what did some of the Arab citizens do during their "Spring"??

      They STOLE artifacts from the museums. Thieves. Robbers.  Hmmmm....  

      The current occupants are Arab Thieves.  AND Destroyers.    




      I would NOT advise people to travel to Egypt these days.

     The "Friendly Egyptians"  (Arabs, these days) are no longer friendly. 

     They are NOT the people of Ancient Egypt, or the friendly people of the past

     several hundred years, but angry Arab invaders, who have a hostile, sullen,

     simmering, suspicious attitude, these days.  

     Even if your belongings aren't stolen, their lurking, slimy, spying, suspicious

     attitudes make you feel constantly uncomfortable, unsafe, unwanted, targeted,

     followed with their eyes, accused of something, and about to be a victim.  


    Egypt is a dangerous ***CREEPY*** place, these days,

    filled with Arabs who hate Westerners - especially Americans. 

     It's safer to steer clear of Egypt.  


     (By the way, even the "Crusades" of the Middle Ages were not attempts to

     force people to become Christians.  They were setup as TOUR GROUPS to

     the Holy Land, from Western Europe. Tours to the Holy Land.

     And everything was peaceful, at first.

     But later, militant muslums took over those areas in Palestine, and also

     occupied and ruined towns along the route, so that the tourists had to protect

     themselves with soldiers!!  They had no choice if they wanted to stay safe.

     Eventually, the Crusades got out of hand (sort of), attacking the muslums.

     But it's certainly understandable. It wouldn't have happened if the primitive

     and violent muslums had been civilized. 

     The Crusaders have nothing to apologize for. Not a thing. 

     Don't be fooled by muslum propaganda.

     The muslums create horrible trouble wherever they live - even in their own

     countries - fighting each other, stoning women to death, etc, etc, etc.

     They invaded Egypt, they ruined Egypt, and they've ruined every place they've

     ever lived.

     They are TOTALLY UNCIVILIZED, unfit to live ANYWHERE!! )    


     Egypt is really 2 entirely different countries that happen to occupy the same

     land:  Ancient Egypt (Ta-Meri - the Beloved Land), filled with good people,

      and Garbage Arab Egypt. 

     The Arabs were ignorant invaders and destroyers, creating nothing but theft

     and destruction, even stealing the white limestone that used to cover the

     Pyramids of Giza.   


     We will take a look at Ancient Egypt - Ta-meri - the Beloved Land, populated

     thousands of years ago by the Irish and people from the Mediterranean area. 

     They weren't Greek, either.  The ancient Greek mathematicians were educated

     by the Ancient Egyptians - at least, at first.

     Pythagoras learned his Triangle math at the feet of the Egyptians, for example.

     The Greeks were mostly students, at first - not teachers. 

     They later came into their own right, teaching things to the Egyptians. 


     The peculiar and bizarre renaming of people and places by the Greeks, and

     always noted by today's Mainstream scholars, is just another example of

     Mainstream Weirdness, and the minimalizing of the great Ancient Egyptian

     culture, which continues to this day.


     Egyptians had their own names for their own gods, for example.

     A Greek name for an Egyptian god is not a "Better" name. 

     It's not a "More accurate" name.

     It's not a "Superior" name.

     It's a STUPID GREEK NAME, invented by people who evidently couldn't

     pronounce the Egyptian name.

     And the Greeks lived in Quashybugliglopterwxhjftym near Italy, although some

     people refer to it as "Gekko Land" or "Where Those Gekkos Lived Place".  


      Gekko Land eventually became a great country, and Rome was "great", in the sense

      that it was powerful, with conquering Armies everywhere. But Rome entertained

      its citizens partly with Blood Sports in Coliseums, with Christians fed to the

      Lions, and so forth - something that never occurred in Ancient Egypt to my



     Ancient Egyptians were peaceful and less warlike than their neighbors.

     Nor did the Ancient Egyptians keep the Hebrews as slaves, with cries from the

     Hebrews of "Let my People Go!!"

     That's just another "story".

     The Hebrews were merchants, traders, craftsmen in gold and silver, and miners

     of silver. 

     (Some of the "story" was apparently developed as a protective mechanism to

     induce fear in their enemies.

     IE "God is our friend, so you'd better leave us alone."

     No one knows how much of the story is true, and how much was invented as

     psychological warfare (still done by governments today).  

     But to portray the Egyptians as brutal taskmasters, who enslaved the Hebrews,

     is most likely pretty ridiculous.

     Then the Egyptians supposedly refused to release them from their captivity

     despite the many cries of "Let my People Go!!", adding more nonsense to the Story, 

     portraying the Egyptians in an even worse light.  

     That plea supplied plenty of justification for later attitudes and actions.

     Even the "Baby in a Basket Floated Down the River to a Rich Man's Palace"

     story (the story of Moses) was an old story, as old as the hills, and the ancient

     equivalent of "Winning the Lottery", where we can be happy that at least ONE

     of us poor people struck it rich, and we can all identify with the lucky winner.

     It's a heart-warming story, where the baby, in this case, was raised by his own

     Mother, since she worked at the Palace, and also raised by the Pharaoh as his

     own son - with the usual advantages of wealth and power.  


     But this portrayal of the Egyptians as enslavers and brutal taskmasters is almost

     certainly ridiculous. It's just a STORY developed for Religious and Protective



     Apparently, the Hebrews were EVICTED from Egypt by the Pharaoh - not prevented

     from leaving, then supposedly released en masse as a group of 600,000 people.

     But no traces of the Exodus have been found by Israeli scholars, who have been searching

     for proof for decades - meaning that the Hebrews were not evicted as a large group (or

     released as a large group), led across the desert by Moses. 

     Some of the towns mentioned in Exodus didn't even exist at the time, being founded

     hundreds of years later - meaning  that the story was written hundreds of years

     later, but with a few little mistakes.  

     Has anyone ever Lied or stretched the Truth or developed a Justification for

     later attitudes and actions?? Nobody??         


     The point:  Portraying the Egyptians as the Bad Guys in this fictional Saga is most

     likely ridiculous. It's just a Story, with some inversion of the story elements.

     It was just a STORY to protect the Hebrews, and to make people feel sorry for them

     as the victims of the "Bad Egyptians", and to JUSTIFY other actions taken, since

     they were supposedly VICTIMS.  It's all Nonsense.)   


     How was the Golden Calf made??  By Hebrew Gold Craftsmen. 

     It requires skill and experience to do something like that!! 


     You have to know what you're doing, and have the tools to do it!!

     They used their OWN TOOLS to make the Golden Calf. 

     The tools of Craftsmen.  

     How in the world did they make a GOLDEN CALF??? 


     Because they were Gold Craftsmen. 


     And who or what did the Golden Calf represent??  Hathor - the Egyptian goddess,

     who was the rising Sun and the golden Sun, represented by a Golden Calf, then

     the daytime Sun, represented by a Cow.  The Calf was the growing Cow - the

     growing Sun. 

     And Hathor was the "Patron Goddess" of the Hebrew miners.

     The Golden Calf was Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of the Sun. 


     So the Hebrews followed and observed Egyptian religion, and were not "slaves"

     or captive workers.  One doesn't adopt the religion of one's hated bosses.

     Did the surviving Jewish inmates of WW2 German Concentration Camps become

     NAZI's??  Or Catholics??       


     If they had been slaves or brutally oppressed workers, why would they be praying

     to an Egyptian Goddess for help??

     Why pray to a Goddess of the hated taskmasters??

     Wouldn't the Egyptian Goddess be a friend and protector of the Egyptians, and

     tell the Hebrews to go away - get lost??  

     Yet they DID pray to Hathor for help.

     They didn't create a Golden Calf just for Entertainment.

     They must have pleaded with the Golden Calf for help!! 

     Help with Food and Water.

     Help with Directions to a Land they can live in. 

     The Hebrews must have said to Hathor - the Egyptian Golden Calf:


     "Hathor!!  Thou Golden Calf of the Morning Sky!! 

     Our Patron Goddess!!   PLEASE HELP US!!"

     Why??  Because the Hebrews viewed Hathor as THEIR friend, too.  


     In this convoluted mess, we're not getting a clear picture of the Egyptians as

     bad, abusive people.  Even the Pharaoh who let the woman raise Moses in the

     Palace, and even adopted him as his son, does not sound like an Evil man to me,

     regardless of the veracity of the story.

     In fact, he sounds like a Good and Generous man. A Kind man.

     A man who was willing to let one of his employees keep the Baby which was

     found floating down a river, raise it in the Palace, and even adopted the child

     as his own son.

     He sounds like a Good, Kind, Decent, Benevolent, Generous man. 


     Yet he and his countrymen are portrayed as EVIL SLAVE OWNERS and brutal

     taskmasters the rest of the time.  As Schizophrenics with 2 different personalities:

     Kind and Generous, and Evil slave owners and brutal taskmasters. 

     Despised as Paganistic, Indifferent, Immoral, Cruel, and Evil.  

     This isn't making any sense.       


     While the Hebrew people were praying to Hathor for help, Moses was on the

     Mountain receiving the Ten Commandments, which were a condensed version

     of the Egyptian "Book of the Dead", where the person is asked all sorts of

     questions involving what kind of life he led - Good or Bad??  

     Did he steal??  Did he murder someone??  Did he block the water from the

     irrigation canal to his neighbor's field??  Did he Lie??  


     So, we have Egypt on the top of the Mountain, and Egypt at the bottom of the

     Mountain that day. 

     The Egyptian "Book of the Dead" above (Ten Commandments), and the

     Egyptian Goddess Hathor below (the Golden Calf).  

     Egypt Above, and Egypt Below.

     Everything in that scene was EGYPTIAN except for the People.

     But the Religious Scholars pretend that everything was Hebrew, with Yahweh

     being a friend of the Hebrews.

     Maybe, but Yahweh was a Middle Eastern Fire God.       


     So, part of Judaism was actually DERIVED from the Egyptians. 

     And if Moses was a real person, he was RAISED partly by Egyptians, in the

     Palace of a Good and Generous Egyptian Pharaoh. 

     Not exactly raised by weird Yul Brynner.... 


     Egypt Above, and Egypt Below, and Egypt raising MOSES in the Palace.

     Part of Judaism was actually DERIVED from the Egyptians.  

     And Part of Christianity was also DERIVED from the Egyptians.  



     I'm not a Historian, but from what I see so far, Egypt was a very civilized and

     decent country - one concerned not only with building Pyramids and Temples,

     but one also concerned with morality - with living a proper life, and deserving

     to live an Eternal Life after Death.

     Not because the embalming was so well done, but because the deceased person

     deserved it **IF** he lived a good life. 

     Perhaps this aspect of Egyptian life changed over the years.    


     While the Greeks were learning Geometry from the Egyptians and writing Tragic

     Plays where everyone loses no matter how hard they try to win ("If you will just

     save our ship from this raging storm, I promise to kill the first person I meet on

     the beach, as an act of sacrificial gratitude!!" ----- What a stupid idea.

     Of course it backfired!!  He encountered his son.  But encountering anyone

     would be tragic.)


     And while the Roman Gladiators were hacking people to death, the Egyptians

     were engaged in studying the Stars and Planets, building, inventing, writing,

     studying morality, celebrating Life, and living Life - and documenting the past

     and forecasting the future for the people of the Future with the Great Pyramid

     and the Giza Plateau.    




     Two of the books which deal with the topic of suppression and destruction of

     Ancient Egypt are:


      1.  Breaking the Mirror of Heaven: The Conspiracy to Suppress the Voice

           of Ancient Egypt.   (Both of the authors are Egyptians).

           Paperback.  $15.82 

           (Egypt was called "The Mirror of Heaven" by one of the ancient scholars.) 


      2.  The Great Pyramid Hoax: The Conspiracy to Conceal the True History

           of Ancient Egypt.  

           Paperback.  $16.00


      Both available at Amazon and probably elsewhere.




      I'm not the only one who has noticed what's going on!!

      For decades or MUCH longer. 

      Perhaps thousands of years.  

      But just remain Calm. Everything is NORMAL.


      Yes - there's that word again in the book titles: "Conspiracy". 

      Many people don't realize a fundamental fact: Conspiracies are quite common!!



      It's not a "Theory".  It's a fact.  

      In this case, I don't know why concealment and suppression of this information

      exists, but I can guarantee you that it's true. I've seen it.

      I have my theories....


      The word "Conspiracy" is used by the Mainstream as a taunting word of derision -

      as if only Wackos and Tinfoil-Hat Crazies believe in Conspiracies.

      As if they're "Believers".  As if they're "Nuts" whose lives would be dull and simple

      without the excitement of Conspiracies to spice them up.

      As if "Normal" people with Normal Jobs and Normal Interests are calm and

      rational, who know that "The Government", "Mainstream Science", and other

      Standard entities would never seek to hide things, confuse people, Lie to the

      Public, suppress information, etc - especially in this case, where we're dealing

      with history thousands of years old.


      They sometimes wheel out some "Expert" - a PhD at a prestigious College or

      University, to reassure all of the "frightened kiddies" that "All is Well, just relax,

      just be Calm - we know all about that discovery, and it was just a trick of Light

      and Shadow; there's nothing to worry about; our top Scientists have examined

      the pictures very carefully, and they're saying that the object disappeared after

      the sun's elevation declined, meaning that there was nothing there, and we were

      temporarily being tricked by a Shadow; there are no Little Green Men hiding

      in those Craters. We've had our excitement for the day, and we can all tell our

      Grandchildren about the day when we thought we found some kind of Alien

      artifact, but it was essentially just a Sand Dune.

      We'll have our next News Conference at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.

      Handouts for the Press will be available then.  That's all for now."


     Right.  Just remain Calm.  Everything is NORMAL.

      Nothing is odd or unusual except for a few Sand Dunes whipped into some

      odd shapes, maybe. 

      Pictures??  We might not have saved them.... We have plenty of pictures of Sand

      Dunes...  There was also a Camera failure caused by overheating, so, of course,

      it wasn't able to take any pictures. 

      Just remain Calm. Everything is NORMAL.  


      A Camera Failure???  Caused by overheating???  In a COLD location???

      $500 Million Dollars couldn't buy a camera that doesn't overheat???

      Does your television set stop working when the temperature reaches 40 degrees?

      80 degrees?  100 degrees?  A TV set that you bought at a Store??

      Not a multi-million Dollar NASA TV camera, specially designed for Outer Space

      plus high heat and cold temps and Solar Radiation and Cosmic Rays?? 

      And it stopped working just when you needed it most??

      Because, aw shucks, the dang thing overheated.

      And it looks like that Rover might have a Flat Tire.

      Oh darn it. We should have planned for that.... 

      Maybe we should have used a better Inner Tube....

      A Horse. My Kingdom for a Horse.

      What Bad Luck..............   


      You and I know that only Wackos, Believers, and Tinfoil-Hat people

      believe in Conspiracies and Conspiracy Theories!!  Right??

      There are certainly no Conspiracies. Right??

      Why would anyone do something illegal??  Right??

      Or Secret??

      Or harmful to others??  

      Or conceal their actions??

      There are no Bad people in the world - right??

      No one steals anything - right??

      No one tries to hide anything - right??

      No one has any Ulterior Motives - right?? 

      Everyone in the world is INFORMED.

      Everyone in the world is GOOD and HONEST.


      And everyone tells the TRUTH all the time. 

      And there's nothing odd, or unusual, or advanced, anywhere.

      And all of those Ancient people were stupid and ignorant.

      Just remain Calm. Your Government is in charge. 

      Your Government is here to help.    

      Just remain Calm. Everything is NORMAL.

      Just remain Calm. Everything is NORMAL.

      Just remain Calm. Everything is NORMAL.

      Just remain Calm. Everything is NORMAL.




      But why claim that Khufu built the Great Pyramid when there's no

      evidence that he did??

      Why the Militant, Forceful insistence, day after day, pounding it into our

      heads, that the Giza Pyramids were built as tombs, and that Khufu built

      the GP??

      If it's so obvious, and the evidence is plentiful, why keep INSISTING

      that those Pyramids were built as tombs, and Khufu built the GP?? 


      And in all cases, why don't they mention the many interesting Angles

      and possible Messages contained in the Giza Pyramid Complex??

      Why have they sliced off the meaning of the "words", and left us with

       a few "letters" which we don't understand, and relegated the Giza area

       to simply a "Necropolis"??  A big Graveyard??  

       It is a big Graveyard, now, with dozens of Mastabas (graves), but why??

       And why aren't the Giza Pyramids shaped like Mastabas - the traditional

       shape of a grave?? 

       Why aren't the Giza Pyramids shaped like GIANT MASTABAS??

       And all the other Pyramids in Egypt??  Why are they all Pyramids??



      ANSWERS (in my opinion):

      1.  Khufu Built A Pyramid???  

      Claiming that Khufu built the Great Pyramid (G1) places its date of

      construction into the fairly RECENT past, and eliminates the possibility

      of help from the gods, and Pyramid Design from the gods.

      The older the Pyramids, the more mysterious and advanced the culture.

      But if a King had it built recently, that's more "Normal".

      Khufu is thought to have reigned beginning in  2580 BC.

      Round Numbers:  2600 BC. 


      King's Lists used by the Mainstream:  Worthless.

      They don't match each other.


      2600 BC (approx).   Mainstream Claim.  Khufu was builder.

      10,000-12,500 BC.   Possible Date, or earlier. Watermarks. Disaster. 

      36,000 BC.               Possible Date. Sphinx built (John West).

                                       The Unknown Ancient Era?? 


      2.  The Pyramids Were Built as Tombs???

      Claiming that the Giza Pyramids were built as tombs for recent Royals, rather

      than as Disaster Recovery Sites, makes their purpose seem more "normal".

      With all the additional graves (Mastabas) added to the area over the years,

      it does appear to be nothing more than a huge graveyard.

      BUT, that was not why those Pyramids were built.

      And the Mainstream Tomb-ologists never bother to mention the original

      purpose of the Giza Pyramids - which was FAR more important than building

      a collection of Tombs!!

      It also places their dates of construction into the fairly RECENT past, since

      the last major Disaster apparently occurred around 12,500 BC - long before

      the eras of the claimed Kings.

      The older the Pyramids, the more mysterious and advanced the culture, so

       with the "Recent Kings Tombs" Theory, the Tomb-ologists alter the meaning

       into something more ordinary, plain, and simple.

       Tombs aren't "Alien" and they're not "Scary"!! 

       Aliens are Scary (cough)!!!

       Those poor Tomb-ologists.  Scared by Aliens....

       We should get them some Milk and Cookies....  


      It also eliminates the possibility of help from the gods, and Pyramid Design

      from the gods, since gods wouldn't bother to design tombs, and there are no

      Ancient "gods" . They were just "Myths".

      You know - part of the Comic Book culture of Ancient Egypt where the

       engineers designed great Tombs, then sat around and giggled at the latest

       issue of "Donald Duck Meets Osiris" and "Mickey Mouse Meets Isis"

       and thought they were actually TRUE.  Gag me.     


            "Donald Duck Meets Osiris"!!

            "Mickey Mouse Meets Isis"!! 

            Ancient Egypt according to the Mainstream


            A Comic Book culture of Myths!!

            Designing and building gigantic "Pyramid Tombs"

            by DAY, and reading Comic Books by NIGHT!!

            Mythology Comic Books.   

            Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!

            Those stupid Egyptians - believing all those Myths!! 


      For some reason, the Mainstream CAN'T HANDLE the concept of Aliens

      visiting the Earth. 

      It might be due to their low IQ's and their Goofy appearance, so typical of



      In fact, none of them believe that people from India have traveled to the West,

      since it's well known that India is too far away.  

      I happen to know for a fact that some people from India HAVE made it all

      the way to the West, despite the great distance involved.


      From India to Space Aliens, the Mainstream Glopologists live in a Tiny world,

      where everything is Normal and all people live "in a small town, down the

      street".  Main Street.  Plain and Ordinary. Filled with "Just plain Folks".

      They have never flown in an airplane or traveled more than 5 miles from home,

      where the main attraction is the Big Grave Yard, famous for miles around.

      And certainly have never been to Kansas City, where some of the residents

      now have Steam Heat.  Steam Heat!!!     


      I think that explains the orientation and attitude of the typical Glopologist.       





                                   Mainstream Glop and the Glopologists.

                                   Some Mainstream Egyptologists.

                                   Some Mainstream Media People.

                                   A Short Section on the Deceivers.

                                   The ***MINIMIZERS*** of Ancient Egypt.   

                                   The Enemies of Truth and Knowledge.

                                   The Enemies of Ancient Egypt.



   See what one of the Mainstream Glopologists looks like!!









                "Mainstream" Glopologist                                                    With deformed "Son"??

           (Said to be an actual Photograph!!) 


          True Believer "Mainstream" Glopologist.

          Believes only "Standard" stuff. 

          Believes only in Simple Stuff.

          Believes only in "Normal" stuff.

          Ugly as Sin.  Stupid as a Dodo Bird.

          Believes the Nile flows South (South is "Down").

          Lives in an Alternate Reality of Square Dirt.  

          Alternative Glopology Theorist.

          Member of the "Wayward Standard Glopologists". 

          Pompous!! Nasty!! Rude!! Sarcastic!! Conceited!!  

          Believes that the End justifies the Means (in Glopology).

          Believes that people actually respect him.  

          Believes that Daylight Savings Time is Advanced Science. 

          Believes that the Sun gets hotter in the Summer.

          Amateur Part-time Tombologist. 

          Still doesn't get it.

          Has a Sore Back from Self-Patting.

          Founder of the "Egypt Dirt Society". 

          Author of the brochure "Dirt is Your Friend!".

          Always looks Down.

          Has a large collection of Dirt.

          Believes that Dirt and Fun are equivalent.

          Believes in an Alternative Theory to the Truth. 

          Believes in the Tomb Theory of the Pyramids.

          Believes in Voting for the Truth, usually.

          Believes that ONLY Glopologists have the Truth. 

          Has a Master of Glopology Degree.

          Has many Placques and Awards in Glopology. 

          Doesn't know the difference between Reality and a Blackboard.  

          Believer in "No Conspiracies Anywhere".

          Believer in "No Conspiracies Ever". 

          Member of the Secret Anti-Conspiracy Task Force.  

          Refers to Non-Glopologists in Disdainful terms.

          Favorite Childhood Story:  "Tootle" - the Train Engine.

          (Stay on the tracks. Never leave the tracks.)

          Tootle-ologist and Vice-Assistant of The Tootle Society.

          Secretly Believes that the Pyramid Fairy is Real.

          Name unknown.


          Doesn't realize that just because some smart people preceded

          him, and some smart people helped to found the University

          he attended, that he is not as smart as they were.

          He is NOT in the same class as his smart predecessors. 

          Many things have been discovered since those old guys founded

          his University in 1820.


          AND, many of the old guys were flexible in their opinions which

          were based on new information discovered - not on some rigid

          allegiance to a Theory or a Cult.   

          And when it comes to the study of Ancient Egypt, we need to

          face facts: It's often Complicated!!  And often Confusing!! 

          Many artifacts are missing - Stolen or Destroyed. 

          Some artifacts are held by individuals - not by Museums, etc, and

          are unknown and undocumented. 

          Thousands of Mummies were taken away.

          Text is missing. Some Hieroglyphics still haven't been translated.

          Some text may have been copied incorrectly.

          Ancient Customs were somewhat strange.

          Mythology confuses everything.

          Lies were told.  Researchers sometimes just made things up.

          Academic Competition was Fierce!!

          Careers and Funding depended on discoveries made. 

          "No important Discoveries" meant no more Funding.

          "No important Discoveries" meant a stalled Career. 

          Still true today.

          A Technical background or orientation is essential for unraveling

          the information to make sense out of it.

          Most Glopologists have no Technical background or orientation. 

          Most Glopologists don't know what "Technical" means. 

          Most Glopologists don't have a Clue.

          This Glopologist doesn't seem to understand it.  

          He's just a Parrot of old stuff.


          The World Wants to Know: What do the Greeks

          call him??  (The Ionian Dogs) 

          Who cares what his REAL name is???

          We want the phony Greek names!!!

          Please tell us!!! 


          Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Family's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Brother's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Sister's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Wife's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Son's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Dog's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Neighbor's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Goat's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Cat's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Father's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Mother's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Uncle's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Aunt's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Cousin's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Nephew's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Niece's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Chipmunk's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Gerbil's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Frog's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Anteater's Greek Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.


          Russian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Serbian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Latvian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Polish Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Swedish Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Norwegian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Italian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          French Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Romanian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Rumanian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Persian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Indian Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Latin Name:  Gyroszyphintwylxzutosaosis.

          Pig-Latin Name:  Szyphintwylxzutosaosisgyro.




          Mainstream Debunker of Ancient Egypt.

          Mainstream Glop-ologist and Truth Hider. 

          Mainstream Greek-ologist.  

          Mainstream Phony-ologist.  

          Mainstream Weirdo and Mistake-ologist.

          Mainstream Coincidence-ologist.                          

          Mainstream Accidental-ologist.                                              

          Mainstream Unintentional-ologist.                 

          Mainstream Coincidental-Accidental-ologist.           

          Mainstream Unintentional-Coincidental-Accidental-ologist.           

          Mainstream Mythological-Myth-ologist.

          Mainstream Comic-Book-Comic-ologist. 

          Mainstream Mythological-Comic-Book-Comic-Myth-ologist. 

          Mainstream Tomb-ologist. 

          Mainstream Dead-ologist.  

          Mainstream Funeral-ologist.  

          Mainstream Mortuary-ologist.  

          Mainstream Dead-Dead-Dead-Dead-Dead-ologist.   

          Mainstream Jerk-ologist.

          Mainstream Master-Jerk-ologist. 

          Mainstream Razor-ologist (Occams-Razor-Simplistical-ology-ologist).  

          Mainstream Gillette-To-Look-Sharp-ologist (Occam Simplistical-ology-Razor-ologist).  

          Mainstream Mozart/Giggling Fool-ologist.

          Mainstream Mozart/Real-Dumb-Stupid-Idiot-ologist. 

          Mainstream Pyramid-Ego-ologist, But With No Names In The Pyramids.    

          Mainstream Pyramid-Ego-ologist, But With A Small Pyramid Next To A Big One.     

          Mainstream Astronomer With His Map Upside Down-ologist. 

          Mainstream Nubian-ologist.

          Mainstream Degree-ologist.     

          Mainstream Big-Degree-ologist.     

          Mainstream Decree-Big-Bigger-Biggest-Huge-Philobetic-Degree-ologist.     

          Mainstream Big-Degree-Hit-em-Over-the-Head-With-Degrees-ologist.     

          Mainstream Big-Degree-Take-The-Money-And-Run-ologist.     

          Mainstream "Maybe It was a Scribe's Mistake or Oversight-ologist".

          Mainstream "Maybe the Scribe Didn't Know How to Spell the King's Name-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe the King Didn't Know How to Spell His Name-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe They Forgot How to Spell His Name-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe They Ran Out of Paint-ologist."

          Mainstream "Maybe The Royals Were Eaten by Crocodiles-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe All The 138 Original Royal Bodies Were Stolen-ologist".

          Mainstream "Maybe The Nice Coffin Fell Off The Boat-ologist".

          Mainstream "Maybe All of Those Astronomers Made a Mistake-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe the Carbon-14 Lab Made a Mistake-ologist".

          Mainstream "Maybe They Used Really Old Wood-ologist", 

          Mainstream "Maybe We Should Have Used the Actual Wood-ologist",  

          Mainstream "Maybe It Was A Crummy Chamber For His Wife-ologist".

          Mainstream "Maybe The Piece-of-Junk Queen's Chamber was a Backup Chamber-ologist."

          Mainstream "Maybe They Didn't Measure Correctly-ologist."     

          Mainstream "Maybe Their Yardsticks Were Bent-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe We Should Just Subtract 1500 Years-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe They Lost All Their Calendars-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe The Queens Fell Off the Boat-ologist."     

          Mainstream "Maybe They Were All Retarded-ologist".

          Mainstream "Maybe They Got Confused-ologist". 

          Mainstream "Maybe They Forgot-ologist."     


      Mainstream Egyptologists and Mainstream Media - the Pyramid/Tomb people,

      and the Egypt/Comic-Book-Culture people, and the Egyptians/Nubians people,

      and the Egyptians/Peasants people, and the Mozart/Giggling-Fool people,

      and the Myth Mongerers and the Occam's-Razor people:

      This is not a website for Bozos. 

      It's WAY above your head.


      This information is not posted for Fraudulent Historians and Imposters.  

      And Producers of Fraudulent Television Programs. 

      You are not welcome here, and you are NOT liked or respected. 

      You wouldn't understand it anyway. And you certainly wouldn't believe it.

      So don't waste your time. 

      You are thieves of history, understanding, curiosity, admiration, Truth, and Pride. 

      You are thieves of Humanity and of Life itself, degrading the Good, and exalting

      the silly, foolish, false, simple, stupid, childish, half-witted, thoughtless, basic,

      primitive, ignorant, casting the People in the dimmest of light.

      The Pyramids can't be hidden, but the intelligence of the designers and builders

      of the Pyramids CAN be hidden to a great extent. 


      If it were just a matter of a difference of opinion, I would have no right to complain.

      We're all entitled to our own opinions.

      If it were a matter of ignorance, I would also have no right to complain.

      We're ALL ignorant in many ways. (Including me, of course.)

      No one knows even ONE PERCENT of the world's knowledge.

      If it were a matter of mistakes, I would have no right to complain.

      We all make Mistakes.


      Even the early belief that the Pyramids were built as Tombs is an understandable

      mistake, based on "Coffins" in the Pyramids, and bones in the coffins (Bull Bones), 

      and mistranslated phrases, and "Common Knowledge", and intrusive burials in

      the Pyramids, and sometimes the many underground rooms with goods for the

      "Afterlife", and incomprehensible hieroglyphics for Centuries, and Forgeries

      scrawled in the Great Pyramid, misleading many, etc, etc. 

      (Although it's hard to believe that anyone could have taken Colonel Vyse, the Forger,

      seriously, all things considered.  Yet the Mainstream DID take him seriously.

      This wacko Forger, with a ridiculous Tall Tale, hieroglyphics that made no sense,

      Hieroglyphics that didn't even exist at the time, sideways characters, dripping paint,

      a slippery Con Man, was used as the basis for stating that the GP was Khufu's Tomb. 

      Incredible. History from a Bubble Gum wrapper would have been more reliable.)  


      This is all understandable, and the people who drew incorrect conclusions from these

      confusing items are NOT to blame (except for the ridiculous Vyse Forgeries). 

      It's amazing that we know as much as we do about this ancient culture.    

      And many people have done plenty of Excellent Work!!

      Thank you, Researchers!!

      We are all deeply in your debt!!




              The Magical Changing Stupid Cartouche.

                     Altered by the Pyramid Fairy.


       From the Magic Website of the Great and Powerful Director of Ancient Stuff

       of the Elevated Supreme Most High Council of Oldest Ancient Antiquities,

       Dr. Zahi Hawass, Supreme Master of Ultimate Glopology and

       Master GLOPOLOGIST.   


         Artist's rendition of some of Col. Vyse's Forged Hieroglyphics in the Relieving Chambers

         of the Great Pyramid, per Zahi Hawass.  Not a photograph.  

         NOT the same as what Vyse published in 1837. 

         This rendition is a LIE. 

         It doesn't match Vyse's original sketch, and it doesn't match the current Cartouche altered

         by the Pyramid Fairy. 

         The Pyramid Fairy did her best to fix Vyse's botched Cartouche, but it was unfixable. 

         The cartouche is a ****LIE****.  It doesn't look like that.



         *  Upper Left:  Sideways Cartouche of Khufu, with symbols upright instead of being aligned

         vertically with the Cartouche. 

         Is this even valid???   Maybe, but we're talking about a King's name - not just any old set

         of Symbols. The King was a descendant of the gods!! 


         *  Why is the Circle now a Sieve, with 3 cross-hatches?? 

         (A Sieve is correct for Khufu.  Vyse's original drawing did not include a Sieve.)  


         *  And shouldn't those be "Chicks" (Quails) rather than "Birds"??   What are they??

         A Bird's Beak is long.   A Chick's Beak is SHORT. 

         A Bird's Wing is long.  A Chick's Wing is SHORT.

        We should see (for Chicks) SHORT BEAKS and SHORT WINGS.  

        Those symbols have LONG BEAKS and apparently NO WINGS. 

         They appear to be half Birds and half Chicks, but with no wings.  Bizarre.

         Those Hieroglyphics don't exist.


         Some other symbols hadn't yet been invented in Khufu's era.

         Were the workers clairvoyant?? 

         Some symbols were undecipherable.

         But some people say they HAVE now been translated.

         Really??  To what?? 


         Note also that the "Sieve" (at right) has been altered from what Vyse drew.

         Someone has changed it in the Artist's rendition.

         Someone has ALSO changed it on the ceiling, but it's hard to see. 





               Photo by Rainer Stadelmann. Website: Unknown.  Possibly "The Great Pyramid Forgery".

               Good explanation of what Col. Vyse did.  Includes diagrams, etc.  Excellent!!             


                     Photo of The Magical Changing Stupid Cartouche.


                        Seen on American television.  

                        Photo of Vyse's Forgery (or written by SOMEBODY who couldn't spell.)

                        Right side kept in SHADOW by Zahi Hawass - Glopologist. 

                        That's probably the most important letter in the Cartouche. 

                        What IS that LETTER ON THE RIGHT SIDE???? 

                        The letter in Shadow???

                        (See what I mean??) 

                        Notice also that those Birds aren't Chicks (Quails).  

                        It spells nothing.  

                        Vyse and Hawass claimed that it spelled "Khufu".

                        Not a chance - then or later. 

                        Even the Pyramid Fairy couldn't fix it!!


                        AS YOU CAN SEE, this wasn't partially hidden behind a stone.

                        It was painted on a wall or a ceiling on ONE block.

                        It's a FAKE.  A MODERN FORGERY - not an Ancient scribble.

                        It's also a FAKE because the spelling doesn't make sense.

                        It was partially hidden by Glopologist Hawass in SHADOW. 



          SOME of the Hieroglyphics in the chambers are apparently genuine, since they are partially

          covered with heavy stones, and it would have been impossible to create writing behind the



          But it appears that Vyse ***ADDED*** some characters to the stones, with the most important

          word being an attempt at writing the word "Khufu". 

          The fake "Khufu" Cartouche is NOT partially hidden by stones, as shown in the photo, above.

          That portion of the Pyramid contains:  ORIGINAL  plus  ADDED BY VYSE.


          By doing so, he was able to claim (and be believed) that the Pyramid was built for Khufu,

          and presumably built BY Khufu (on Khufu's orders). 


          But it's all a real STRETCH. 

          The name of a future dead King inscribed as graffiti by workers, a horizontal Cartouche,

          characters at 90 degrees, strange Birds or strange Chicks with no Wings and long Beaks, when

          there should be 2 Chicks with short Beaks and short Wings.

          It's wrong.  It's weird.  


       Correct Spelling and Meaning:  

                From Right to Left:

                SIEVE---CHICK---VIPER---CHICK.     (If done correctly)   




      But that's not what it spells.

      That Cartouche is "All Messed Up!!!!".   

      In fact, it doesn't spell ANYTHING.  

      And the Mainstream "Experts" didn't notice???



      Here's what it says and spells:

                  Spelling:      SIEVE---???---VIPER---???

                Meaning:      Unknown            


               And the Viper might actually be a STICK.  It looks like one...

               Spelling:       SIEVE---BIRD???---STICK???---BIRD??? 

                   (Vyse originally wrote  "SUN??"  in 1837, but it was later

                    changed to "SIEVE" by someone.

                    "SIEVE" would be correct for "Khufu".

                     "SUN" would be correct for "Ra-fu".   

                     Well, actually, it was sort of a SUN.....

                     Not exactly a SUN....

                     And not exactly a SIEVE after it was changed.....) 



      Forging the Pharaoh's Name. 

      "Khufu's" Name in the Relieving Chamber "found" by Col. Vyse: 

      ORIGINAL Spelling:       SUN??--------BIRD???---STICK???---BIRD???    (Vyse)

      ALTERED  Spelling:       SIEVE???---BIRD???---STICK???---BIRD???   (Vyse?)

      CORRECT Spelling:       SIEVE--------CHICK----VIPER--------CHICK.

                                                  Kh                 W                F                     W     

                      Nickname:          Kh                 U                F                      U 

                      Was Vyse trying to spell "RA-FU" with a "SUN"??   Perhaps.   

                      Or RA-TA??   Perhaps.    

                      But he claimed that it spelled "KHUFU".

                      Actually, it didn't spell ANYTHING - originally or later.  

                      It's a Mess. 




    It was ALL MESSED UP (by Vyse).

   And it's STILL MESSED UP!!



   Where are the CHICKS??

   Where are the VIPERS??    

   Who changed the "SIEVE"??   




   It's a "JOKE"!!



   The Magical Changing Stupid Cartouche

   is a WASTE OF TIME, and it doesn't 

   mean ANYTHING!!



   The Pyramid Fairy has Left the Building!! 

   Elvis and Khufu were never there!!

   And I think I know the Identity of the

   Pyramid Fairy!!  


      If the workers were smart enough to get some of the characters close in order to spell the name of

      their King (Pharaoh), they were NOT unschooled idiots.

      And they would know that there's a BIG difference between a Bird and a Chick!!

      And a Sun and a Sieve.

      And a Stick and a Viper (Snake).

      They would have seen that Cartouche MANY times!!   Khufu was the KING. 

      Clearly, the workers didn't write that "word".     

      Some IMPOSTER wrote it.

      Some IMPOSTER who couldn't spell. 

      And his name was Colonel Vyse - the Slippery Charlatan.    



      This Imposter is the man who "officially" anointed the Great Pyramid as "Khufu's Pyramid",

      and that's why it's officially called "Khufu's Pyramid" because the Mainstream "Experts"

      mysteriously accepted his Fake Story and his Forged Characters, including non-existent characters,

      (some invented many years later) as being valid.  

      All Baloney.  All Deceit and Nonsense. All Trash.  Worthless Glop.


      Believed by the Mainstream Egyptologists.  


  They BELIEVED this Clown!!!


    They essentially chiseled Khufu's name in stone onto the

    Pyramid, based on this scrawled nonsense from Vyse.


    They built a Pyramid Theory based on the scrawlings

    of a Slippery Charlatan who couldn't spell, who used

    characters hundreds of years too early, who was in a

    heated competition with a REAL explorer, who named

    Chambers after Rich people (his funders), and whose 

    story was as phony as a Brooklyn Bridge Certificate of


    Scholarship by weird Graffiti.      



      (Graffiti MIGHT be valid evidence - if it makes sense.  This doesn't.) 


    As Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval said: 

  "Even if the quarry marks were not forged by Vyse, what do

    they really prove? 

    Isn't attributing the Great Pyramid to Khufu on the basis of a

    few lines of graffiti a bit like handing over the keys of the

    Empire State Building to a man named 'Kilroy' just because

    his name was found spray-painted on the walls of the lift."

    (On The Elevator).   


      How true!!  Well said!!

    "Kilroy built the Empire State Building!!"  (cough)

           (His name was probably found on the Elevator, somewhere)


    "All educated Clowns agree on that...."     (good for them)


    "Kilroy built the Grand Canyon!!"  (cough)

           (His name was found scratched onto a Rock)


    "And Khufu obviously built the Great Pyramid!!"  (cough)


    "In fact, Kilroy and Khufu probably knew each other!!"

                                                            (makes sense...............)  


    "In fact, Kilroy may have helped Khufu design the Great

      Pyramid!!"       (probably...............)


    "In fact, the entire Kilroy Family was apparently involved in

      building Skyscrapers, Pyramids, Canyons, Caves, and

      Dog Houses for millions of years because Kilroy's name

      can be found EVERYWHERE!!"      (probably...............)




      Many years later, in the 20th Century, High-Res color photos were taken of Vyse's Forgery, and

      they showed even MORE anomalies.  Dripping Paint - dripping in the wrong direction, etc.

      Proof on top of Proof that SOME of this stuff was a Forgery!!  

      We knew that YEARS AGO, but it was nice to see more proof.    


      Have the Mainstream "Experts" backtracked yet, and admitted that the "Khufu" Cartouche is

      a Forgery??

      Not likely!!   Hawass hasn't done it - Hawass the Glopologist.  


      Note:  In one of the badly mangled Cartouches of Khufu, recorded and published by Vyse at

      the time, SOMEONE - possibly Vyse - has gone back into that chamber and tried to correct

      the name, doing a poor job, and making it obvious that,

          1) Someone has modified the glyph, and

          2) They messed it up - possibly because it was nearly impossible to fix.  

      These critical details are suppressed by Hawass since he doesn't want people to know the Truth.

      He claims that the Cartouche was original, and spelled "Khufu".

      In a television program with Hawass, examining the chambers, the television camera was not

      permitted to view the botched character.  They HID IT IN SHADOW!!!!


   The only letter we wanted to see was HIDDEN.  


   CONCEALED  by Zahi Hawass (Dr. Zaius).



      The Non-Egyptian Arab Invader Hawass did NOT Deliver!!

      AS USUAL   AS ALWAYS!!!!

      In fact, the entire program was some kind of Propaganda joke. 

      He's a waste of time. 


      Hawass is a Fake. A Liar. A Traitor. A Deceiver. A Fraud. A Criminal. 

      Because that's how he ACTS.

      It doesn't take an Einstein to work this out.

      But it takes a REALIST to accept the awful truth.

      It's sickening, deplorable, Energy-Sapping, weakening, and VERY difficult to accept.

      But it's TRUE.

      Welcome to "Mainstream Egyptology" and the world of ZH - Zahi Haw-Haw, the son

      of an Arab Invader.  He's NOT an Egyptian.



      This is directed at the Frauds. The Liars. The Imposters. The Deceivers.

      (NOT Graham Hancock and the other REAL Researchers and Experts - the Good Guys.)   

      People who know better, but lie about it anyway.  I Hate Liars.        

      Lying is invisible Theft - theft of Understanding, of Pride, Self-Esteem, and so much more.

      Theft of our Maps, our Compasses, our Guides, our Trust, our Beliefs, and the Truth. 

      Erecting "Keep Out" signs here is distressing and uncomfortable. But necessary.

      Even Vienna built a THICK wall around the city to keep the Barbarians in Turkey

      out of the city, and was attacked MANY times by the Barbarians, and fought back hard.

      Vienna had a large, powerful Army with modern weapons and excellent Generals, and

      they were employed many times to save the City and its civilized people. 

      The Barbarians were lower than the Lowest Insect. You wouldn't believe....

      (And Mozart wrote a powerful piece, honoring one of Vienna's Generals, who died of

      disease CAUSED by the Barbarians. So did Mozart, later.) 

      The Barbarians are always at the gate, trying to steal and destroy.

      They're like Spiders - Black Widow Spiders. All they deserve is to be stepped on, or

      sprayed, or stopped at the Gate, or all of the above.

      Let them create their OWN treasures instead of stealing and destroying ours.  

      We deserve better. Much better!!    

      The Frauds and Deceivers are Thieves and Destroyers just like the Barbarians

      They are Garbage. 







    A note on another Real Glopologist:

    Glopologist Number 2:

   Stephen J. Gould  

    An Extreme Leftist POLITICIAN posing as a Scientist. 

     Former "Professor" at Harvard University with a

    PhD in something.    

    Proven Liar and Criminal. 

    Proven Deceiver. A Donkey. An Ass.     

    Professional Glopologist. 

     A Fraud. A Charlatan.  An Imposter.

     A Known Knowledge Rapist.  

     A Fake, a Fraud, a Creep, Depraved, and Rotten.

     Rotting Slime.

   One of MANY Lying Glopologists in Academia!!



  Gould's Book "The Mismeasure of Man"

  is a  GLOB OF TRASH,



















          Might be a photo of Hairless Harvard Lying Donkey Glopologist

          Stephen Gould, the inventor of the Diesel Manure Spreader. 


     No Integrity Whatsoever.

     No Moral Compass Whatsoever.

     Full time Liar.

      Nickname:  Garbage Gould, The Knowledge Rapist.

      Occupation:  Former Fake "Professor" at the Harvard Liar's College --

                           a Department at Harvard University.   

      Real Occupation:  Liar and Spreader of "Manure". 

      Achievements:  Invented the Diesel-Powered Manure Spreader and

                              used it to spread Manure over everyone's Lawns and

                              Roofs, and spread it over every college campus in

                              the USA including the Libraries, Dorms, Cafeterias,

                              and Swimming Pools (cough).  


   The Point:   Glopologists Really Exist!!   



                        "MANURE" COMES FROM SOME COLLEGES.

                        This is not a Joke.

                        This man was a Lying, Fake, Fraudulent Glopologist.

                        And he was a Professor at Harvard!!

                        If you think "Oh, that couldn't be true....", think again.

                        It IS true.  

                        The USA is full of these Depraved Creeps.

                       And Gould is a PROVEN LIAR.  See Below.


      Recent Books:

                      "The Mismeasure of Man" (1981).   (First Edition).

                      "The Mismeasure of Man - Revised Edition" (1996).

                      (Don't waste your time.)

                      Should have carried the title:  "The Immeasurable LIES of Garbage Gould". 

      Subject:    IQ, Brain Size, Possibly Evolution, Criminal Behavior, Civilized Behavior. 

      Content:  All LIES, and ignored studies, and deleted information, and distorted data,

                     and Defamation of Character of multiple Scientists.

      Apparent Objective: 

                     POLITICAL - not Scientific. 

                     Mislead the Public with False, Politically Correct Nonsense. 

                     Garbage Gould PRETENDED to be a Scientist.

                     He was actually a Slimy POLITICIAN.  

      Method:  Discredit 200 years of research and the Researchers who performed it.

                     Misquote the findings of other researchers.

                     Attack other Researchers via Character Assassination.

                     SMEAR the reputations of other Good Researchers. 

                     Claim that the old (deceased) Researchers ALL had their thumbs on the scales

                     when measuring brain weights or cranial volumes of thousands of skulls, all

                     pressing down on the scale by exactly the same amount, and all lying about their findings

                     in exactly the same degree - even if they didn't work together or know each other -

                     a preposterous, slanderous, outrageous, False, and unproven claim.   

                    And Ignore all new Research confirming the Old Research. 

      Is This Relevant?? 

      Is It Important??  Yes. Extremely important!!

                    Because the Liars and Minimizers are out there, spreading Lies and Disinformation

                    about important subjects!! 

                    Spreading their Manure day and night.

                    And some of them come from Academia!!  Ivy League Schools!!

                    HARVARD, for example!! 

                    In fact, SEVERAL of these Lying Bozos came from Harvard:

                         Liar Donald Menzel - of Harvard.

                         Liar Stephen Gould - of Harvard.

                         Space Cadet Susan Clancy - of Harvard.  

                        And others. 

                    (Donald Menzel had a Secret Life, but only a very FEW people knew it.)

                    And some of it pertains to ANCIENT EGYPT.

                    Instead of finding respectable scholars and scholarship, we sometimes find FRAUDS!!

                    We sometimes find Liars!!  Criminals!!  Despicable Scum!!  Garbage!!  Black Widow Spiders!!

                    Like Garbage Gould - a PROVEN LIAR.   And a PROVEN CRIMINAL, spreading his

                    Manure far and wide. 

                    Known to be a Fraud by many of his Peers in Academia, but NOT known by the General

                    Public, who are unknowingly LIED TO.

                    The General Public and others who don't read highly specialized Academic Journals.

                    Those who don't have Back-Issues of expensive Academic Journals from the 1980s and 1990s

                    where Gould was repeatedly proven wrong by new studies - new studies that confirmed

                    the OLD Studies.  


                   As Bad or WORSE than the thieves in Prison because this Piece of Garbage infected the

                   minds of thousands of his Students, thousands of Students who use his books in Classrooms,

                   tens of thousands of people who unwittingly purchased his Garbage Books, and

                   Millions of people who saw and heard his Garbage on Television, on the Public Television

                   Stations (Educational Television).                 


                   Hard to believe, but true.  Sickening, but true.  Despicable, but true. 

                   Also True of some Paleontologists, True of some Psychologists, and True of some Historians

                   in Academia - even at Ivy League schools such as Harvard. 

                   Depraved, Rotten, Lying Scumbags masquerading as decent people, masquerading

                   as honest Professors, etc.


      Garbage Gould:

      This FAKER is guilty of Scholarly Malfeasance, shoddy scholarship, dishonest scholarship,

      character assassination, misrepresentation, withholding of contradictory evidence,

      failure to conduct any personal research, failure to reply to Questions asked by his Peers,

      attempted Mind Reading of people who were long dead, hiding and distorting data, Lying,

      inventing "Facts",  attempting to invalidate Darwin's Theory by inventing  claims with no

      evidence, having a Hidden Agenda of Politically Correct Nonsense, and more.

      This FAKER needs to be exposed to the bright, germicidal light of Day to kill all his germs. 


      The first edition of his book, "The Mismeasure of Man" (1981), was filled with the nonsense

      listed above, and his so-called "Revised" edition, issued in 1996, was basically just a reprint

      of the first, with some damning information DELETED, and some information added at the

      end of the book, but with no acknowledgement of studies done after his first edition was published

      (such as studies done with new MRI technology and PET scans) which completely refuted his

      arguments, and STILL filled with copious ad hominem attacks of eminent scholars - past and present,

      as if Gould were some kind of wild animal, lashing out at anything that moved.   

      Like an Animal on Drugs.  


      Incredibly, he charges 3 respectable scientists of the 19th Century with FRAUD, all doing their

      measurements in different ways, using different techniques, even though all 3 of them got essentially

      the SAME RESULTS - nearly identical results.

      Evidence for this preposterous charge of Scientific Fraud??  NONE!!  NO EVIDENCE CITED!!    

      Glopologists don't need no evidence. 


      Then he charged multiple CURRENT reputable scientists with similar Malfeasance. 

      Evidence for this preposterous charge of Scientific Fraud??  NONE!!  NO EVIDENCE CITED!!    


      In a lengthy Preface to the second edition, Gould "explains" that his book needed revising after

      15 years, but then didn't revise it!!  IT'S THE SAME BOOK, regurgitated again, with a Deletion

      or two of some incriminating evidence (an entire chapter).  

      In fact, he went on to say that his book didn't need any revising (Page 35). 

      So why did he call it a "Revised" Edition??  Why did he contradict himself??

      Maybe he's just a Comedian. Or a Glopologist.   

      Or All of the Above.         




     Here's part of a REVIEW of the SECOND Edition of                     

     Stephen Gould's book "The Mismeasure of Man" (1996) done by: 

             J. Philippe Rushton

             Department of Psychology

             University of Western Ontario

             London Ontario, N6A 5C2, Canada

             July 1997.                                         


     Review:  See the website:


     The Errors and Omissions of the Revised Edition of S. J. Gould's "The Mismeasure of Man" (1996).

     Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 23, No. 1 (July 1997), pp. 169-180.

     J. Philippe Rushton


     (Note: The Review is quite Lengthy and Detailed.  Only 3 paragraphs are listed here.)



  Others have speculated on the extent to which Gould's political outlook

  has colored his scientific work (Davis, 1986; Dennett, 1995, Ruse, 1993).

  In "Darwin's Dangerous Idea", Dennett (1995) brilliantly documents

  how Gould has been systematically misleading his readers for decades,

  attempting to smuggle anti-Darwinian mechanisms into evolutionary theory

  with a lot of clever talk of "spandrels", "punctuated equilibrium", and

  "dialectical processes".

  Gould notwithstanding, Darwinian adaptation is the way evolution works

  and the mechanism on which working evolutionary scientists base their

  research programs.  [cut]  


    " Perhaps more than any scientist in recent memory, Gould has wielded his 

  influence not only as a professor of science at Harvard but also through the

  pages of the New York Review of Books and through broadcasts on educational

  television, to seriously and intentionally misrepresent the science and

  politics of IQ. By his own standard, Gould has consigned himself to the

  innermost circle of hell.....  [cut]



  [Recent Research]

  The first of these MRI studies were published in the late 1980s and early  

  1990s in leading, refereed, mainstream journals like "Intelligence" (Willerman

  et al., 1991) and the "American Journal of Psychiatry" (Andreasen et al. 1993).

  I know Gould is aware of them because my colleagues and I routinely sent him

  copies as they appeared and asked him what he thought!

  For the record, let it be known that Gould did not reply to the missives

  regarding the published scientific data that destroyed the central thesis of

  his first edition."


   (....And destroyed the central thesis of his so-called "Revised" Edition, since the

   2 Editions were nearly identical, as Gould himself admitted.)  


   Did you catch that??  

   "...to seriously and intentionally misrepresent...". 

   Gould LIED.  He LIED to a considerable degree!!   

   In any trusted publication, that's a kind of Crime.

   In Science, it's a HIGH CRIME!!  

   In Academia, it's a HIGH CRIME!!


   Stephen Gould was a LIAR!!

   And his Peers Knew it!!

   And Said So!!


   (A High Crime, unless you work at Harvard, where Lying is secretly encouraged.

   It's the Headquarters for the Flat Earth Society and the Communist Party,

   I think.

  As I recall, Harvard's secret motto is:  "Veritas non est, sed Glopology est.".)  



   In Garbage Gould's case, it was even WORSE because the size of his Audience

   was huge, and his credentials seemed to be impeccable, and his Platform (Harvard)

   had an outstanding reputation in Academia and in the mind of the Public.

   Most people were understandably FOOLED.  TRICKED.  MISLED.

   Some Real Experts were not fooled, but their voices weren't heard by most people.    


      Researchers published articles contradicting his theory.

      Published in leading, refereed mainstream journals.

      Was routinely sent copies of the articles.

      Routinely asked for his opinion of those articles.

      Articles about the latest research that DESTROYED the central thesis of his book (both editions).

      But Glopologist and Liar Gould NEVER REPLIED to the queries, asking for his opinion of the articles. 

      This LYING PIECE OF GARBAGE didn't even bother to reply - a Major Snub in Academia!! 


      (You're expected to at least make an attempt to reply.....). 


      Unfortunately, the Popular Press had no idea that Dr. Stephen Gould of Harvard was nothing but a

      Fraud - a Lying Criminal, faking his statistics, ignoring new research, omitting mountains of contrary evidence,

      and leading his audience down a twisted trail of False Hidden-Agenda Politically-Correct Gloppy Nonsense. 

      And the "New Research", performed with new technology, CONFIRMED THE OLD RESEARCH.  


      For 200 years, the Data has been repeatedly CONFIRMED, using Old and New methods.

      Even using new, High Tech methods.  


      Who knew?? 

      Who would even suspect a Harvard Professor of Lying about his own field of expertise?? 

      He was happily endorsed by the Politically Correct Idiots of his day, since he spouted the NONSENSE

      that they believed in.

      The Giggling Teflon Morons must have been in Hog Heaven.

      Colleges use his book as a textbook in their courses, possibly unaware of the Fraud being perpetrated.

      People probably quote this Creep as an "Expert". 

      But in fact, he's a PROVEN LIAR.  A Criminal.  

      Proven in painstaking detail, many times over, with different studies, different groups, different

      techniques, different technologies, different Scientists, new technologies, etc.  Dozens of times.

      Repeatedly PROVEN to be a Liar by Mainstream scholars.

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)  

      Not "Alternative Wackos" (cough).


      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   

      Gould's own PEERS have said he was a Liar!!  (And a Slanderer!!)   


     Gould's "Mismeasure" book ignores or misrepresents all of the studies, old

     and new, and is a big LIE. 

     He Lied by Commission, and he Lied by Omission.

     He Lied on Purpose.  And he Lied repeatedly.


     And he engaged in the Defamation of Character of many reputable

     Scientists, accusing all of them of Faking their data - a High Crime in Science!!

    Smearing their reputations!!  

    But more importantly, Smearing the DATA!! 

   He charged 19th-Century Scientists and 20th-Century Scientists

   with FRAUD - all of them FAKING their data, all of them with

   their Thumbs on the Scales by exactly the same amount!! 


   Different Scales, different Thumbs, different Brains and Skulls,

   different Locations, different Dates, different Projects,

   different Universities sponsoring the Research Projects, but

   supposedly, all the Researchers LIED, and they all Lied by exactly

   the same amount, Faking their Data by the same Millimeters,

   Grams, Cubic Centimeters, Length/Width/Height, Wet/Dry,

   Old/New, Dead/Alive, Male/Female, Internal/External,

   Old Measurements/New Measurements, etc.


   Supposedly all INCREASED or DECREASED by exactly the same

   amount by every single Researcher for about 200 Years,

   according to Politician Gould !!  


   (He could have been SUED, but several of them were long dead,

   and the others might have been elderly by the time his book

   was published.)     


     But he had NO EVIDENCE for his Asinine, Outrageous, and Slanderous charges.

     And he REFUSED to discuss any new evidence, or even to acknowledge that

     it existed.

     That spells GUILT. And it spells GARBAGE.

     GUILT with a Capital G!!

     GARBAGE with a Capital G!! 


     To repeat:

     His charges were ASININE.

     His charges were RIDICULOUS.

     His charges were OUTRAGEOUS.

     His charges were FRAUDULENT.

     His charges were SLANDEROUS.

     His charges were EMPTY and VACUOUS, with NO EVIDENCE.

     No Evidence.  No Proof.  Just Piles of ASININE LIES - like the ASS he was.  

     And he REFUSED to discuss any new evidence, or even to acknowledge that

     it existed.



     Gould is nothing but a Low-Life Criminal - a Criminal with a huge Audience!! 

     And an IMPOSTER.

     Deceiving Millions of people.  

     Deceiving Friends.  Deceiving Strangers. Deceiving fellow Scientists.

     Deceiving Politicians.  Deceiving Governments.  Deceiving Entire Countries.

     Deceiving Researchers.  Deceiving Ordinary People.

     Deceiving Students.  Deceiving Harvard's Administration (probably). 

     Deceiving Book Publishers.  Deceiving Bookstore Managers. 

     Deceiving Everyone. 

     A real SCUMBAG.   

     THIS is one of the disreputable Glopologists!!!!

     One of the WORST on the Planet!!


     And we THOUGHT he was honest and doing genuine research, exposing

     fraudulent Science done over the past 200 years.

     We THOUGHT he was a Good Guy exposing the Bad Guys and Bad Science.

     It was just the opposite.    

     He didn't do ANY research.

     He didn't have ANY such evidence. 

     He was NOT honest.

     He misquoted.  He misrepresented.  He twisted.  He ignored.

     He refused to explain.  He refused to debate.  He refused to acknowledge. 

     He chose a Fake name for his book. 

     He chose a Fake name for his "Revised" Edition.

     And he Lied his head off, defaming the reputations of a dozen or more Scientists,

     accusing ALL of them of FRAUD - many of whom were long dead, and unable to



     Dr. Stephen Gould of Harvard (Garbage Gould) was the

     Lowest of the Low.

     Gould was a Criminal.  A Fake.  A Liar.  Garbage. 

     A Politician.  A Fake Scientist.

     An Ass.  A Donkey.  Rotten.  Just plain PONDSCUM. 


     A Cesspool of Intellectual Depravity and Sickness.  

     Repeatedly Proven by his own Peers.  

     With the Integrity of an Insect (None). 

     A Spider with a Hidden Agenda. 

     Deceiving Millions. 

     Lying through his Teeth for years.

     Defaming the Reputations of perfectly Good People.  

     SLANDERING perfectly Good People.



     He should have been FIRED!!

     He should have been Arrested and Executed like the

     Common Criminal he was. 

     My Vote would have been for the ELECTRIC CHAIR. 

     In front of a full-length mirror.

     With the Lever pulled by 100 of his former students

           who were Lied to.   

     And a few Television Producers who were Lied to. 

     And a few Book Publishers who were Lied to. 

     And a few Bookstore Managers who were Lied to. 

     And a few College Professors who were Lied to. 

     And a few Readers who were Lied to. 

     And a few Scholars who were Defamed. 

     And the MILLIONS of ordinary people who were Lied to

            and SCAMMED by Gould.   



     Now **ALL** of his books are suspect!!  He wrote books on Evolution.

     Did he salt all of them with Fake information?? 

      Perhaps.  He was a giant in the field of Evolution, but now we find out that he LIED in his book,

      "The Mismeasure of Man" in both the original edition and the "Revised" edition, checked in

      Nitpicking Detail by a Professor from Canada (1996/1997 - Good Guy):  

             J. Philippe Rushton

             Department of Psychology

             University of Western Ontario

             London Ontario, N6A 5C2, Canada

       ....complete with Page Numbers and Examples that the reader can verify.

      Fully Documented by Rushton in a LENGTHY article.    


    Professor Rushton listed item after item after item of Lies of Commission and Omission,

    as well as the repeated smearing of reputable Scientists -- Defamation of Character of

    long dead Scientists.  Despicable. 

   We owe Professor Rushton a big Thank You for speaking up, and exposing Gould for

   the Fraud that he is. 



     What ELSE did Gould Lie about?? 


      Is this related to the topic of the people of Ancient Egypt?? 

      Possibly. Very possibly.

      Who knows what Lies Glopologist Gould told??

      Who knows what asinine claims he might have made about the Ancient Egyptians??

      I don't know if he sucked the AE's into his spinning vortex of Lies and Glop, but it's possible.

      My advice: Stay away from the Lying Glopologist, Stephen Gould. 

      Anything he might say related to Ancient Egypt is probably a Glopological Lie.

      Don't waste your time.

      Glopologist Gould is just another Dreary Debunker in a long list of stupid, Dreary Debunkers,

      enamored with themselves, riding their Tricycles to work, or getting rides from their Mommies,

      unaware that they're not yet Adults, and unaware that there are a LOT of people much smarter

      and more knowledgeable than they are.  


    Related Comment:

    Amazing Debunker Factoid: 

    ALL Debunkers, without exception, who debunk so-called   

    Controversial subjects, are PROFOUNDLY IGNORANT of the

    evidence, or they IGNORE the evidence,

    or they DISTORT the evidence,

    or All of the Above. 


      (Usually, Debunkers are Profoundly Ignorant of the evidence, but THINK they're experts.)  

      Glopologist Gould REJECTS all the good, solid, verified research done in the past 200 years, or so,

      Distorts most of it, and Ignores the rest. 

      So, what does he know about the subject he wrote about??  Who knows??    

      He appears to have his Act together a little better than Space Cadet Harvard Glopologist Susan Clancy,

      who apparently actually Believes that she is a Real Scientist (gag me).

      But Clancy can't help it. She's a Harvard Half-Wit. Gould should know better.

      Clancy rides the Short Bus.  But Gould DRIVES it. 


      (Note: Glopologist Gould is finally DEAD. 

      If I had known who he REALLY was, I would have celebrated, just as I did when the murderer/debunker/

      Liar Phil Klass finally kicked the bucket in 2005.

      Even the gentle Nuclear Physicist Stan Friedman said of Klass:  "He was a nasty, underhanded man."

      Stan Friedman probably didn't celebrate Klass's demise (he's a real gentleman), but *I* did.

      We can be grateful that both Glopologists are FINALLY DEAD: Gould and Klass.

      And Klass was a lot worse than just being a Glopologist. He was a murderer, as well, causing one Scientist

      to commit suicide due to Klass's repeated and SEVERE harassment, including writing letters to his

      employers, telling them what a Kook and a Nut-Job the Scientist was, when in fact, he was regarded by

      his Peers as the top Meteorologist in the Country. A TOP SCIENTIST!!

      As one researcher lady said of Klass: "As far as I'm concerned, Klass pulled the trigger that killed that

      Scientist."  I agree completely. 


      In a tragic case of repeated, heavy, and severe harassment, a good, decent, honest, smart Scientist committed

      suicide, alone, in the desert, with a pistol pointed at his head.  And Criminal Phil Klass caused it by pushing   

      the poor man over the edge. 

      "Nasty" and "Underhanded" don't fully describe that Monster - Monster Klass!!


      (Klass didn't work at Harvard.  He worked for the Government.) 

      Gould wasn't quite as depraved as Klass, but he came close.

      And if you're playing on the same Team as Phil Klass, you're DEPRAVED and ROTTEN with no

      Moral Compass whatsoever, and no Integrity whatsoever!!

      That would describe Team Player Stephen Glopologist Gould pretty well:  DEPRAVED AND ROTTEN,

      with no Moral Compass and No Integrity.)     


      This is the THIRD or FOURTH Harvard Professor that's been exposed as a FAKE.  A FRAUD.

      (There are probably many more.)


    Harvard has become a NATIONAL DISGRACE!!

    The Home of the Harvard Liars and Nitwits!!   


      It's become a Hive of Killer Bees and Giant Poisonous Ants. 

      Lunatics and Psychos. 

      Nitwits and Glopologists. 

      Liars and Attackers.

      Gangs in suits, marching with Torches and Pitchforks. 


      The former employer of Stephen Gould - a full-time LIAR and CHARACTER ASSASSIN,

      wielding his Academic Sword to chop away at the roots of Truth and Facts, leaving trash and

      confusion and Destruction and Defamation of Character in his wake!! 

      Dr. John Mack of Harvard is an exception, and he was HOUNDED out of Harvard in a Witch Hunt!! 

      (John Mack was an Outstanding, Courageous, Honest, Loved, Admired, Good, Decent Man.

      That's why Harvard got rid of him. 

      Harvard: The Vat of Academic Poison in the USA.  John Mack didn't fit in.)  


      It's clear that Harvard has a Hidden Agenda of some kind, dumbing down its students, dumbing

      down readers of some of their Professor's books, Lying, Smearing eminent scholars, portraying

      the world in a False Light, broadcasting False Information, Misleading people, spreading Baloney,

      acting like Idiots, acting like Criminals, acting like Wackos, Lunatics, Psychos, Nitwits. Glopologists, etc. 



     Where are some of the Liars, Idiots, and Wackos??  HARVARD.

     If it comes from Harvard, DON'T TRUST IT!!  

     Just get out the Bug Spray!!  

     Assume that anything from Harvard is a LIE. 


      And for goodness sake, don't give Harvard any MONEY!!

      It won't "help" them to hire qualified Professors.

      They will just use it to advance the Cause of Lies, Glopology, Character Assassination of reputable

      Scientists (like the poor man who killed himself), Humiliation of others, Pompousness of themselves,

      Hiding and Twisting Important Facts, Ignoring Important Facts, Pretending to be Searching for Truth,

      Advancing Conceit and Slipperiness, Pretending to be Honest, Pretending to be Real Scientists,

      Pretending to be Genuine, Pretending to do Real Research, etc.

      Donating money to Harvard is like Shooting Yourself in the Foot. Or the Head. 




      (And they richly deserve to be ZINGED and SQUASHED - 1,000 times Over!!

      Zinging and Squashing these Frauds is a Noble Pursuit!!

      It takes a lot of Bug Spray, but it has to be done for our Mental Health, and sometimes

      for our very Survival.) 


      Everyone else is welcome here.

      All the Normal, Intelligent, Civilized people are welcome.

      All the Thinkers and people seeking knowledge are welcome.

      All the fans of Ancient Egypt are welcome here.

      All the Good and Decent People are welcome here. 

      (And Graham Hancock and the other REAL Researchers and Experts - the Good Guys.)   



      (Sorry for the Detour into Glopology, Liars, etc.

      I don't know if all of that needed to be said here, but it needed to be said SOMEWHERE

      by SOMEONE.  It's vital.

      And it's just as important as a highway sign reading: "CAUTION:  BRIDGE OUT AHEAD".

      Fans of Ancient Egypt NEED TO KNOW that some of the so-called "Experts" are FAKES!!

      Not Graham Hancock and the other REAL Researchers and Experts.  

      People need to know that SOME of the Historians are Glopologists.

      The rest are "Good Guys", and I'm grateful for all their hard work.

      Thank You, Good and Honest Historians - and Amateurs, and Non-Mainstream Researchers

      and Writers.  I'm very grateful.)  


      What about all that Venom about Stephen Gould??

      Was it necessary??

      He Deserved it, but did it have to be said??

      No, I guess not.  I could have omitted it.

      But if I hadn't said it, you would probably have been left with a simple and highly inaccurate

      impression of the Despicable CHARACTER of that Lying Piece of Trash.

      A man who Lied to MILLIONS of people for YEARS - probably including **YOU**.

      A man who SMEARED the Professional Reputations of a dozen or more Reputable Scientists,

      both Living and Dead, accusing all of them of SCIENTIFIC HIGH CRIMES. 

      Accusing them of years of FRAUD, when they were actually HONEST AND INNOCENT. 

      Gould didn't simply say that they made some measurement mistakes (they did not), or that

      their Data didn't account for "Factor-X" (there was no "Factor-X"), or that their Data was

      Misinterpreted (it was not - interpretation was straightforward and elementary).  


      He trumpeted his own set of FAKE DATA (a High Crime), then claimed that all the Old Data

      was erroneous, and that it was because ALL the Old and New Researchers LIED about their


      In other words, the Double Liar SLANDERED all of the Old and New Researchers, and

      discredited all the Old and New research - 200 Years worth of Research, Lying to Millions

      of people.


      It's worth knowing that SOME of the Mainstream Researchers and Historians whose specialty

      is Ancient Egypt might be Depraved, might be Lying, and might have the Honesty and Integrity

      of a Black Widow Spider, or some other Insect, similar to Garbage Gould's.   

      Who??  How many??  I don't know.

      It's Pathetic. But we have ONE solid example of a Depraved, Rotten, SICK, Indifferent, Callous,

      Attacking, Defaming, Lying, Defrauding piece of rotting Slime who taught at Harvard, and wrote

      books on Evolution and related subjects.    


      It's Awful!!  It's Horrible!!  It's Deplorable!!

      But there might be more out there with the same Lying Criminal Minds as Gould, whose books

      and articles on Ancient Egypt shouldn't be trusted, and whose character deserves no respect. 

      You wouldn't intentionally hire a Babysitter with that kind of personality, so why read books

      and articles written by authors like that??  

      (What about THIS article??  Well, at least I'm Honest. And Gould Deserves it.

      I would never intentionally Lie, and people need to be alerted that even in the Hallowed Halls

      of Academia, some Snakes, Half-Wits, Imposters, and Charlatans Lurk.

      AND..... Sometimes the Administration punishes Honesty, and discourages Erudition and

      Accuracy, supporting Liars and Mentally Unqualified Professors.

      It's a shocking situation, but it IS true.)


      I'm not a Researcher, but I read materials written by Excellent Researchers.

      I'll do my best, standing on the shoulders of some Outstanding Researchers!!   





      The messages contained in the Giza Pyramids and on the Giza Plateau

      can be PROVEN with Shapes, Geometry, counting stone Blocks,

      and the Redundancy of the information - repeated over and over.  


      The Giza Pyramids are not just "large structures" - which would be

      impressive enough!!

      Provable, repeated information is encoded almost everywhere. 

      This has been discovered by measuring hundreds of items on the Giza

      Plateau, both inside and outside of the Pyramids, studying the history

      and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians, and studying some Astronomy,

      as well as some Anatomy and Physiology.   


     (To  understand ANY Symbol, anywhere in the world, you have to know

      something about their history, general history, their beliefs, and have a

      broad base of General Knowledge.     

      No Expertise is required, but General Knowledge is ALWAYS required.

      That General Knowledge is supplied here, as it pertains to Giza.

      For example, "Orion's Belt", "Precession of the Earth", "The Angle of

      the Earth towards the Sun" which is more or less constant at 23.5 Degrees

      and gives the Earth its 4 Seasons as it tilts TOWARDS or AWAY from the

      Sun, as the Earth orbits, providing more heat in the Summer (tilted towards

      the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere) and providing less heat in the Winter

      (tilted away from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere), etc.

      Somewhat difficult to picture, but take my word for it. It's true.)


      If the Earth had no "Tilt", the weather would be about the same all year

      long, with constant snow in the far Northern regions (never melting), and

      constant heat in the Southern and Equatorial regions - never snowing or

      getting cold.

      For example, Southern Canada might have snow drifts all year long, with

      no melting ever occurring in the "Summer" because there would be no



      Probably true as well for Minnesota and other Northern states.

      In Minnesota, there might be snow or cold all year long, no Summer, no

      swimming in the Lakes (frozen or water too cold), and no Mosquitoes.

      Changes in the weather would probably be due to the Wind and Ocean

      Currents, but would not be "Seasonal" since there would be no Seasons.


      The Earth's Angle of 23.5 Degrees in its orbit is nearly constant, changing

      only very slightly by 1 or 2 degrees over time, up and down, is responsible

      for the Seasons, and if altered by some cataclysmic event, always slowly

      returns to its normal angle of 23.5 Degrees.

      It can be considered to be a "Constant" and the "Normal" angle of the Earth

      in its orbital plane.


      However, in the past, the Obliquity (Angle) has been as great as 26.5 Degrees,

      (in 2345 BC or earlier - possibly 4,000 BC, depending on how they computed

      the dates), slowly rebounding to 23.5 Degrees, as reported by many ancient 

      astronomers in multiple countries.     


     And since the Angle is so easy to measure, and so many measurements were taken,

     it's absurd to think that they all made a mistake with every observation.

     Every single Astronomer in every Country made mistakes for thousands of years,

     taking a simple measurement (as claimed by the Mainstream)??   

     Pretty ridiculous. Another half-baked "Mistake" Theory by the Mainstream

     with NO EVIDENCE, as usual.  Just another "Dumb Mistake Theory".

     With emphasis on the word "Theory" - not Fact. 

     And a Secondary emphasis on "Mistake".


   Have you ever noticed that so many of the Mainstream

   THEORIES depend on the Egyptians making a MISTAKE???    

                   (Every Ancient Astronomer made a mistake - Egyptians and others,

                    measuring the Angle of the Earth - supposedly) 

     They all made a Mistake??  

    Sometimes the SAME Mistake??

    Every single one of them??




        "Yes, every single Egyptian and non-Egyptian ancient 

        Astronomer made a mistake in measuring the Angle of

        the Earth, because they were all stupid.

        They thought it was 26.5 degrees, or less, over the years,

        slowly returning to 23.5 degrees, but obviously those

        stupid astronomers all made hundreds or thousands of

        mistakes over the years. 

        Identical MISTAKES." 


                      Mainstream Glopologist Theorist


     With other Theories involving Coincidence??     (Orion's Belt on the desert)

     With other Theories involving An Accident??     (The Nice Coffin fell off the boat)

     And other Theories involving Theft??          (Bodies were stolen) 

     And other Theories involving Fraud??        ("A Pious Fraud" on a wall)

     And other Theories involving Screwball Logic??     (Queen's Chamber)

     And other Theories involving Stupidity or Ignorance?? (Eaten by Crocodiles)

    And other Theories involving  Insults??   (The Egyptians were Dummies)

    And other Theories involving  Forgetfulness??   (They forgot to........)

    And other Theories involving  Assumptions??    (Obviously, they...........)

   And ALL Theories involving   Greek Names for People and Things??

                                                       (After all, why would we want to use the original names

                                                        by the stupid Egyptians??)


     And All the "Alternative" "researchers" are supposedly mere Amateurs and

     Wackos and Wannabe's since they're not Mainstream Professionals. 

     It's Obvious!!  

   Oh, horrors!!  He's not a Mainstream Glopologist!!

   Run away - fast!!  


     Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Ancient Egypt as presented by the Mainstream 

     Egyptologists - a Land of Mistakes, Coincidence, Accidents, Theft, Fraud,

     Screwball Logic, Stupidity or Ignorance, Insults, Forgetfulness, Assumptions,

     and everything renamed to foreign words (Greek names). 

    All invented THEORIES, of course (except for the Greek names). 

    Theories, Theories, Theories, Theories, Theories, Theories.

    With NO EVIDENCE, of course.

    No Evidence, No Evidence, No Evidence, No Evidence.  

    No Facts, No Evidence, No Proof, No Nothing. 

    It's their way of life.

     "My mind's made up!!  Don't confuse me with the FACTS!!" 

     ("What Mind???") 


     You'd better have some large grains of Salt handy when you read their stuff.

     Or just don't bother to read it at all.

     Some of it is just Incredible in its mindlessness.

    Some of the Mainstream History reads as if it were written by

    Children or Mental Patients.

     Or as if it were written by SENILE People.



     Here are some Theories (cough) and Speculations from the Mainstreamers:

     *  "Maybe the nice coffin fell off the boat." ??    (King's Chamber).

           IE, they made a MISTAKE by not securing it properly.

          (And the same thing happened with the G2 Pyramid at Giza????

          That nice coffin fell off the other boat, too????

          It looks just like the one in G1 in the King's Chamber.

          You know - "Khufu's Pyramid", supposedly.

          They have almost identical Crummy Coffins.

          I guess the Nice Coffins for both Kings fell off the boats.

          Yes, BOTH of the Nice Coffins fell off the Boats.

          Please see me later about a Bridge I'd like to sell....) 


     *  "Maybe the engraver made a MISTAKE spelling Khufu's name." ??

     *  "Maybe the engraver didn't know how to spell." ??  

         (So he made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe all those Mummies were Stolen from the Pyramids." ??

         (They made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe all those Kings and Queens were eaten by Crocodiles." ??

         (They made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe some of those Kings and Queens were eaten by Crocodiles, and

           the rest were stolen Mummies." ??

         (They made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe they didn't know that Crocodiles lived in the Nile River." ??

         (They made a MISTAKE.

     *  "Maybe they didn't know that Crocodiles attack and eat people." ?? 

         (They made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe the middle King forgot to make Pyramids for his Queens." ?? 

         (He made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe those 5 missing Queens had been naughty." ??

         (They made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe those 5 missing Queens fell off the Boat." ??  

         (They made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe that Rough and Primitive Queen's Chamber was intended as a

           backup, in case the King died before his nice King's Chamber was ready." ??

           (Then why didn't they FINISH it and make it nice and attractive??

           Why not put him in a Nice underground Mastaba, or in a Finished Room in

            his Palace if he died early, or in a small building next to the Palace, then put

            him in the King's Chamber when it was ready??

            Why not plan on temporarily putting him in one of the Queen's Pyramids

            if he died early - perhaps building One such pyramid early, while building

            the Great Pyramid - with no wasted effort?? 

            Why build a PIECE-OF-JUNK Room in a Gigantic Pyramid as a backup

            for a Nice Room?? 

            At considerable extra cost and effort, with a separate Passage?? 

            Never to be used if the King died at a normal age??

            A completely WASTED effort if he didn't die early??

            And with blocked Air Shafts below the King's Chamber??

            And with no Coffin??   

            A room like an Unfinished Basement. 

            Or like a Garage. 

            Or a Warehouse.  

            Or a "Pump Room".

            Or a "Furnace Room". 

            Or where the Custodians eat their lunch. 

            Or a Storage Room, used by the Maintenance Staff to hold brooms, and

            cleaning supplies, and extra spare desks, and light bulbs, and ladders, etc.   


            If he died early, DID HIS BODY HAVE TO WAIT IN THE PYRAMID

            until his King's Chamber was ready??   Why?? 

            Was the "Queen's Chamber" the best they could do if he died early??

            Was it a smart, logical idea to build an extra room in the Pyramid, at

            considerable cost and effort??  And then not finish the job?? 

           This room isn't making much sense....)  

           (They made a MISTAKE.)

     *  "Maybe that inscription is just a Pious Fraud." ??

           (They LIED.) ??

     *  "Maybe all those ancient Astronomers made a MISTAKE." ??

     *  "The layout of the Giza Pyramids is just a COINCIDENCE, with no meaning

            intended, because we're Mind Readers." ??

     *  "The Angle of the Pyramid on the Dollar Bill is just a COINCIDENCE, with no

            meaning intended.  23.5 Degrees was chosen at random - unintentionally.

            Just a Coincidence.  No Freemasons were involved.  So there." ??

            (Clearly, SOMEONE spoke to the Artist. And it would have been a

            Freemason.  You don't draw a thin, narrow, strange, weird, imaginary

            Pyramid with an Eye on the top, with sides angled at 23.5 Degrees by accident. 

           This is a normal Pyramid???  With an Eye??  The Artist just thought it would

            look Cool to draw an Eye at the top of this Imaginary Pyramid??

            Never consulting with any Committee Members??  Any Officials??

            Not a chance. This Imaginary Pyramid is a Concept, but it certainly doesn't

            represent stability, strength, endurance, etc.  

            It represents something else.

            And it is definitely "Masonic".  "Coincidence" is for a Cyclops.)     


     Angle of the Earth:

     The Bozo explanation that these ancient observers had made hundreds or

     thousands of MISTAKES (what an insult!!), and accidentally created a perfect 

     Sine Curve, or Sine Wave of the Angle of the Earth, is ABSURD.   

     They didn't all make MISTAKES.

     It's almost impossible to make a "Mistake" measuring the Angle.


     The Mainstreamers are accusing ALL of the Ancient Astronomers of utter

     Incompetence.  ALL of them.

     They say that every single Ancient Astronomer was Incompetent!!!!   

     What???  Every single Ancient Astronomer was Incompetent????   



     And they accidentally created a Sine Curve??  A Sine Wave??    

     A Curve showing a "Bounce"?? 


     The ancient and more recent measurements, taken over thousands of years,

     show a perfect "Sine Curve" of the Angle of the Earth, indicating that the Earth

     was on the rebound from 26.5 Degrees to 23.5 Degrees over the past 4,000 to

     6,000 years (in round numbers).  This is not a THEORY. 

     It was Reported by ancient astronomers and graphed by modern analysts!!  

     What about even EARLIER times??  I don't know.


     What could cause such a huge Change??   

     Answer: Some massive impact or an encounter with a huge force, such as the

     slippage of part of the Earth's Mantle or Under-Mantle.        



   The Angle of the Earth has been on the rebound back to

   23.5 Degrees for Thousands of Years.


   Rebounding back from what??   26.5 Degrees.

   (26.5 Degrees as reported by the Ancients.)    


   Was the Angle ever as high as 30 Degrees??  Maybe....


   Was it ever as low as 20 Degrees??  Maybe.... 


   More likely: The Angle of the Earth has been on the

   rebound from 30 Degrees back to 23.5 Degrees for

   Thousands of Years as reported by the Ancient Egyptians.




      Does it MATTER???

      Yes, because it illustrates a Disaster that will occur AGAIN!!

      Maybe in our Lifetimes!!


      And it explains WHY the Pyramids were built: 

      To help the country recover from a Disaster -- a Disaster involving 26.5 Degrees

      of the Angle of the Earth.     


      As to the Shape of the Layout of Giza, the King's Chamber, the Queen's

      Chamber,  the "Air Shafts", the Scooped Sides of 2 of the Pyramids, the

      "angle" of the Sphinx, the location of the Sphinx, everything is either:

         *  Symbolic as-is.  

         *  Geometrically symbolic.    

         *  Acts as a Pointer or an Arrow to something.


      Choose One of the Above. 

      Even the entire Giza Plateau contains the outline of a gigantic Pyramid!!


      It's incredible!!     

      The Architects of Giza were Geniuses!! 


      People are Universally interested in 2 things (I think):

            1.  Dinosaurs.

            2.  Pyramids.


      Maybe it's their size. 

      In any event, the Architects and Builders of the Pyramids have captured

      our attention and imagination - apparently as intended.  


      But to "understand" the Giza Pyramids and the entire Plateau, we need

      to do a LOT of work!!

      There's nothing "Simple" about them.

      But it's a fascinating exploration.

      And fortunately, some pioneering Researchers have already done most

      of the work for us.   







                       Diagram by Gary Osborn (darkened).  Book: "The Giza Prophecy".

                       An Important Book!!  Very Revealing!!  Praised by Graham Hancock.

             The Great Pyramid with the Great Disaster Described Geometrically.

             The Symbolic Coffin (Seed Bed / Osiris Bed) is located exactly

             at the end of a curl of a Phi Spiral - the Spiral of Nature and Life.

             Definitely not a coffin for a body.  Definitely not a tomb.

              23.5 Degrees is encoded several times (the angle of the Earth

              in its orbit).


              Not shown: 23.5 Stone Blocks from the Base to the bottom of the 

              Queen's Chamber.  


                                    Explained in detail further down.  








                                           US Dollar Bill with a Pyramid

                                           Angled at 23.5 Degrees --

                                           And an EYE at the Top.

                                   It comes from the reverse side of the

                                      Great Seal of the United States.    



             The US Dollar Bill has a Pyramid with sides angled at 23.5 Degrees.

             It's a steep, "Imaginary" Pyramid - not a copy of an existing Pyramid.

             The reason for its shape and angle are not completely known.  

             It's a copy of the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.    


             (The Mainstreamers claim that the angle of 23.5 Degrees is a mere

             Coincidence, drawn that way merely by accident or merely at random,

             even though it's a rather STRANGE looking Pyramid, with the slope of

             its sides exactly matching the tilt of the Earth - an important Masonic

             principle throughout the Ages.) 


             (Cough -- Mainstream + Humor):

             The artist, working alone, just thought it would look Cool to have an

             EYE at the top of the Pyramid, as opposed to Nothing, or a Nose, or

             an Ear, or a Thumb, or a Foot, or something. 

             The bizarre shape of the Pyramid was just a Fluke since the artist,

             working alone, didn't know what a real Pyramid looked like.

             The artist, a non-Freemason, working alone, chose an angle of 23.5 Degrees

             for the slope of the Pyramid sides by picking a number out of a hat

             (with 2 small pieces of paper containing "23.5" and "33") . 

             Then the artist, a non-Freemason, working alone, submitted the design

             to craftsmen, without review, creating the Great Seal of the United States

             for possible future use as an official symbol, with "23.5" being a Fluke.

             Whether the artist consulted with the Design Committees is unknown,

             but experts report that the various Design Committees - especially the

             Freemason members - didn't much care what the Great Seal looked like,

             and may have outsourced the design somewhere - maybe to India or China.

             Thus, any "Symbols" found on the Great Seal are just a Coincidence.

             Everything is a Fluke.  Nothing is intentional.  Coincidence reigns supreme.

             Smart people and Powerful people just wander aimlessly thru Life, never

             doing anything on purpose, and not caring.  

             Only crazy Conspiracy Theorists, wearing Tinfoil Hats, imagine that they

             see occasional intent on the part of certain people, certain groups, and

             certain Governments, since "Normal" people know that everything is just

             a Coincidence or a Mis-identification or some kind of Mistake, and we should

             let the Experts and the Government handle everything for us, since they know

             best, and have our best interests at heart at all times, no matter what, also,

             wherever they may be, even on vacation. Or not.    

             Pardon me while I cough. 


             Please give generously to "TBFM - Teddy Bears For Mainstreamers" and

             "CFC - Crayons For Coincidence-ologists". 



             Getting Serious: 

             OF COURSE the angle of 23.5 Degrees is Intentional!!

             It's not a copy - it's a Creation.  A Strange Looking Creation.    

             Any artist who would create a Pyramid like that would want to get his

             ideas approved before starting to create  "An Odd Pyramid With An Eye

             At The Top", probably creating a Draft first, and probably getting explicit

             instructions from the group responsible for the Great Seal.





                  Final Product.




             The Artist almost certainly wanted to get paid for his efforts. 

             Creating such an ODD Pyramid with an EYE embedded in the top would

             probably result in non-payment UNLESS the Great Seal Design Group

             had agreed on what it should look like.

             No serious Artist would submit such a strange design without prior approval.

             And no serious Great Seal Design Group would request such a strange

             design unless they had a strange reason.

             That strange reason relates to the Great Disaster, the Angle of the Earth,

             the design of the Great Pyramid, the god "Horus", the "Eye of Horus",

             as well as numerous other references to "23.5" on the Giza Plateau.    


             In 1935, 32nd-Degree Freemason President FDR, added the Great Seal

             to the back of the Dollar Bill. The Pyramid was part of it.    



             The Dollar Bill Pyramid (Great Seal) angled at 23.5 Degrees contains that

             angle due to Coincidence?? 

             That thin, narrow, strange Pyramid with 23.5-Degree sides - and an EYE

             at the top??  "The Eye of Horus", perhaps??

             From Ancient Egypt, where the Great Pyramid contained multiple

             Angles of 23.5, and a Block Count of 23.5 up to the Queen's Chamber??   

             23.5 Degrees is a Coincidence??   

             You've GOT to be kidding.

             "Coincidence" is just an April Fool's Joke - Right??


             Freemasons and their Predecessors have been encoding "23.5"  in great

             works of Art for CENTURIES!!

             For example, in a painting of George Washington (a Freemason), his

             Sword is angled at 23.5 Degrees.

             And from that same era, we have the Great Seal with a Pyramid angled

             at 23.5 Degrees. 

             Yet the Wikipedia Geniuses say that it's all a Coincidence.  And the Wikipedia

             authors are purportedly "Honorable" Men, albeit not too bright or

             informed sometimes, and sometimes really Dumb, and sometimes with clear

             "Hidden Agendas".  


             23.5 Degrees appears to be important in two ways - here, in

             the Great Pyramid, and throughout history, as men of Science

             fought against the Catholic Church and its anti-Science dogma - even

             going "underground" out of self-protection.

            Two different meanings - both important.    

            There are DOZENS of examples of 23.5 encoded in great works of Art -

            often works of Art commissioned by the Catholic Church.

            Of course, the Church was not aware that the Art had been sabotaged

            by some clever artists!! (Really).

            The Catholic Church hated the Freemasons, and the Freemasons hated

            the Catholic Church.

            So the Freemasons sometimes left cryptic notes of "Kilroy Was Here"

            in the form of "23.5 Angles" in Religious Paintings.     

            Those not in the know discovered these examples many years later.  

            We discuss the "Disaster" meaning, here - Disaster in Egypt. 



      Egypt and the Pyramids:

      Q:  How many Pyramids are there in Egypt??

      A:  About 138  --  most crumbled, but some still standing.



      Q:  How many ORIGINAL Royal Bodies (Mummies) have been found in

             the Pyramids of Egypt??

      A:  None.   Zero.   0.   Not one.        


            No Khufu, no Khafre, no Menkaure, no Queens - Nobody. 

            Some Later Kings and some Later wealthy men have been found in the

            Pyramids (intrusive burials), but no Originals. 



      Q:  What would be the penalty for stealing the Mummy of a Pharaoh - a King??

      A:  Certain Death.  


            The Kings were considered to be "gods" - descendants of earlier gods.  

             Stealing his body would be an act of High Treason.

             Not to mention the fright and the horror - breaking into a Pyramid at night

             and stealing a sticky, gooey, tarry, dead mummy, taking it home without

             being seen or caught, hiding it from the wife and kids (if any), unwrapping it,

             and taking his jewelry, then disposing of the body without being seen,

             etc, etc....

             Some bodies Were stolen from graves, but stealing 138 Royal Mummies from

             Pyramids is quite a tall order - especially when facing the Death penalty.  



      Q:  What would be the penalty for ADDING a Mummy to the tomb of an

             occupied Room??

      A:  Probably Death.  


            Only 1 body is permitted in the Room of a tomb.

            A 2nd body would defile the first, diluting his importance, etc, etc.

            An insult to the first King. 



      Q:  What would be the penalty for laying the King's body to rest in a coffin

             (Sarcophagus) that didn't have his Name written on it (or on the wall)??

      A:  Certain Death.

            Death for the Priest who did it, and Permanent Death for the King,

            since he would be unable to locate his coffin and rest, wandering forever

            throughout Egypt and the World, searching in vain for his coffin, never

            able to rest, and unable to help Egypt when his spirit emerges from the

            coffin to do good works for his People.   



      Q:  Do the coffins buried underground in a normal grave have the NAME

             of the person on it (King Tut, Khufu's children, etc)?? 

      A:  Yes.  And their coffins are highly decorated. 



      Q:  Do the coffins in the Pyramids have the Name of the person on it??

      A:  No. 



      Q:  Why don't the coffins in the Pyramids have the Name of the person on it??

      A:  Because they're not Real coffins (for bodies). 

            They're SYMBOLIC coffins, and never contained a body.  




                  (The Box, precision-cut from a solid block of granite.

                 What kind of tools did they use???  Incredible!!)

                 The "Coffin" in the Great Pyramid (G1) King's Chamber.

                  Symbolic Coffin - a Seed Bed, in the Great Pyramid.

                 Known as an "Osiris Bed" with dirt, seeds, and water. .

                 There is no Name on the Coffin, meaning that it's

                 not a Coffin for a body.

                 It has the opposite meaning of a normal Coffin, being

                 "Life and Growth" oriented, not "Death" oriented. 

                 It's a symbol of "Life, Growth, and Resurrection". 

                 In this case, it was the resurrection of a country from

                 the massive destruction caused by the slippage of the

                 Earth's Under-Mantle - a huge disaster, as described

                 Geometrically by the Great Pyramid itself, or possibly

                 the resurrection of Osiris himself in days gone by.  




                           Coffin in G2 - the middle Pyramid at Giza.   

                 Maybe the nice coffin ALSO fell off the boat for this "tomb".

                 It looks a lot like the G1 Coffin in the King's Chamber.

                 No name, no hieroglyphics.  Not a real Coffin for a King.

                 Probably not a Coffin for Anybody!!

                 What is going on with these nice Coffins falling off the boats??

                 "Hello?  Pyramid Company? Your nice King's Coffin fell off

                 the Boat, again, so we're replacing it with a Plain, Basic, Boring,

                 Piece of Junk...."

                 "OK.  That's fine. We don't care.  Thanks for calling."

                 Maybe they need to pull the Freight Carrier License of this Company!!





                        Another Symbolic Coffin or Seed Bed.

                        Seed Beds were known as "Osiris Beds".

                        Shown here in the shape of Osiris with a crown

                        of Stars - the 3 Stars of Orion's Belt.

                        Osiris taught the Egyptians about Agriculture -

                        and Seeds.  And Osiris supposedly resurrected

                        from the dead and lived - like the seeds of the

                        Seed Bed, creating new life. 




      Q:  Were the Pyramids built as Tombs??

      A:  No.



      Q:  Do all the Pyramids have rooms or spaces - spaces for Mummies?? 

      A:  No.   Some are solid. No Mummies.  No coffins.    



      Q:  Were the plans that fell from Heaven, plans for enormous TOMBS??

      A:  What do YOU think??

       According to an inscription at the Temple of Horus at Edfu:

       "They [the temples] were built according to an architectural plan

       which was supposed to have been revealed in a codex that fell from

       heaven at Saqqara in the days of Imhotep."


       "Gods to Earthlings: Your tombs are too small, too simple, and too

       inexpensive. Here are some plans for enormous tombs, complex tombs,

       and very expensive ones, which should each take many years to build,

       even with a workforce of thousands, to hold one Mummy apiece, which

       will later mysteriously disappear, costing you millions of dollars

       for a pointless project!!

       Stop enjoying your lives, put down your Comic Books, and focus on

       royal Dead People for the next few hundred years.  

       Just be sure to cover the Dead Kings with Dirt and Bull Bones.

       Osiris wanted me to remind you. 

       By the way, we accidentally made the doorway to the Queen's Chamber

       in the Big Pyramid too narrow for a coffin, but don't worry about it.

       Just build another Pyramid for the Queen, somewhere.   

       Oh, never mind. I forgot that we designed 6 Queen's Pyramids for your

       Queens. So they can go in those Pyramids. 

       Oh, wait: We forgot to design 5 Pyramids for the Queens for the

       middle King....

       Oh well. You can dump them in the Nile River, or something. 

       Oh, wait: The people might get upset over that.

       Just tell them that all the Queens fell off a River Barge and were

       eaten by crocodiles. That should work.

       And we forgot to design the Air Shafts for the Queen's Chamber in

       the Big Pyramid to project all the way out to the outside.

       But it doesn't matter since no one will be located in that primitive

       Joke of a room anyway.

       And we forgot to enhance the Queen's Chamber which is unfit for a King

       or a Queen - even as a backup in case the King dies before his room

       is completed.

       But you might as well build it since it's in the plans, and maybe the

       family Dog could be buried there, or something, maybe in a little

       Dog Coffin.  

       I'm sure the people won't mind if their King and the family Dog are

       buried in the same gigantic Pyramid tomb!! 

       You could call it "The King-Khufu-K9 Pyramid Two-Room Tomb".  

       Or how about "The Doghouse Pyramid"??

       Have fun!!


          God Zork

          Master Planner, 4th Class, Heaven 

          Department of Really Expensive Egyptian Dead Royals

          and Pyramids"


       Why should the gods of Heaven design 9 or 138, 1-occupant,

       disappearing-ink, expensive Pyramid tombs with mistakes, for Royals

       covered in dirt or dirt and Bull Bones, with tombs missing for

       about 1/3 of the Queens at the Giza Complex??

       Ummmmm, maybe they're not tombs.



      Q:  Are the Myths of Egypt True or False??

      A:  *Some are True,

            * some are False,

            * some are Partially True,

            * some are Symbolically True,

            * some are just a Quaint Story,

            * some might be a Joke based on a True Story,

            * some are the Truth Warped,

            * some are the Truth Exaggerated,

            * some are the Truth Changed through re-telling,

            * some are the Truth Misunderstood,

            * some are just Puzzling.  


            But they are Not All Fictional.

            Some should be taken seriously - literally, symbolically, or partially.    


            Spending a lot of time studying the myths is a waste of time.

            But ascribing all myths to "Fiction" is crazy since they had their roots

            in Some kind of factual grounding, ending up relatively unchanged or

            completely unrecognizable.  

            Separating the Wheat from the Chaff can be quite difficult.


            Egypt was not a Comic Book culture, or a society that actually believed

            that stories similar to "Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox Babe" were true,

            or should be taken seriously.  


            Referring to almost all of their beliefs as untrue "Myths" is nonsensical

            and degrading, and attempts to convert the brilliant builders of the Pyramids

            into silly children, believing in Fantasy rather than Mathematics, including

            Geometry.  (Geometry is a branch of Mathematics).

            Brilliant Mathematicians probably don't spend much time reading Comic

            Books or discussing Fiction. 


            Articles which use the word "Myth" 50 times per page, treating some idea

            as completely Fictional, yet sincerely believed by the Egyptians, promotes

            an unwarranted irrationality and immaturity of the Egyptians, impossible

            to exist in such an advanced and complex society.

            They're ridiculous.  Ridiculous articles about Egypt.

            And they're focusing on less important ideas, unless they can tie some

            of the "Myths" to Reality.

            There was supposedly an advanced culture, developed and managed by

            silly adults with the maturity of silly children, according to the Myth



            We see again the concept of "Deep Thinkers and Fools" as foisted upon us

            by the movie "Amadeus" using Mozart as the Schizoidal Genius-Fool.

            Mozart the Genius Giggling Fool, and Ancient Egypt with its amazing

            Pyramids, built by silly people believing foolish things.


            Thus, the Mainstream presents us with these dichotomies:


            Mainstream Weird Glop:

            Mozart:  Deep Thinker / Giggling Fool.

            Egypt:    Brilliant / Silly Comic Book Culture (Myths).


            Giggling Fool. Giggling Fool. Giggling Fool. Giggling Fool.  Giggling Fool.         

            Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth. Myth.  

            Myth Mongering.

            Mozart was not a Giggling Fool.

            Egypt was not a silly Comic Book Culture of Mythology. 

            Mozart was a Genius and a Deep Thinker, and the Egyptians were Brilliant. 

            And I'm a Big Fan of Both!!!  


            Mainstream Bozos who attack Mozart as a Giggling Fool, and depict Ancient

            Egypt as a Comic Book Culture dominated by Mythology, or populated by

            ignorant, ugly, stupid Nubians:  SHOVE IT!!!   

            If there are any Giggling Fools and ignorant, ugly, stupid Garbage, it's YOU.

            Mainstream Bozos:  YOU are the Giggling Fools. And Garbage.  

            ....If you attack Mozart and the Ancient Egyptians.


            (Studies have shown that fans of Mozart and Ancient Egypt (either or both)

            are much more intelligent than fans of Mainstream Media Glop - the Lies,

            the Denials, the Nonsense, the Slippery Rationale, the Huge Efforts to

            Convince Us that Our Brains are Malfunctioning and our Vision Can't Be

            Trusted, the Attack on Rationality, the Attack on Intelligence, the Attack on

            Western Icons - and Egyptian Icons as Well, the Conclusion that Oswald

            Did NOT Do It, the Conclusion that Those Were NOT Weather Balloons,

            the Knowledge that We DID Go to The Moon (6 times, landing 4 times),

            the Sad and Depressing Knowledge that SOME Mainstream "Experts" and

            Media Moguls are Bozos and Liars, etc, etc, apparently trying to make us

            ashamed of smart people, and ashamed of ourselves.

            Nonsense!! We're right and they're Liars and Bozos. Garbage.)     


            Even a non-Mozartian friend noticed that "Amadeus" was an Attack on





            If you believe in "Deep Thinkers and Fools", I have some land in Florida

            for sale, and a Bridge in Brooklyn that I can part with for the right price

            to the right owner - to someone who knows his Bridges, and can't be fooled

            by someone offering to sell a Bridge which he doesn't own.

            And you can put a sign on your Bridge that says:

                 "Mozart was a Genius and a Giggling Fool.

                   The movie 'Amadeus' said so!!".

            And another sign that says:

                 "Ancient Egypt was Populated by Brilliant Pyramid Builders and

                 Comic Book Readers Who Hungrily Devoured Silly Fiction and

                 Believed It - the Truly Impossible Myths, That Is!!"  

            Don't let anyone tear down your signs!!

            It's YOUR Bridge!! 

            And Bridge Owners are Smarter than Average!!

            Studies have shown that Bridge Owners have much higher IQ's than

            the average non-Bridge-Owner, east of the Western Antilles on Certain


            Sorry, Cash only.

            But I'll mail your Official Bridge Deed to you next week, time permitting!!" 




            NB:  SOME of the "Myths" are TRUE. Not Fiction.

            The Egyptians were brilliant, deep thinkers.

            They did not live in a "Comic Book Culture".

            I'm positive that they knew the difference between Truth and Fiction,

            a Tradition and Everyday Living (Santa Claus??), etc, etc.


            Would there be any point in examining "The Myth of Santa Claus" if

             everyone knows that Santa Claus is a mythical character??

            Does anyone actually BELIEVE that Santa Claus is real???    


            The attack on Mozart is an attack on Western Civilization.

            The attack on the Ancient Egyptians and their supposed Comic Book

            Culture of Myths appears to be an attack on Intelligence, Rationality,

            and anything that hints of Space Aliens, as with Osiris and the other

            "gods" who supposedly came from Orion's Belt.

            (Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but they certainly didn't come

            from anywhere on the Earth. They were regarded as gods - not Earthlings.) .


            Thus, the Mainstream idiotic claim that the Pyramids were built

            as tombs (with the bodies missing in all 138 Pyramids), and the shape

            of the Giza Pyramids Outline, Orion's Belt, Big Big Little Offset, is just

            a Coincidence, because, you see, they were just primitive farmers and


            You know, the primitive farmers and fishermen who built Pyramids as

             a hobby, or to earn some extra money, but who couldn't read or write.     

            The primitive farmers and fishermen who were acquainted with Phi,

             and knew that the Earth was tilted at 23.5 degrees, but who probably

            couldn't even multiply 2 numbers together.  

            There's something terribly wrong with this picture.



            Recognizing Truth and Symbolism in Egyptian Myths, where called for, is

            a very tall order, and requires much understanding of their history and

            society, possibly including Changing beliefs and myths, over time.  


            And keep in mind, that Some of their myths are Versions of the Truth, simply

            warped through retelling, or enhanced by those who enjoy exaggeration, or

            inadvertently changed by those who misunderstood the story.


            Symbolism, simplifications, language issues, and Time can also play a role

            in re-shaping the Myth - a story which is probably not taken seriously, but

            which began as a true account of a person or event.        


            We should avoid the Genius-Fool concept of the Ancient Egyptians, and

            evaluate any Myths on an as-needed basis, keeping in mind that they

            almost certainly had their roots in historical truth, no matter how strange

            and impossible they may sound today.   


           Evaluate the Myths AS-NEEDED.

           Don't spend a lifetime trying to figure out if the Myth is true, false, partially

           true, symbolically true, etc.  For many of them, it's an impossible task.


           I've done a little bit of work in this area, and I think it was productive, but

           we have bigger fish to fry than to puzzle endlessly over the veracity of Myths. 

           Myth research is a bottomless pit, and partly a waste of time. 



        We have bigger fish to fry than to puzzle endlessly over

        the Myths. 




      Q:  Can "Occam's Razor" be used to explain or clarify issues regarding

            Ancient Egypt?? 

      A:  No.


            Occam's Razor is "Egypt for Dummies". 

            It's "Impress your friends with something that sounds Deep!!"

            It's "Try to reduce their advanced culture to something simple, ordinary,

                   basic, and boring."


            It was intended for use in logic and problem-solving, not for studying

            ancient civilizations, and contains no profound thinking.  

            It's not a reliable guide to understanding anything.  

            It does NOT mean "The simplest explanation is always the correct one." 

            It's almost the equivalent of Woody Allen's "You gotta show up!" as his

            joking formula for success in Show Business.  

            It's misused constantly, and is just a lazy cop-out.  


            To understand Ancient Egypt (in my opinion), one needs to use normal

            thought, research, history, geometry, astronomy, the art of communication,

            a thoughtful study of shapes used, hieroglyphics, "myths", construction,

            erosions, maps, comments by foreigners, their comments about foreigners,

            paintings, their DNA, migration, averaged Carbon-14 dates, and have some

            understanding of their more important beliefs and gods.     


            An Open Mind would also help, since there have been some amazing stories

            from modern times.


      Ancient Egypt is  COMPLICATED!! 


         One of the reasons is that it lasted so LONG.

         Thousands of years.


         Another reason is their complex mythology - some of

         which is true, and all of which was Based on the Truth.

         But determining truth, origin, meaning, level of belief

         (they might not have taken the myth seriously), etc, can

         be very difficult.


         Another reason is the complexity of the Giza Pyramids -

         where complex Geometry was used to send messages of

         the past and the future - unsuspected and not decoded

         for thousands of years (at least, not by the Mainstream).



         Migration patterns, DNA analysis, Hair Color, Hair

         Shaft Analysis (the part under the scalp), Seed Beds,

          and Festivals are both interesting and illuminating - and 

          sometimes complex. 


             There are a few simple facts involving the lives of the

         Ancients (diet, clothing, money, etc),  but they're

         FOUNDATIONAL and fairly SIMPLE -- sometimes


         Necessary, but not very interesting. 

         Don't ignore it, but don't spend all your time on it.

         The "simple" stuff is not the Interesting stuff or the

         Amazing stuff.


         The Farmers weren't designing any Pyramids!!

         The Fishermen weren't designing any Pyramids!!



         And don't pull an "Occam's Razor" move on people.

         It doesn't apply, you might be right, you might be wrong,

         it might be simple, it might be subtle and complex,

         but it's the wrong tool for the job of Understanding

         Ancient Egypt.

          Some people use it to assume "Simplicity" - a really

          dumb idea.   


         A Dart Board would work just as well as Occam's Razor.  



              (I thought a recent story of a "turning" statue of Osiris at a British museum

              had been successfully sprayed with "Woo-woo Be Gone" using the sensible

              explanation that the statue's motion was caused simply by vibrations from

              the tourist's feet, as they strolled through the museum, but was surprised

              when someone said "Not so fast: The statue turns in Both directions -

              clockwise and counter-clockwise."  Vibrations could not cause that.

              If vibrations cause it to turn to the right, what causes it to turn to the left -

              every night??

              Bizarre. Maybe the custodian is doing it... And maybe not.

              I'm not interested in Woo-Woo subjects.

              I don't seek them out.  But sometimes they come to me.

              On rare occasions, items like that pop up.

              That one is a mystery.)   



    Some Mainstream Nonsense:

      This needs to be stated somewhere.

      These are some of the views of the Mainstream Egyptologists (not Graham Hancock, etc.),

      who are apparently just Lying in order to keep their jobs. 

      Why do I say they're Lying??

       Because no one - not even me - not even a Third Grader - could make some of the mistakes

       that we see.

       Not the complicated stuff.  The EASY stuff.

       Egypt is complicated, in general, but SOME of it is simple.


      This is some Mainstream Nonsense.



      *  The art of Pyramid building got better and better with time, culminating in the Giza

          Pyramids.  (This doesn't make any sense because the Giza Pyramids had been there for

          Centuries, as attested by ancient paintings, etc.

          The notion that Khufu built the Great Pyramid is utter nonsense.

          The abilities of the Egyptians declined Century after Century, and the old "Perfection"

          was gradually lost.

          Actually, their talents and abilities got WORSE - not better, as time went on.)  

      *  The Pyramids were built as tombs for the Royals. 

      *  All the mummies in the Pyramids were stolen by mummy robbers, or the Kings were lost

          in battle (literally lost - gone - missing) but they built an empty Pyramid Tomb anyway, or

          they were eaten by Crocodiles, but the country built an empty Pyramid Tomb anyway,

          just pretending that the King was inside.  

          That explains the 138 missing mummies.

      *  The engraver of Royal Gold Rings with "Khufu's" cartouche on it, apparently used as a

          Royal Seal for important documents, didn't know how to spell, or made a mistake, or

          made an oversight in the spelling, or was careless, or couldn't inscribe properly, or

          was new at the job, or was in a hurry, or used an "alternate spelling", and accidentally

         or purposely spelled "Ra-fu" who was a different King than "Khufu", but apparently

         Khufu used it anyway, even though it had the wrong name on it, since it was found intact.  

         After all, why would a King mind that his name was misspelled on an Official Royal Seal??

     *  The nice coffin intended for Khufu's body in the Great Pyramid at Giza might have fallen

         off the boat, which is why they used a Plain Coffin (Sarcophagus), with no name on it.

     *  They might have forgotten to put a coffin in the Queen's Chamber, and accidentally made

         the doorway to the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid too narrow for a coffin to fit

         through it, and also forgot to finish the room, or else maybe they finished the King's

         Chamber early, even though it's farther up, or maybe they built part of the Pyramid from

         the top down wherever they could, and didn't bother to finish the Queen's Chamber, or

         maybe they forgot.  

     *  They forgot to finish the Air Shafts leading from the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

     *  The Ancient Egyptian Culture was a "Comic Book Culture" of Myths.

         We have Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, and they had Osiris and Horus, etc, but for Adults.

     *  Scrawled Graffiti by charlatans is completely reliable ("Kilroy was here"), and we use it

         for some of our most important work.  

     *  The Law of Occam's Razor dictates that the simplest answer is always the right one. 

         If you find something complicated in Egypt, it's obviously wrong.

     *  The Bull Bones found in coffins were a sacrifice to the gods, since the gods would probably

         be pleased by seeing the bones of a dead animal that had been sacrificed, in a human coffin.

     *  The Great Pyramid (Khufu's Pyramid) had to be repaired because it fell apart right away. 

     *  Everything at Giza is random and a coincidence. Nothing was planned.

         With Zillions of slaves to do the work, the Egyptians didn't need to plan anything.

     *  All the temples at Giza are Mortuary Temples for Dead People.

     *  All the little pyramids at Giza are Pyramids for the Queens of the Kings in the Big Pyramids,

         except for the middle Big Pyramid, where the King forgot to build any Queen's Pyramids.

         He had 5 Queens.  But, oh well.  He forgot.      

     *  The Egyptians came from Nubia, etc.

     *  The Pyramid layout can't represent the stars of Orion's Belt because the shape doesn't even

         come close to matching!!

         (Note:  This particular Astronomer had his Map of Egypt UPSIDE DOWN.

          That's why the layout didn't match!!

          Once he turned his map RIGHT SIDE UP, the layout matched.

          Do you see what I mean??  True story.

          I wouldn't even THINK of making up a story like that.

          It boggles the mind.)



        There you have it, folks!!

        Some of the knowledge of Egypt of the Mainstream Egyptologists. 

        The ordinary discoveries made by the Mainstream Egyptologists still stand.

        Discoveries of daily lives, religion, food, clothing, etc.

        There's nothing wrong with them.

        They did good work, and we can all be grateful. 


        But Some are hidebound, or monumentally stupid, or Lying in order to protect

        their jobs when it comes to certain other topics such as the Pyramids, the names

        of the Kings, certain customs, mythology, etc, trying to drag everyone down into

        the mud of boring "Normality", or attempting to turn the Egyptians into silly

        Comic Book readers with their so-called "Myths", claim that important items

        used by Royals are "Mistakes", claim that inscriptions chiseled in stone are

        "pious frauds" (Lies by the Egyptians), misread important documents and claim

        that they mean something else than what they actually say, invent ridiculous and

        numerous theories for things that they can't explain ("Maybe the nice coffin fell

        off the boat...."), claiming that the Egyptians came from Nubia, etc. 


       (How do these "Experts" (cough) tell the difference between a "Pious Fraud" and

        a True Statement??  Why is one Stella true, and another one a Pious Fraud??

        A Dart Board??) 


        Fell off the boat????  You've got to be kidding.

        If the nice coffin "fell off the boat" (how would that happen??), I'm confident that

        the builders would have made another one and used a bigger boat with deeper sides.

        As in the movie "Jaws", don't you think these intelligent, highly advanced people

        might have concluded:  "We're gonna need a Bigger Boat."??? 

        Where did they stow it??  On the Railing???  And it tipped over into the water??

        "Maybe the engraver didn't know how to spell the name of the King." ???

                (He didn't draw a sketch first??  No proofreading??  No approvals??)

        "Maybe they accidentally made the doorway too narrow for a coffin" ???

                (Is ANYONE that Stupid???)

        "Maybe the nice coffin fell off the boat." ???

               (Wouldn't they fix that situation, somehow???  Would they just say:  "Oh well..."???) 

               ("Where's the King's Nice Coffin??"  "It fell off the boat."  "Oh. OK."

                Maybe they all worked for the US State Department.

                "Nobody could possibly have predicted that the Nice Coffin would fall off the Railing!!" )


        These "Experts" sometimes behave like Third Graders. Or younger. 

        Or the Retards in the State Department of Filing Clerks and Temps and 4-year olds.

        There's a cushy job waiting for them in the State Department of Retarded Filing Clerks

        and Temps when they retire!!


        There's no evidence at all that the Pyramids were built as tombs for the Royals.

        No signs of an ancient burial, no writings, no "real" coffins for bodies, no bodies,

        some have no rooms or chambers for a coffin (solid), some Kings built multiple

        Pyramids (multiple tombs for one body???), blocked "Air Shafts", etc, etc.      

        It's really incredible.



        I just watched 15 minutes(??) of a Discovery program on YouTube about the

        Pyramids. Couldn't stand to watch the entire thing.

        WHAT A GLOB OF TRASH!!!!!

        They showed half-witted, poor, under-nourished, illiterate, UGLY Nubian slaves

        (or whatever they were) as being the citizens of Egypt - the taxpayers, the helpers,

        the designers, the John Q. Citizens of Egypt, and claimed that the Egyptians came

        from areas south of Egypt - like Nubia.

        Do you realize what a FARCE that is???  

        All you need to do is to view some of the paintings and statues to see who the citizens

        and ruling elite were.

        They were Irish and a Mediterranean mix, as proven by paintings, statues, hair shaft

        analysis, and DNA analysis.

        Some of them RETURNED to Ireland to be buried, or were brought back.

        Such as Princess Scota (Princess Meritaten), whose grave can be seen today.

        (There's a picture of Scota's grave in Ireland, on this web page.

        Proof that she was buried in IRELAND!!

        Regardless of where she was born, she felt that Ireland was HOME.) 

        They didn't "return" to Nubia!!

        They had migrated from West to East - from Ireland to Egypt, and from other parts

        of the Mediterranean area.

        Proven with DNA Analysis, Hair Shaft Analysis (underneath the scalp), etc. 


        These Ancient Egyptians were from IRELAND and

         the MEDITERRANEAN Area.




                    King Userkaf                                   Queen Nefertiti                            





                               Hatshepsut                                                   Hatshepsut







                                                   A Bathtub?? 




                                                              Wall Mural in a Tomb.

                                                          Funeral Wailers and Servants.

                                     Where are the "Tomb" Wall Murals in the Great Pyramid??

                                     Where are the Hieroglyphics??  Where are the decorations??

                                     They don't exist.  Why not??


        Any Nubians were the servants - not the Masters of the House. 

        They were the workers. They were the order-takers, not the order-givers.    

        They were not considered to be Egyptians.    

        When historians have written about the accomplishments of the Egyptians, they weren't

        referring to their Servants or Workers or Slaves (if they had any slaves). 

        The Butlers and Maids aren't the Movers and Shakers, or the Ordinary Citizens, in ANY society.  

        Some of the Egyptian men might be shown in paintings with a brown tan (that makes

        sense - Egypt was hot and sunny), but the women and girls are usually shown with light

        or pink skin, sometimes light brown, sometimes completely or nearly white.

        The Discovery Channel has everything Upside Down and Backwards!! Again!!

        More Propaganda from a channel that used to be good. 

        Bread and Circuses fed to the People - and Trash, as well.


        If the Nubians designed and built the Pyramids of Egypt (cough), where are the examples

        of Pyramids in Nubia?? And where are the Temples??  Where are the hieroglyphics??

        Where are the statues??  Where are the large ships?? Where are the large buildings?? 

        Where is the written literature?? Etc, etc.

        All missing, of course.  Because they weren't Egyptians. 

        The Discovery Channel and the History Channel now just show propaganda. Lies.   


        The level of Fraudulent Scholarship is staggering and stupefying.





                                               Ra-fu's Ring (Official Seal).

            Erroneously Known Today as "Khufu's Ring" or "Khufu's Official Seal".


        (It might not have been worn as a Ring, but it was the Official Seal of a King.)

        Anyone can clearly see that the hieroglyphics in the Cartouche in the lower left hand corner in

        "Khufu's Ring" spell  "Ra-fu".  It's as clear as day.  


        "Ra" is "the Sun" - a Circle - a Solid Round Disk.  "Kh" is "a Sieve" with 3 horizontal lines in a circle.

        The first letter is "Ra", as in "Rays of the Sun".  A solid round disk.  No lines in it. 

        The word being spelled is "Ra-fu".  Technically, it spells "Ra-Ufu", contracted to "Ra-fu". 

        At any rate, it doesn't spell "Khufu".    


        And yet they insist that the ring was used by "Khufu".

        It could easily have been spelled "Khufu" if the makers had wanted it to.

        Plenty of room to do it.

        There are tiny horizontal lines inscribed elsewhere on the same ring (visible when enlarged),

        all over the place, meaning that they COULD easily have done it in the Circle to spell "Kh"

        producing "Khufu" for the entire Cartouche.  

        Even the rope tying the Cartouche ellipse to the stick at the bottom, is indicated with

        5 tiny vertical lines, visible in an enlargement.


     There are tiny horizontal and vertical lines ALMOST

     EVERYWHERE, visible in an enlargement!!  

     But there aren't any in that Disk in the Cartouche.

     There should be 3 thick Horizontal Lines.

     The faint lines that are present appear to be Background  


      See for yourself.   




                               Cartouche portion of Ra-Fu's Official Seal showing that there

                               are no thick Horizontal Lines in the Solar Disk. 

                               It appears to read:

                                        Solar-Disk---Chick---Viper---Chick.      Ra-U-F-U.


                               For Khufu, it should read:

                                        Sieve---------Chick---Viper---Chick.       Kh-U-F-U.





                                    Part of Ra-Fu's Official Seal showing Tiny Horizontal Lines. 

                                    But none are present in the Solar Disk in the Cartouche.

                                    They had the technology to do it, as proven here.

                                    Also, the "Sieve" lines probably would have been thicker

                                    than these.  They're normally thick and heavy, consisting

                                    of 3 thick horizontal lines. 

                                    The technology and precision of the Ancient Egyptians was

                                    truly amazing.

                                    Precision Manufacturing thousands of years ago.

                                    But no horizontal lines in the Solar Disk.  


        And if they were concerned that the Circle (the Sun) would be too small to make horizontal

        lines to convert it to a Hatched Circle (a Sieve) as required by the name "Khufu", they could

        have made the Circle larger, and the Chicks smaller.  Problem solved.

        But they didn't.  Because the Seal was for RA-FU's use and they wanted a Sun - a plain, solid Circle

        with no hatchings - no horizontal lines. 


        It should have spelled "Khufu" if it was used by Khufu.

        But it doesn't.        

        It spells "Ra-fu".

        Ra-fu was a different King - a different Pharaoh.

        Why would Khufu use it???  

        Stamping official documents (in clay or wax) with the name of Ra-fu.

        The wrong name.  The wrong King.

        Documents stamped with the Official Seal of some guy named Ra-fu. 


        "Here are your Business Cards, Mr. Smith."

        "They all say 'Howdy Doody'...."

        "Yeah, well, it must be a printer's error..."

        "You must work for the State of Minnesota. They use that idiotic excuse all the time."

        "Yeah. We're not very creative with our excuses..."

        "Oh. OK. That's fine. I'll just explain to people that I'm somebody else."

        "That's the spirit. As the new President of our company, I'm confident that

          people will believe you." 

         "When people ask me who 'Howdy Doody' is, I'll just explain that it was

           a printer's error."

         "That's right. We're very sloppy, here at "Precision Watches".

           We're basically just a bunch of incompetent morons.

           And we hire Low-Lifes as part of our Outreach Mainstreaming Square Peg Program."

         "OK. That's fine.  I see you've got the wrong name on my office door, too...

           It says Doody Howdy."

         "Well, that was just another printer's error."

         "OK. That's fine. It doesn't matter. Who cares?? Why correct it??" 

         "We don't proofread anything here. It saves time.

           I'll stop by later and see if you'd like to buy a Bridge."

         "That would be great!!  I've always wanted to own a Bridge!!"



         If you believe that, I have some land in Florida to sell you.

         Comes with a Free Boat!!

         Due to a Printer's Error, the Free Boat isn't included. 

         And the land might be in North Dakota, somewhere.

         Or maybe in Alaska.   


       Khufu didn't mind that his Official Seal said "Ra-fu"???

       Due to a "Printer's Error" (cough)???   

       And they gave it to him that way - with the wrong name on it???  

       You've GOT to be kidding.


       Clearly, the Ring with the Official Seal was for RA-FU's use!!

       The Mainstream is either LYING or Monumentally Stupid to

       claim that it was Khufu's Ring and Seal.

       I wonder which one it is??   

       The nice coffin didn't fall off the boat (and not be replaced). 

       The Pyramids were not built as empty tombs (crocodiles).  

       The Queen's Pyramids aren't for the Queens (with 5 Pyramids missing,

            well, just for the first and third King's wives, maybe, but not for the

            middle King, because maybe the Queens fell off the boat....)


       "Maybe the Queens fell off the boat, too!!".  

       "Maybe the Queens were having a Bad Hair Day!!"  


        What is the matter with these people??? These Mainstream Egyptologists??

        They're Imposters. 

        They perform FRAUDULENT SCHOLARSHIP.

        ....Some or most of the Mainstream Egyptologists (not Graham Hancock, etc).

        I no longer trust Mainstream scholars.

        Some of them have the minds of Children.

        Little Kids - not Adults.

        It's incredible.

        And you can easily prove it to yourself. 

        Some of them are Frauds, lying through their teeth to the Public about many

        important subject areas involving Ancient Egypt. 

       (Some important, some not so important. But why Lie about ANY of them???) 

       There's none of that here.


       If you find any mistakes in this website, please feel free to contact me. 







    A Note on My Status and Philosophy:

      This needs to be stated up front.


      First, I'm not a expert on Egypt or a researcher. I'm just an amateur who finds the subject of

      Ancient Egypt fascinating, and I want to learn more.


      Second, I don't have any bias.

      I want to know WHEN the pyramids and other structures were built, WHO built them, and WHY

      they were built.

      But I don't care WHEN the pyramids and other structures were built, WHO built them, or WHY they

      were built - in terms of BIAS.  I also don't care if there was any relationship between Mozart and

      Egypt, beyond including the subject in a couple of operas. If there's a relationship, it's just an

      interesting fact about Mozart. I don't know what anyone can do with it, or where it might lead. 


      I simply want to know the TRUTH, and I go where the facts lead me - although, finding the facts

      and the truth is often very difficult. 


      You would think that there's a direct, easy path to the TRUTH in any subject.

      You would think that the Truth floats up from the quagmire of confusion and ignorance.

      It turns out that that's often not true. The truth can be VERY difficult to determine - especially

      with Egypt, since the civilization is so old, customs were different from today's, monuments have

      crumbled, artifacts have been destroyed, artifacts have been removed, some hieroglyphics have

      still not been translated, names have been intentionally changed to obfuscate understanding, the

      dating of some artifacts can be very difficult or impossible, the vaunted "King's Lists" are unreliable

      and in conflict with each other making them fairly useless for dating events and objects, a gigantic

      Earthquake or Asteroid caused a shift in the Earth and the observed Star positions changing the Star

      dates by perhaps 2,000 years or much more, some people have a hidden agenda regarding their

      intentions when publishing books or papers (I don't) such as the asinine invocation of "Occam's Razor"

      (Gag me!!) to try to explain a complex, ancient civilization, which would be similar to utilizing

      children's songs to explain Nuclear Physics and the paintings of the Masters, etc.  


      Like millions of other people, I have the usual questions:

           Who were the Ancient Egyptians??     (Mostly Irish, with a Mediterranean mix). 

           When were the Pyramids built??        (Thousands of years ago. Date uncertain.)  

           Why were they built??      (Apparently, as Disaster Recovery Centers and to send Messages).

           Who designed them??      (The gods, per the plan given Imhotep at Saqqara). 

           Who built them??      (The inhabitants, per the Famine Stele. "Man-Made".  "Ari-Kat".) 

           How were they built??      (The stone blocks were poured in place like modern cement).   

           Why are they so LARGE??      (Probably for visibility plus Importance of the Message). 

           What color were they originally??      (White - not brown). 

           What did they look like from the air??      (Stars - WHITE STARS). 

           Do the Giza Pyramids form a shape??      (Yes. The stars of Orion's Belt.  Big, Big, Small, Offset.)

           Why are there 6 small Pyramids at Giza??    (They're a 3+3 clock or calendar of Orion's Belt positions.) 

           Do they all have rooms, or some other interior spaces??   (Some don't).

           What (if anything) has been found inside the pyramids??  (See the article).

           What was their intended FUNCTION??   (Probably Disaster Recovery Centers).

           What EVIDENCE do we have for their intended Function??  (Shapes, symbols, angles, numbers).

           Are they SOLID with no interiors??   (A few).

           How many Pyramids are there in Egypt??    (About 138, with most crumbled.) 

           How many ORIGINAL mummies have been found in the Pyramids??    (None.  Zero.)

           Are these 138 Pyramids with no Original mummies tombs??   (Not originally). 

           Is the Sphinx related to the Giza pyramids in some way??   (Yes).

           Were the Giza pyramids built as part of a large design on the Giza Plateau, or were they built

                 at random locations, or locations with a solid rock base (as opposed to sand or dirt), etc?? 

                 IE, Grand Design??  Random??  Solid foundations?? Nile River??  Latitude??

                 Location on the Earth other than Latitude?? Proximity to a City (workers, food, visitors)?? 

                 Religious beliefs??  Proximity to rock Quarries??  Proximity to transportation??

                 Because a King wanted them built there??  For ease of Protecting them, if attacked?? 

                 For maximum visibility for many miles?? 

                 Proximity to a population center that might need HELP in case of a Disaster (and might have

                      suffered a Disaster in the past), and to advertise the presence of that HELP as beacons,

                      visible for miles?? (Yes).    

                 To Honor all the gods or certain ones??  To Appease the gods??

                 To demonstrate Gratitude to the gods??  To Impress the gods??

                 To send a message of "Please Help Us!!" to the gods, visible from a great distance??  

                 To create something large, beautiful, and wonderful (the Creative urge)??

                 To make Egyptians Proud of themselves and Proud of their country??

                 To make Egyptians proud of their Kings??

                 To show Egyptians what they can accomplish if they put their minds to it?? 

                 To irritate enemies in Egypt or near Egypt??  Because the Land was cheap??

                         (Probably built as Disaster Recovery Centers to help the people in a disaster.)

           Why are the exteriors on 2 of the Giza pyramids slightly Concave (SCOOPED)??

                        (To form an Arrow pointing to underground supplies. Hawass is digging there.

                         A researcher discovered the reason for the Scooped sides, and published his

                         findings on the Web. A big mistake. It allowed Zahi Hawass, the traitor, to

                         block off the area and dig for artifacts, not telling anyone what he was doing,

                         or why he was doing it. All secret and hidden.

                         We'll never know what the Traitor found.)

           Are there any ODD, UNUSUAL, PECULIAR, NOTABLE, or IMPRESSIVE aspects to the

                pyramids (besides their size)??   (Yes).

           Is there anything ODD, UNUSUAL, or PECULIAR about the Giza Plateau and the placement

               of the structures on it??   (Yes).


           Other people have done the research, and I will attempt to answer some of these questions

           by using their findings, plus some speculation and analysis of my own. 




                                             The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt.    


                         Great Pyramid Block Estimate:  2.3 Million Blocks.

                Plus 144,000 white Casing Stones before an Earthquake and the

                       local population removed them, many many years later.

                   Typical weight of each block:  2 tons to 30 tons  (4,000 lbs - 60,000 lbs).

                    Some blocks weigh 50 tons (100,000 pounds).  

                   The Blocks were probably Poured in place - like Cement.  Not cut.

                   And one side points EXACTLY to True North (not Magnetic North). 

                   And the sides are Concave (scooped) for use with Centroid Geometry,

                   making an Arrow to a certain spot on the Giza Plateau. 

                   (Hawass is digging there.)  

                   And there are Rooms and Hallways and "Air Shafts" inside.

                   And there are multiple precise angles inside - such as 23.5 repeated.

                   (Odd Fact:  There are no Hieroglyphics in the Great Pyramid, except

                    for a small set of numbers, concealed in a tiny tunnel, evidently

                    made by the builders for measurement purposes.  Nothing decorative

                    or informative.  A few "Carpenter's Notes" not meant to be seen.

                    Underground Tombs in Egypt are often filled with Hieroglyphics

                    and sometimes Paintings as well.)


                   And there are 2 more "Big" Pyramids, and 6 Little Pyramids.

                   9 Pyramids make up this "Pyramid Complex" on the Giza Plateau.

                   And there are Causeways and Temples.

                   And a Sphinx on the Plateau.  And a Timeline. 

                   And an "Underworld" underneath the Giza Plateau. 

                   (It's been found.  It actually exists.)

                   This accomplishment boggles the mind.  It's staggering.     





                                           Original Colors of the Pyramids.  "White Stars".

                                             A Pyramid resembles a Star (from above).

                                             A White Pyramid resembles a Star even more.

          Most Stars appear to be white at night. Some are Bluish, some are Reddish. Most are White.

                 The Great Pyramid (on the right) was called "Per Neter" - "The House of Nature".

                                 The area at Giza turned into desert many years later, as shown.

                   This "Desert" version of Egypt was not the earlier "KMT" (Land of Black Dirt),

                   or "Ta-meri" (The Beloved Land) in the inhabited, civilized areas. 

           (The Black Dirt came from the annual flooding of the Nile. If that area still floods today,

           there would be black dirt there annually [in the Nile Delta] ). 

          Egypt was wet and rainy (to some extent), and probably Green, thousands of years ago,

          based on the top-down water erosion of the Sphinx, caused by rain (not flooding).  

          Verified by at least one Geologist familiar with rainwater erosion.       

          So this model of earlier Giza should probably be GREEN - not Brown.  

          Perhaps the number of Mastabas (Graves) next to the Great Pyramid should also be reduced

          or eliminated.    





     What are they??  What was their Function?? 

     Several Functions - Then and Now:

     * To Act as a MEMORIAL.

        To MEMORIALIZE the Great Disaster that occurred around 10,000 BC

        or possibly earlier or later. 

        Possibly causing the Great Flood, and the destruction of multiple cities

        and civilizations.  Or.... Built before the Great Flood. 

        Method: Mostly Geometry.

        Where: In the Great Pyramid and on the Giza Plateau. 

        Apparently, only the Egyptians built huge monuments to commemorate

        this enormous disaster.  This Great Disaster.  

        The Pyramids at Giza might be their only memorials - not all the Pyramids

        in Egypt.


     * To Inform the People of some History and the Future. 

        To INFORM people of all eras when the last great Disaster occurred, and to

        warn people of the future of more, impending Disasters, by creating a gigantic

        clock or Timeline on the Giza Plateau. 

        Depiction of the Disaster:  The Great Pyramid.

        Timeline - Past and Future:  The Giza Plateau.   


     * To Symbolize Normality and Abnormality - a High Civilization

        and a Low, Primitive Civilization. 

        Use Symbols of Normality, Growth, Health, Maturity, Immaturity, Crudeness, 

        Suffering, and Depressed Living Conditions: 

        "Please Take Your Seats and Fasten Your Seatbelts." 

        "Please Take Your Seats and Fasten Your Seatbelts." 

        Adults only.

        Adults only.

        Serious Readers Only.

        Serious Readers Only.

        Serious Readers Only.

        This is going to be a bumpy ride. 

        This might come as a shock.

        This is not a Joke.

        This is not a Wacko Theory, since all the objects can be seen, studied, compared,

        and analyzed, and sense made out of them.   

        History and a general knowledge of Egypt is crucial to understanding and believing

        this scenario. 


        Think of it This way:

             They were trying to send a message to people of the future,

             and the only thing they could use was SYMBOLISM.

             Not Hieroglyphics, not writing.  Physical Symbols.

             And Geometry (more Symbolism).

             Symbolism, Symbolism, Symbolism.

             Symbolism, Symbolism, Symbolism.

             Symbolism, Symbolism, Symbolism.

             Symbolism, Symbolism, Symbolism.



        Pretend you're a Medical Student with a hobby of Architecture and Ancient History. 

        Easy to prove, but hard to believe until you realize that Yes, all of the signs and

        symbols are there, and it's true. 

        You can VERIFY these statements for yourselves - by checking diagrams, photographs,

        Egyptian history of the god Osiris, Anatomy Books, etc.