October 15th, 2016    




 Food for Thought:

       Why do people Listen to Mozart's Music??

       Why do people Perform/Play Mozart's Music??  (Amateurs - not Pros).

       Why do people study Mozart's Music??

       Why do people study the Sequence of Mozart Compositions??

       Why do people study the Life of Mozart - his travels, etc??

       Why do people study Mozart's Character??

       How Intelligent was Mozart??   (VERY Intelligent and VERY Musically talented,

                            able to rapidly grasp the meaning of a situation, categorize it,

                            and create some appropriate music for it.

                            But like most people, he had to work hard at making beautiful Music.

                            Mozart was also a Master of Complexity and Simplicity.)       

       Did Mozart ever make any Mistakes in his Compositions??  (Hardly ever.)

       Did Mozart ever make any Mistakes in his Thematic Catalog of his Works?? 

                           (Hardly ever, and no Serious Mistakes.  Occasional Omissions.)

       Do Musical Improvements mean there were Mistakes made??  (Certainly not.)

       Did Mozart record every Composition in his Catalog??  (No.)

       Was Mozart Silly and Juvenile??  (He could be silly, at times, but as an Adult, he was

                            mostly very MATURE, a DEEP THINKER, and a very SERIOUS and

                            BRILLIANT Composer and Performer. 

                            Some of his earlier social immaturity was undoubtedly caused by his

                            controlling Father, who evidently didn't teach Wolfgang lessons in a

                            way that he could learn from and use, who might have taught Wolfgang

                            "What" but not "Why". 

                            At least Wolfgang was happy, unlike his Grim and Stern Bumpkin Father. 

                            What's so wonderful about becoming an Adult if you end up like Leopold??

                            And Wolfgang didn't need to be a "Responsible Adult" for many years,

                            because his Father handled all of the "Grown Up" details of touring.

                            We can be thankful that none of us have EVER done anything Silly or 

                            Juvenile in our Lives, and that hundreds of our Compositions are being

                            recorded by the best Musicians in the World - Orchestras, Chamber

                            Music groups, Opera Companies, Choirs, Pianists, Organists, Violinists,

                            Clarinetists, Flutists, Glass Harpists, Bassoonists, Oboists, etc, and that

                            we can improvise on the Piano for HOURS, and that we can read and write

                            in German, Italian, Latin, and some English.

                            None of us would ever Clown Around and have some fun!! 

                            By Age 22 (or earlier), he definitely knew he was an Adult, but sometimes

                            still treated like a Child by some of his audiences, much to his annoyance.   

       Did Mozart have a High-Pitched Giggle??  (Of course not.  That notion was an attempt

                            to trash Western Civilization by trashing a leading Icon.

                            It was "Myth Mongering" for despicable purposes.

                            Some people hate Success because they're Little People - Incompetent,

                            Mean-Spirited, Nasty Jerks, Jealous, and Stupid.

                            They trash Mozart and ANY Successful or Smart people, and any successful


                            Instead of trying to improve themselves, they try to tear down others.

                            They don't deserve our respect or our pity.)

       Were Mozart and Salieri enemies??  (No.  They were colleagues.  Mozart didn't have

                            a very high opinion of Salieri's Music, but they attended each other's

                            Operas, and probably other performances.  

                            Salieri's Music wasn't that bad, actually, but it just wasn't up to Mozart's

                            standards. What did Mozart detect in Salieri's Music that made it so

                            inferior??  I don't know.  Mozart knew a MASSIVE amount of information

                            about composing, and no other composer could come close, except perhaps

                            Haydn, and some of the old Composers - Bach, Handel, etc. 

                            And he never stopped learning - often from other Composers.

       Did Mozart ever copy and use the Music of other Composers??

                            Yes - quite often.  BUT--- He always Improved it if he used it!!

                            Sometimes he copied music in order to learn from it.

                            Sometimes he used their music in his own Compositions (but improved).

                            Meistermusik and The Masonic Funeral Music are 2 such examples of usage,

                            improving on the original Gregorian Chant, and improving on the usage of

                            it by Michael Haydn in a Requiem (MH155).

       Was Nancy Storace fired from an Opera for failing to follow orders??  (Yes.)

       Was Nancy Storace's marriage just a Business Arrangement to try to boost her career?? 

                            (Yes. It was her mother's doing. Husband John Fisher might not have been

                             aware of the purpose of the marriage.)

       Was Nancy Storace's husband in Austria, the Doctor of Music at Oxford on a concert

                            tour (John Fisher) a Monster??  (No.)

       Were Mozart and Nancy Storace Lovers??  (I don't know. They were very close friends,

                            but just how close, no one knows.

                            Mozart definitely loved Nancy, and the feeling was evidently mutual.

                            This issue is related to Pieces and activities of 1785 (and beyond), and

                            somewhat related to Meistermusik and The Masonic Funeral Music, but

                            it's not necessary for Mozart and Nancy to have been involved.

                            The Music doesn't require it. Friendship and compassion are sufficient

                            to help explain part of the reason for Meistermusik's existence.)

       When people analyze Mozart's Music, do they sometimes employ a bare amount of

                           information during the analysis??   (Yes, sometimes. It's easier.

                           But the conclusions reached might be far off the mark and completely

                           worthless. Using a narrow set of criteria to study a Mozart Composition

                           can sometimes be like studying a B-52 Bomber as a Primitive Sculpture

                           of a Native god - probably the highest god in their Religion.

                           Or studying the Musical Joke (K.522) as a serious Composition, and

                           concluding that Mozart went temporarily Insane, and was possibly

                           taking some drugs - neither of which are true.

                           It's just more worthless Egghead Bashing and Nonsensical Analysis done

                          without Context and Thought.

                          The context of a Composition is usually known, and Thought is always


                          Even if Nothing were known of the motivation for writing K.522 (which

                          may be the case), we can figure out that it's a JOKE from all the Mistakes

                          and Elementary Compositional  Skill - clearly written by a "Musical

                          Carpenter" way over his head.

                          And the Scholars already know that.

                          But sometimes, their analysis is a bit weak on meaning and motivation.

                          Interesting Analysis:

                          As one Musician remarked, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (K.525) may

                          have been written PARTLY to flush all of the Nonsense of K.522 out of

                          his System. 

                          He might be right, and I like the analysis!!     

       What caused Mozart's Death??  (At least 6 causes. See the Home Page.)

       What caused the death of Mozart's Mother??  (Leopold, Typhus, Doctors, Blood-Letting,

                          a cold Hotel Room, Loneliness, No One to Talk To, Poor Nutrition, Bad Luck.

                          Very sad and unnecessary. She should have had a Female Companion with

                          her to keep her company, at the very least, and more money to buy food,

                          and more money for a decent Hotel, although she might have died anyway

                          from the Typhus contracted in Mannheim - not in Paris.

                          Even Mannheim had Flea-bag Hotels, as well as Paris.)  

       Did Mozart write K.361 for Constance, and have it played at their wedding reception,

                         after their impulsive and hastily-arranged wedding?? 

                         (No. It was written at least a year earlier. And performing it at the Reception

                         would have been IMPOSSIBLE (not enough time) and FOOLISH (a terrible

                         Venue for the Premier of a major work, with people talking and eating, instead

                         of listening attentively to this 97-Page, nearly Hour-Long Piece).

                         The Myth of "A Wedding Gift for Constance Played at their Wedding Reception"

                         is just more Impossible Nonsense, Foolishness, and Pure Fantasy, with the

                         Evidence for it totaling ZERO.)  

       Was Mozart buried in a Pauper's Grave, naked or in a sack??

                         (No. It was an Ordinary, Middle Class, Individual Grave, and almost certainly

                         buried in a Coffin, per Michael Lorenz.  His body MIGHT still be there.)  

       Is the "Mozart Skull" really Mozart's skull??

                         (No. Not a chance. It's just another ridiculous Fake.)  

       Is "The Mozart Family Grave" in Salzburg really a grave for the Mozart Family??

                         (No. It's a Fake grave site made with honorable intentions in 1901 to honor

                         the Mozart Family. 

                         It was a Nostalgic Gift to the Public - not a real grave site.

                         If there are any bodies underneath the Fake Headstones, they must be

                         VERY old, with any headstones crumbled long ago, and their names unknown.

                          "Drilling for Mozarts" at the Fake Grave Site is an act of Intentional

                          Stupidity AND Duplicity, attempting, yet again, to minimize Mozart, and

                          trying to make Mozart fans look Ultra Stupid in their apparent Belief that

                          Mozart's Relatives are buried below, when it's not too surprising that the

                          history of the Fake Grave Site was forgotten over the years, and the average

                          Mozart Tourist is not aware that it's a Fake Site.

                          It just makes NBC News a Criminal Institution of Morons - the NitWit company

                          that travelled to Salzburg and Drilled for Mozarts, knowing full well that

                         only Anonymous Bodies - IF ANY - would be located on that small plot

                         of Land, and that any subsequent DNA Analysis would show NOTHING. 

                         Just another attack on a major Western Icon - and his Fans.)  

       Were the Pyramids of Egypt built as tombs for the Pharaohs?? 

                         (No. They were built as highly visible Disaster Recovery Centers, and the

                         transmitters of some Messages.

                         A Major Disaster (Earthquake) had occurred before they were built.

                         Misinterpreted as tombs due to the Symbolic Coffins inside - Osiris Beds.

                         The Giza Pyramids are laid out in the shape of Orion's Belt - a very distinctive

                         shape of 3 Stars of different sizes.

                         Mozart's connection to Ancient Egypt:

                         Mozart was a Freemason, and the 3 Giza Pyramids are tied to Freemasonry

                         in some way.)  

       Was the Great Pyramid built by King Khufu??  

                        (No. That belief came from Language misunderstanding, plus the scrawled

                        name of "someone" by a Hoaxer, plus the apparent gullibility of the Mainstream

                        "Experts" (cough),  plus a pack of Lies by the Criminal in Charge, ZH, the

                        possible prototype for Dr. Zaius in "Planet of the Apes",  in charge of the

                        "Forbidden Zone".  ZH promotes the Khufu Myth, but ropes-off important sites,

                        and destroys others. He's a Wrecking Ball and a Control Freak, just like Dr. Zaius.    

       Has ZH found something important on the Giza Plateau??

                        (Evidently. He's built a Long Wall around an area, and is digging.

                        A researcher figured out where some Artifacts might be buried, then foolishly

                        publicized his findings on the Web.

                        When he travelled to Giza to dig, he found ZH already there, digging.

                        The area is heavily guarded and no one is permitted past the Wall.   

                        We may never find out what ZH has found.

                        This is why secrecy is sometimes necessary.

                        ZH is stealing what might be Priceless Treasures.

                        And he's not even a Real Egyptian. Just another stupid Thief.)     

       Was The Masonic Funeral Music composed for the deaths of 2 Aristocrats??

                        (Yes. But the intense and passionate music was derived from Meistermusik -

                        a Piece only partially related to a Funeral and a Ceremony, and more related

                        to Nancy Storace, the deaths of children, and possibly Mozart's Mother.

                        Possibly also related to the Catholic Inquisition in Venice and elsewhere,

                        and possibly related to Casanova who was imprisoned by the Inquisition,

                        but escaped after 14 months - the only prisoner in history to do so.)

       Why is The Masonic Funeral Music so Popular??

                        (Because of the intense passion of Meistermusik - the probable Foundation

                        for the MFM.

                        Not because of the music for 2 Aristocrats who kicked the bucket. 

                        They were very highly placed Aristocrats, but the MFM is also warm,

                        affectionate, and tender as well - emotions seemingly a bit out of place for

                        a couple of Swells.

                        Music more suited to a Girlfriend, possibly a Mother who never received

                        a Funeral, innocent Religious Victims, and Children who died far too soon,

                        as well as a possible tribute to Michael Haydn, who utilized some of the same

                        music for a probable similar purpose - the death of his child.)   

       Do we have solid Proof that Meistermusik is Authentic??

                       (As close to Proof as one can come without the Autograph Score.

                       There's a mountain of Evidence for it.)

       How difficult is it to prove that The Masonic Funeral Music probably had a 

                       Predecessor written by Mozart??   

                       (Very Easy.)