Other Composers' Use of the Phrase


There may be hundreds or thousands of examples of the use of the phrase by other composers living

before, during or after Mozart's time, however I'm aware of only a handful. Two are shown below.


The term "Musical Trademark" and "Trademark Phrase" below refers to Mozart's trademark phrase,

although used by another composer. It should be noted, that in the case of JS Bach, he used the

phrase before Mozart used it.



Z1.  BWV 232 - Bach's Mass in B Minor - Et incarnatus est (Credo: 4).

      From Bärenreiter’s piano/vocal score, arranged by Gottfried Müller.

      Key of B minor.

      Beginning at Measure 12, Beat 2.

      On the word "sancto" in the phrase "de Spiritu sancto".

      Ie:  Et incarnatus est

           De Spiritu *sancto*.





                  "Spiritu sancto, ex Maria..."

                         Word "SANCTO"     

                    Click to hear sound clip

                          (7 Seconds)


      Chord locs:     12.2, 13.1.  SAN-CTO

      Interpolation:  No.

      As Written:     D-D-A-F#----B#  --->  C#-G#-G#-E#---C#  (choral portion)

                                   C                 F

      Simplified:     D-D-A-F#-----C  --->  C#-G#-G#-F----C#

      Musical TM:       D---F#-----C  --->  C#-------F----C#




Z2.  Chopin Piano Concerto in F minor, Opus 21, 2nd movement.


                   Click to hear sound clip



      From an excellent MIDI version by Robert Finley, aka Robert Fisher, 1995. 

      Downloaded from: www.sciortino.net/music/ffc.html

      Key of C major.

      Trademark Phrase: Measure 162. 

      Also found at Measure 3 with the same orchestration.

      This MIDI has been speeded up very slightly from the original, downloaded



      This example duplicates the trademark phrase, but does so in a      

      curiously weak transition of musical ideas, led by the flutes, and

      absent the normally strong melodic and chromatic piano lead.

      It has the feel of a pale and undernourished “temporary bridge”,      

      erected with a minimum of materials and strength, and is lacking in the

      color and melody of Chopin’s piano sections and piano solos.


      The sound clip is from the 2nd phrase in the 2nd movement, beginning

      several measures prior to the phrase at measure 155, with a beautiful piano


      The trademark phrase is played by the orchestra only, at measure 162,

      which is a few measures from the end of the movement.

      The phrase passes by almost unnoticed, and is not in the same musical

      league as Mozart or Bach’s use of it - or in the same league as Chopin’s

      piano parts.



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