(Meistermusik and The Masonic Funeral Music) 


                             If the Queen Complained 


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                             Queen Charlotte.  Co-regent of England.

                                  (Queen through marriage in 1761.)

                                  Musician and Music Lover.

                                  Met the child Mozart twice in 1764.

                              Husband (King George III) died Insane,

                                         Blind, Deaf, and Lame.






                          Duke Georg Augustus von Mecklenburg-Strelitz        

                 Died on November 6th, 1785, in Tyrnau, Hungary, at age 37.

                                  Queen Charlotte's Younger Brother.

                  One of the two Aristocrats who died in November, 1785.



        IF THE QUEEN COMPLAINED that a Brand New Piece hadn't been

        composed by Maestro Mozart for Mecklenburg's Memorial Service (her

        younger brother), and that Mozart had simply reworked and re-used

        the earlier "Meistermusik", creating "The Masonic Funeral Music", they

        should have sent her a bill for the efforts of Mozart and the Orchestra - a Bill

        for what they ***DID*** do for her brother.   


        It's all Theoretical, but then, the "MFM New Piece" Theory is ALSO



        We take an Imaginary look at how history might have played out if the

        Queen of England somehow discovered that The Masonic Funeral Music

        was a derivative of another piece, composed a few months earlier

        (Meistermusik), was performed at Duke Mecklenburg's Memorial Service

        put on by the Vienna Freemasons, and we assume that she would have been

        upset by this use of "Recycled" music, complained to someone about it, and

        the Vienna Freemasons responded with their own view of the situation, even

        sending her a Bill for their efforts.


        As far as I know, none of this happened.

        But it would have been funny if it had.

        And it illustrates, in my opinion, how far removed from the events the Queen

        was, and if there were any "insults" involved, it would have been the

        Freemasons of Vienna who would have felt insulted by the Queen's ungrateful

        attitude towards their efforts to honor Esterhazy and Mecklenburg.


        DOUBTFUL that she reacted that way. 

        Very doubtful, in my opinion. 


        The Freemasons, including Mozart, were VERY Generous to the two

        Aristocrats, and it wasn't necessary to go even further and require Mozart

        to write a New Piece for the Memorial Service for the deceased men.


      The "MFM New Piece" Theory involves "Over The Top"

      generosity and extra work for all involved - Mozart and

      a Masonic Orchestra, far beyond what was needed to

      honor the two men. 

      And performing a Known piece (known to some of the

      Freemasons) was smarter and easier than composing and

      learning a New Piece for the Memorial Service for Esterhazy

      and Mecklenburg. 


        Everything that was "needed" to honor these 2 men was done, was optional,

        involved hard work, and was Pro-bono - free, with probably no one paid for

        their efforts. 


        A New Piece for the Memorial Service WAS NOT NEEDED.

        They had done enough for those 2 men - more than enough!!


        The Queen of England probably did *NOT* complain - or even find out - about

        the use of recycled music.


        But here's a look at what might have resulted if she had been upset about the

        use of recycled music for The Masonic Funeral Music, and complained about it.




        Historical Note:  Actually, Queen Charlotte did many good things for England,

        and was an excellent ruler.                                                                                      

        Her husband, King George III, developed some disease which caused him to go

        temporarily crazy and angry - Insane and "mad", beginning in 1765.                 

        But back then, apparently no one realized that it was an illness.                          

        And no one knew what to do about it.                                                                      

        It's all a very sad story.                                                                                            

       One can't read her question to herself saying:  "What will become of me??"      

       overheard by an attendant in 1788, and not feel compassion for her.                   




       (Sorry, Queen Charlotte. 

       I don't really think you were upset and complaining about The Masonic Funeral

       Music.  This is mostly just a joke.

       To repeat:  This is mostly just a JOKE.)




          "Dear Nit-Picking Ungrateful Whining and Complaining

            Foreign Queen Charlotte of England

            (if the rumors are really true that you're complaining), 


            We are sorry for the recent loss of your little brother,

            Duke Mecklenburg, and that the composer, Herr Mozart,

            did not compose a Brand New piece for the Memorial

            Service at one of our Masonic Lodges.


            We understand how upsetting it must have been to learn that

            the piece, the gorgeous Masonic Funeral Music, had

            been performed once before in a Private Masonic Ceremony

            just a few months ago (that is, a Choral Version of the piece),

            and how rude and thoughtless it was of the Wunderkind from

            Salzburg to assume that you wouldn't mind, or even discover

            its private history. 

            (Did you have spies in our Lodges??  Who??)  


            Our weak and only excuse is that you weren't on our Radar

            Screen when we organized this magnificent tribute to your

            little brother and Mr. Esterhazy, and we were thinking only

            of ourselves, we Viennese Freemasons, and the two great men

            who had passed on - our Masonic Brothers, as we call them.   


            Our hearts were filled with sorrow, and our minds and limbs

            were active making preparations for the overflow Memorial

            Service, attended by almost every Freemason in Vienna, and

            some from other parts of Austria. 


            Thoughts of "Better make sure that Mozart writes a New Piece

            for the event, so his sister, the Queen and co-regent of England,

            doesn't find out that the music was a derivative of a recent piece,

            performed at a Private Ceremony for Freemasons only, and

            starts fuming over the perceived slight, indirectly also slighting

            other English Royalty, irate at our Protocol violation, which

            every school child should have memorized, even though none

            us are actually "Royalty" ourselves, and didn't think that the

            Royal Rules applied to us, whatever they are." did not occur

            to us untutored peons at the time, and that the Royal Radar

            would be focused on an obscure Masonic Lodge, hundreds of

            miles away in Vienna, Austria, mainland Europe, far from

            somewhere in England, wherever you live.  


            I assure you, your Royal Serene Highness Most High, that

            Herr Mozart has been given a tongue lashing from a highly

            placed Austrian Aristocrat, ordered to practice Mind-Reading

            every day, and to pay more attention to fairly irrelevant details,

            in order to prevent such a travesty from recurring in Vienna --

            a city in Austria. 


            This is the bill for our recent musical services for him, namely

            the Memorial Service we generously gave him and Mr. Esterhazy

            (whose relatives have not complained about the piece), using our

            talented orchestra, with music composed by the greatest composer

            in the World, Herr Maestro Wolfgang Mozart of Vienna, Austria. 


            We had not planned to charge you anything for our efforts (why

            would we??), but your irritation with our wonderful tribute to the

            Duke, and the considerable time and energy expended to honor

            this well-liked Aristocrat and Mr. Esterhazy, have convinced us that

            we were not thinking clearly, and should have charged you for our

            respectable and sincere deed, to help you understand and appreciate

            what we did for the Duke, so that you could further swell with pride,

            knowing how much time and energy - and cost - went into this Event. 


            We know you will understand our kind gesture, done only to enhance

            your enjoyment of the event, by taking even more Royal Pride in your

            deserving little brother, who died in Hungary - a country in Europe

            near the country of Austria, which is near Germany and other countries.   


            Please send your payment to:

                   Lodge Master

                   The New Crowned Hope Lodge

                   Attn: Accounts Receivable Dept (Ungrateful Royals)  

                   4567 Freemason Strasse 

                   Vienna, Austria  00477





            Memorial Service with music on November 17, 1785,

            for Mr. Mecklenburg and Mr. Esterhazy - possibly the

            ONLY tribute given in Europe for these 2 men.  


            Mozart:       $10,000         (The Greatest Composer in the World) 

            Copyist:           $250

            Orchestra:   $5,000          (1 Rehearsal)   

            Orchestra:   $5,000          (1 Performance)   

            Lodge Rental: $1,000

            Invitations:       $100

            Postage:            $100

            Labor:              $100

            Total:           $21,550

            Currency:   Austrian Gulden or Deutschmarks.  

            Method:      Cash only (crisp, NEW bills, please)

            Delivery:     By Royal Courier (not by Mail, please)  

            Terms:        Net 30 days.

            Late-Payment Interest:  3% per day, compounded daily.



            Herr Mozart said he is willing to compose a Brand New Piece

            for your little brother, after the current bill has been paid.  

            His fee for a New Piece will undoubtedly be higher than he's

            charging for The Masonic Funeral Music.


            (Note: The Masonic Funeral Music was a New Piece in the

            sense that it was a new Version of a previous piece, and Herr

            Mozart doesn't feel that he committed a faux paus by using

            it - especially since the Original version received only one,

            PRIVATE performance that the General Public would have been

            unaware of, but that the orchestra would be familiar with if

            the same orchestra players were used.  

            Additionally, none of the Aristocrats in our Lodges cautioned us

            against using a Version of a recent piece, performed Privately,

            to avoid bruising the sensibilities of Royal relatives who probably

            wouldn't realize that the Piece had been performed once before,

            as a different Version, or even care.   


            Additionally, Mozart doesn't understand why it's HIS JOB to

            supply ANY music - especially NEW music - for the Lodge

            whenever an important Aristocrat bites the dust.  

            Incredibly, he said "WHY ME???"   

            And "WRITE IT YOURSELF!!"

            Such impertinence from a Servant!!  

            He ended up taking a shortcut, and re-used a previous piece to

            create the gorgeous Masonic Funeral Music with impressive

            results. But all of us became irritated with him for doing so

            after you somehow discovered his sneaky trick!! 


            Your brother died in Hungary. 

            What if he had lived in America, as some do??    

            Or Germany??  Or Italy??  Or even England?? 

            Mozart would be compelled to compose something - right??

            His International Masonic responsibilities seem to escape him,

            and he doesn't think that it's his job to compose New Music every

            time a Masonic Aristocrat keels over, no matter what the reason. 

            Of course, he's wrong, and is being reprimanded.) 


            Thank you for your business!!

            We hope you can visit Vienna Austria, some day, and possibly

            meet Herr Maestro Wolfgang Mozart of Vienna, Austria - the

            Greatest Composer in the World, who arranged and wrote The

            Masonic Funeral Music for your little brother and Mr. Esterhazy!!   


            Let us know if you'd like a map showing where Vienna Austria

            is located, and how to get here.

            Your Spies and Agents, secretly embedded in our organization by

            your Royal Assistants, should be able to direct you to the various

            Masonic Lodges in the city, where a meeting with Herr Maestro

            Wolfgang Mozart, the Greatest Composer in the World, could be

            held, if Your Enormous Majesty is so Royally Inclined. 


            If travelling incognito, please use the Secret Identity of

            "UNGRATEFUL NIT-PICKER".   


            Feel free to bring the King of England with you, if you feel it's safe

            to do so!! 

            If he's acting a little Crazy, please don't bring him!! 

            We suspect that all that English In-Breeding may have knocked

            him seriously off his Rocker!!


            Oh, I almost forgot: If you visit us here in Vienna Austria,

            BE SURE TO WEAR NEW CLOTHES!!!!!!!   

            Thank You!!



                The new Lodge Master at the late

                Mr. Esterhazy's former Lodge

                in Vienna, Austria, Continental Europe,

                East of England and France, near

                Switzerland and Italy.

                Call for Directions."



        Improbable, but fair - ONLY IF THE QUEEN WAS UPSET AND





        Upset that this free, magnificent tribute to her Little Brother, and a

        first performance of the music, arranged by the Greatest Composer in the

        World, had been performed earlier, as a different Version, in a Private

        performance, for a small audience of Masonic members.


        This would be a letter to the Queen that the Vienna Freemasons would want

        to avoid writing - if they gave it any thought at all.


        But I doubt that she was upset. 

        I suspect that she felt ****PROUD**** that her little brother was so honored

        at a wonderful Memorial Service, with music composed by Wolfgang Mozart -

        the musical genius, who had actually Lived in England for a while. 


        She was probably not on the Freemason's Radar Screen, and the Lodge had

        nothing to apologize for in using a somewhat unknown, derivative piece for the

        Memorial Service, performed at a different Lodge than Meistermusik.


        Personally, I doubt that she cared, and probably didn't even know, that Mozart

        had recycled some music for the Memorial Service.


        And remember: Even if this piece - the MFM -  were a New Piece, without

        Meistermusik as a Predecessor, the "Tonus Lamentatorium" theme used in it

        was 200 years old. That's "Old Music" in the MFM.

        The Masonic Funeral Music was NEVER an entirely "New Piece", no matter

        how you slice it and dice it.